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Download Just in Time Book ´ ê Johnscyclingdiary é ❮BOOKS❯ ✯ Just in Time, Abraham Lincoln ⚡ Author Patricia Polacco – Michael and Derek don't expect the adventure of a lifetime visiting a Civil War museum with their grandmother But the mysterious museum keeper iMichael and Derek don't expect the Time Abraham MOBI #243 adventure of a lifetime visiting a Civil War museum with their grandmother But the mysterious museum keeper invites them to play a game and before they know it they're walking through Just in PDFEPUBa door straight Prolific picture book authorartist Patricia Polacco returns to the Civil War in this her fifty fourth title to be published see Pink and Say and January's Sparrow for her other explorations of this time period spinning the tale of two contemporary boys Michael and Derek who experience an extraordinary journey through time while visiting the Harper's Ferry Civil War Museum with their grandmother Bored at first with the artifacts in the museum and spouting off about how cool it would have been to fight in the war Derek even mention a video game he enjoys playing based on the Battle of Gettysburg the boys become involved when the museum curator allows them to try on some uniforms and suggests that they play a game The game however turns out to be no laughing matter as they find themselves transported back in time and witnessing the aftermath of Antietam which saw than 23000 men slaughtered in a single dayI'm not sure just why it is but Just in Time Abraham Lincoln simply wasn't the moving experience I expected based on the description and upon some of my friends' reviews I liked the idea of it the time travel the boys who think war is cool until they see the conseuences the meeting with Abraham Lincoln but somehow the end result just didn't do much for me especially when compared to a story like January's Sparrow which had me in tears The ending here felt a little rushed and rather unrealistic if one can say that about a time travel story with the boys missing their deadline but somehow still making it back to their own time Clearly Polacco isn't cut out to be a science fiction novelist

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Into a very realistic depiction of They see the destruction at the battlefield of Antietam and even meet President Lincoln Soon they start to wonder if it's really a game after all and suddenly in Time Abraham MOBI #237 they're racing across Confederate occupied land to re Patricia Polacco brings history to life in this story of two boys who take a historical trip with their grandmother As they board the train their grandmother strips them of all electronics The boys boredom soon turns to excitement as they experience a Civil War adventure They are told they are playing a game This game becomes very real to the boys and they even have a face to face encounter with Abraham Lincoln They wonder if it is really a game after all There are many twists and turns in this book with valuable lessons to learn In the classroom I would read aloud it aloud to students and focus on making inferences The boys seem to travel back in time while experiencing a reenactment This book is reminds me of Pink and Say but is lighter and appropriate for intermediate level students Patricia is a wonderful storyteller who loves to tug at your heartstrings

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Just in Time Abraham LincolnTurn to their own time before it's too late Patricia Polacco's time travel premise is fascinating who knew that history museums could literally be doorways into the past She makes history exciting for young readers drawing them into a pivotal part of our nation's developme I read this book last week while visiting the Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield Illinois I LOVE Patricia Polacco and was excited to see this book which I'd never read before I decided not to add a date I finished on this book so it won't count towards my total books read But I read it in June 2013Most of her books are realistic where this has two young boys travling back in time They arrive at the battle of Antietam where they become assistant to the real Civil War and Abraham Lincoln photographer Mathew Brady I didn't like this book uite as much as some of her others but still really enjoyed it If you read my reviews you know I love to learn from reading And I'm off to look at some photos by Mathew Brady