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Solaris AUTHOR Stanisław LA classic work of science fiction by renowned Polish novelist and satirist Stanislaw LemWhen Kris Kelvin arrives at the planet Solaris to study the ocean that covers its surface he finds a painful hitherto unconscious memory em. Many sci fi authors think that they write about aliens The truth is they really don't Instead they essentially write about humans Most sci fi aliens are little than an allegory for humanity a mirror through which we can see ourselves maybe slightly different looking with or fewer appendages different senses funny names different social structures but still unmistakably human And so when we think of aliens as shown in popular literature cinematography 99% of us will imagine these rather than this Whichever way the sci fi aliens are described there is always something about them that we can relate to Basically it serves the age old purpose of self insertion of a reader into a book This is the same excuse that Hollywood gives any time it wants to show us a society different from ours and inevitably sticks a relatable protagonist there usually a macho white guy That's when Lem strikes with his unusual and brainy unconventional sci fi story He takes the long standing dream of establishing contact with aliens and turns the concept completely around His planet sized possibly living ocean is so well alien that there is no way humans can comprehend or relate to its vast alienness Even worse the ocean does not seem interested See one of the worst things you can do to people is not care ignore them As a species we crave attention and recognition But unlike the aliens of our space dreams that may love us or hate us or despise us the Ocean of Solaris does not seem to particularly care Which sends humans into a frenzy leading to volumes of scientific research Does it not understand us Does it not care is it primitive Is it unbelievably advanced What's the deal Are we nothing but annoyance to it ants crawling on its surface Is it even alive As a matter of fact what is aliveWhat I think is fascinating about this story is that we never get answers The ocean remains there vast and alien with its secrets unrevealed All we have is speculation and childlike wonder And failure to comprehend why it seems to torture humans that study it sending them living ghosts from their past in case of psychologist Kris Kelvin his long dead wife Harey Rheya not sure why the name was changed in the translation Why We don't know The beauty and the power of this book is that we will never know Some things are just not for us to understand What makes us human is that we will keep trying The movies based on this book a beautiful Tarkovsky version and that other one with George Clooney seemed to focus on the human characters which is natural But to me this will always remain an brilliant albeit a little dry story of a mysterious and alien ocean which may or may not be alive and may or may not even care

