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Epub Ò ð Gudrun Pausewang Entombed following a bombing raid at the close of World War II three children struggle to surviveOn Gisel's th birthday her world like the war effort begins to crumble Her father is away serving in the German army when the advancing Allies force the rest of the family to flee their home Gisel her younger brothers and their pregnant Pairing and Overview I will pair Dark Hours by Gudrun Pausewang with the novel Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut Jr Both novels take place at least in part during World War II in Germany and include the bombing of Dresden While Slaughterhouse Five depicts the war and the bombing from an American soldier’s point of view Dark Hours delivers the perspective of a German family who get separated and children who must survive on their own1 Book Citation Pausewang Gudrun Dark Hours Toronto Annick Press 20062 Audience Junior and senior high students who are interested in history andor who enjoy reading about intense situations and action It includes action of war such as bombings but also interpersonal relationships It is set during World War II in Germany but focuses on a teenage protagonist who must grow up uickly and take care of herself and her family The combination of warlike action and personal experiences allows this book to appeal to than just the average history buff3 Selection Criteria The book accurately addresses historical events and includes an introduction to which contains maps and other facts necessary for readers to understand the context of the story It was written on good authority as Gudrun Pausewang is a German author who lived through World War II in Germany and based this novel on her personal experiences The book was translated by John Brownjohn who is a leading translator of German in the United Kingdom Further Annick Press is a respectable publisher of children and young adult fiction and non fiction As seen below Dark Hours is relevant to the curriculum as it addresses events of World War II an important part of the World History curriculum In addition to the historical setting and references this is a work of fiction that features a young adult protagonist faced with difficult circumstances; this helps the novel appeal to young adult readers It is recommended for students in middle grades through senior high by multiple reviews and publishing information The scope of the novel is enhanced by the combination of historical facts and personal experience Dark Hours won the Silver Independent Publisher Book Award in 2007 for JuvenileYoung Adult Fiction in the United States and was named a Best Book in the Middle and Junior High School Library Cataolog Supplement to Ninth Edition 2007 by the HW Wilosn Company Overall this book is valuable to a high school library collection because it supports the current curriculum and brings a valuable personal perspective to the historical events it portrays4 Review Source Fiske Amy VOYA December 2006 Vol 29 No55 SOL Connection WHII12 The student will demonstrate knowledge of the worldwide impact of World War II by a explaining economic and political causes describing major events and identifying leaders of the war with emphasis on Franklin D Roosevelt Harry Truman Dwight D Eisenhower Douglas MacArthur George C Marshall Winston Churchill Joseph Stalin Adolf Hitler Hideki Tojo and Hirohito; b examining the Holocaust and other examples of genocide in the twentieth century; c explaining the terms of the peace the war crimes trials the division of Europe plans to rebuild Germany and Japan and the creation of international cooperative organizations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 19486 Ordering Information Dark Hours Hardcover Fiction 2006 212p Annick Press 1808 978

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Überleben Doc ´ 208 pages Download ¼ Johnscyclingdiary º ➶ [Reading] ➸ Überleben By Gudrun Pausewang ➫ – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Entombed following a bombing raid at the close of World War II three children struggle to surviveOn Gisel's 16th birthday her world like the war effort beg Mother board a crowded train But when their mother goes into labor the children are separated from her at the next stationBefore they know what's happening an air raid siren sounds and Gisel barely manages to hustle her siblings into a trackside bathroom When the bombs hit the children are trapped As they await rescue Gisel's only The story is told in Gisel's point of view and it's an interesting one She tells you how her life was when the war was going good for Germany and then how it started turning against them you can feel her bitterness towards the war Actually you can feel it towards everybody in this book as now since the tide has turned freuent visits to the air raid shelters are all over Germany and talk against Hitler and the German government is also starting to rise The idea of leaving all that she loved behind and having to take care of all her siblings all younger than her just enhances her bitterness towards the war However throughout the book I admire Gisel's strength and courage when they were stuck beneath the rubble waiting to be rescued She does get impatient several times as any other older sibling would do when they're stuck with their younger ones Gisel especially gets annoyed with Lotte who's a spoiled brat I think it adds realism to her character and rounds her out very well I think her courage stemmed off from her brother Erwin who is a few years younger but acts very mature and helps Gisel when needed I liked him as he provided the extra strength she needed to keep being positive and to survive The other part is the solder who is also stuck underneath the rubble but is able to communicate to them with a pipe he was on the other side of the wall He provides Gisel with advice and also advises her to make as much noise as possible in the hopes of being heard and rescued uickly What I liked most about the book is Gisel's ability to pull everybody together and to maintain a positive outlook while in times of duress For someone who has barely just turned sixteen she ages and matures uickly and you can actually hear her voice growing olderThere is no real plot in this book which may be a deterrent to some readers The majority of the book takes place underneath the rubble and all you really read are Gisel's thoughts It may or may not draw readers in so perhaps I would only recommend this book for World War II buffs Otherwise for those who aren't it certainly is worth a try It's a little over 200 pages so it should be a breeze for the majority of readers out thereOverall an interesting account of someone who is on the other side of war Albeit with no real plot it's certainly worth a look see

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ÜberlebenAdult communication is with a dying soldier buried on the other side of the wall who offers guidance on how to surviveTold as a grandmothers birthday gift to her year old granddaughter Dark Hours is a suspenseful and dramatic novel about the injustice of war its impact on ordinary people and the hope that resonates in the human so Gisel a 15 year old German Sopho has to flee from her hometown due to the Russian Troops invading Life isn't so great She has to carry one of her brothers and watch her 2nd youngest brother also when she needs to carry three luggages that will help them survive As the air raid signal goes off everyone scrambles to find shelter and Gisel is seperated from her grandmother They spend days hididng in a collasped bathroom struggling to get out The building that they were in got bombed however the bathroom they were staying was still together As everyday goes by Gisel hopes for her siblings would get out safely Hope is a big thing in this book It never faded from Gisel and her brothers They strive to live through each day with a small bite of bread and a small sip of water They manage to stay strong each day and help their neighbor on the other side of the collasped walls They never lose hope even if it seemed like they will never get out They spend their mornings making a racket so outsiders will know that there are living people stuck in the collasped building