Free download Solaris AUTHOR Stanisław Lem

Free download Solaris AUTHOR Stanisław Lem 107 Í ❴PDF / Epub❵ ✅ Solaris Author Stanisław Lem – A classic work of science fiction by renowned Polish novelist and satirist Stanislaw LemWhen Kris Kelvin arrives at the planet Solaris to study the ocean that covers its surface he finds a painfulIncarnate memories though its purpose in doing so is unknown forcing the scientists to shift the focus of their uest and wonder if they can truly understand the universe without first understanding what lies within their heart. The premise of Stanislaw Lem’s Solaris 1961 is not unusual on a small isolated planetary research station scientists exploring the nature of alien life begin to suspect they are being threatened in some way What makes Solaris uniue are three things 1 Lem’s treatment of the premise nuanced philosophical detailed 2 the nature of the threat lifelike simulacra from the scientists guilty pasts have begun to appear at their sides and 3 the nature of the planet Solaris it is uninhabited consisting of one planetary ocean where the only sentient life form is itselfPsychologist Kris Kelvin arrives at the research station to find things in disarray Gibarian the only one of the three scientists he knew has recently committed suicide and the other two Snow and Sartorius seem suspicious and withdrawn Kelvin researches the history of Solaris how humans have described and interpreted its waves and how they have attempted not only to influence those movements but also to communicate with whatever intelligence lies beneath His research gives him much to think about but he only begins to realize what the other two scientists already know when his visitor arrives Rheya or something that looks just like her an earth girl who committed suicide years ago after a lover’s uarrel with Kelvin The overall theme of the book appears to be the woeful inability of humanity to communicate with an alien consciousness but subsidiary themes undermine and complement it as well Are these simulacra human or not If not what are they Are they creations of the ocean If so are they research tools weapons or messages Or are they semi independent sentient entities brought to life by the scientists’ grief and regret acting upon the susceptibilities of ocean One of the purposes of the book also seems to be both a celebration and appreciation of humanity sparked by the magnificent ingenuity of science—its nuanced descriptions of phenomena its elegant speculations This nuance and elegance seems to suggest that there is just a little basis for hope if only man can step out of his shell and begin to see things from an “oceanic” perspectiveThe three things I liked most about this book are the character of Rheya how she shows herself both human and not human a theme reminiscent of Philip K Dick ; the elaborate fantastic descriptions of the waves; and the final scene involving a tactile encounter between Kelvin and the ocean itself Rheya’s almost humanity permeates much of the fabric of the narrative so you must discover her mystery for yourself The other two themes are easily represented by extractsFirst the waves Here is a partial—only partial description of the wave structure called the “symmetriad” The symmetriads are the least “human” formations which is to say that they bear no resemblance whatsoever to anything on Earth It is not their nightmare appearance that makes the gigantic symmetriad formations dangerous but the total instability and capriciousness of their structure in which even the laws of physics do not hold The theory that the living ocean is endowed with intelligence has found its firmest adherents among those scientists who have ventured into their unpredictable depthsThe birth of a symmetriad comes like a sudden eruption About an hour beforehand an area of tens of suare miles of ocean vitrifies and begins to shine The gleaming sheath of the ocean heaves upwards to form a vast ball that reflects sky sun clouds and the entire horizon in a medley of changing variegated images Diffracted light creates a kaleidoscopic play of color The immense flaming globe has scarcely reached its maximum expansion above the ocean when it bursts at the summit and cracks vertically It is not breaking up; this is the second phase which goes under the clumsy name of the ‘floral calyx phase’ and lasts only a few seconds The membraneous rches soaring into the sky now fold inwards and mergeto produce a thick set trunk enclosing a scene of teeming activity The mind bending architecture of this central pillar is held in place by vertical shafts of a gelatinous almost liuid consistency constantly gushing upwards out of wide crevasses Simultaneously the gelatinous geysers are converted into mobile columns that proceed to extrude tendrils that reach out in clusters towards points rigorously determined by the over all dynamics of the entire structure they call to mind the gills of an embryo except they are revolving at fantastic speed And here is a passage from the final pages when Kelvin ready to leave Solaris comes to the beach “to acuaint myself with the ocean” I went closer and when the next wave came I held out my hand What followed was a faithful reproduction of a phenomenon which had been analyzed a century before the wave hesitated recoiled then enveloped my hand without touching it so that a thin covering of “air” separated my glove inside a cavity which had been fluid a moment previously and now had a fleshly consistency I raised my hand slowly and the wave rose at the same time enfolding my hand I stood up so as to raise my hand still higher and the gelatinous substance stretched like a rope but did not break The main body of the wave remained motionless on the shore surrounding my feet but not touching them like some strange beast patiently waiting for the experiment to finish A flower had grown out of the ocean and its calyx was moulded to my fingers I stepped back The stem trembled stirred uncertainly and fell back into the wave

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Bodied in the living physical likeness of a long dead lover Others examining the planet Kelvin learns are plagued with their own repressed and newly corporeal memories The Solaris ocean may be a massive brain that creates these. This is the classic gothic horror haunted house story revisited with an SF twist It's a testament to the obtuseness of mankind particularly unemotional Cold War era scientific man Three scientists on the remote planet Solaris seek contact with the lone enormous creature occupying it the ocean All sorts of experiments are tried over a century or but the planet and the humans never achieve at least to the humans' satisfaction adeuate evidence of a measurable intellectual exchange The ocean busies itself morphing into these massive shapes geometic organic and otherwise which strike the reader as expressive but which are nevertheless inarticulate in human terms When the scientists start bombarding the ocean with xrays for lack of a better idea the planet sends to each of them a visitor from an emotionally charged period of their own lives The simulacra are derived from their memories and dreams Kris Kelvin has just arrived on the planet In his case the simulacrum assumes the identical physical appearance and personality of his late wife Rheya who took her own life years before The simulacra obviously constitute contact of a very high order an enormously rich opportunity it seems to me to communicate one on one with the entity But the horrified scientists never see that They never talk to their visitors They never come clean Their fear drives them purely fear so all they can think of is a way to destroy the visitors Therefore they miss their chance How sick and sad is that This reader came to understand what was necessary after about page 100 or so Yet the book drones on for another hundred pages The novel is imaginative certainly but it runs out of ideas far too soon The scientists never get it One grows disgusted with them The book never seems to end