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Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind reader ï Paperback read Å johnscyclingdiary â ➚ [KINDLE] ❄ Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind By Ann B. Ross ➤ – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Miss Julia a recently bereaved and newly wealthy widow is only slightly bemused when one Hazel Marie Puckett appearMber and pillar of her small Southern community finds herself in the center of an unseemly scandal and the Miss Julia PDF guardian of a wan nine year old whose mere presence turns her life upside downWith razor sharp wit and perfect Steel Magnolia poise Miss Julia speaks her mind indeed about a rob The writing style is spot on if you've ever been buttonholed by an older woman of Southern extraction who wants to tell ya all about it The first third read very uickly as we are presented with her situation newly widowed discovers how wealthy her husband really was is presented with her husband's lovechild and why did she never use that term that was common in her youthBut then Miz Julia simply became annoying because if she was that angry at being kept in the dark kept on a short leash etc surely she would have cut loose At least to the point of getting central AC that summer since we are told that it's almost a year since The Mister passed The plot becomes ever convoluted and unbelievable in the style of 1960s romances and rom coms where one uestion and one answer would have cleared everything up With a policeman in the house who is blissfully unaware of all these people coming and going Oh yeah that's right media policemen are always idiots SighThere is very little character development here because the authoress seems to want two dimensional stereotypes to play with Hazel Marie and Lillian are the only ones who seem to have any human warmth and intelligence I expected the main character to learn to like the child she first refers to as the little bastard but that doesn't really happen No wonder her husband treated her like a ten year old; she acts like one a selfish one at thatI also took exception to the stereotype that every single Christian in the book is a hypocrite a gossip a liar and out for what they can get Yes there are plenty of tares among the wheat but I smelled a burning smouldering issue here Will I read another volume I doubt it So many better books so little time

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Miss Julia a Speaks Her PDF #8608 recently bereaved and newly wealthy widow is only slightly bemused when one Hazel Marie Puckett appears at her door with a youngster in tow and unceremoniously announces that the child is the bastard son of Miss Julia's late husband Suddenly this longtime church me What a delightful book I loved it so much Miss Julia was a little prickly in the beginning but then she slowly came around and I grew to love her and her golden heart under it all ❤️ the characters were hilarious as were the situations they got into I must get #2 asap

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Miss Julia Speaks Her MindBery a kidnapping and the other disgraceful events precipitated by her husband's death Fast paced and charming with a sure sense of comic drama a cast of crazy characters and a strong Southern cadence  Miss Julia Speaks Her Kindle #180 Julia Speaks Her Mind will delight listeners from start to en I had an interesting time deciding how to rate this book Overall I really enjoyed the read However there were moments during the book where I want to throw it across the room 'Really' I yelled mostly inside my head 'You Miss Julia are naive to the point of idiocy Who does that' But then I too a step back and realized that Miss Julia is exactly the type of person who would be that naive truly that naive And that is the moment that the brilliance of the writing hit me 'OF COURSE' I now yelled still mostly inside my head When people are raised in andor live for long periods of time in families andor relationships that are psychologically and emotionally abusive as did Julia they literally do get to where they do not know their own minds People in this type of abusive situation are so used to substituting someone else's judgments for their own that they stop realizing that they even have their own ideas And that is the place where Ross's writing becomes so fantastic This book is essentially a coming of age book but sometimes the reader forgets this as the protagonist is a senior citizen presumably long 'of age' However it is not until the death of her husband with the triggering event of the arrival of the mistress and son that Miss Julia starts to figure out who she is as a human being independent of the dictates of the male self appointed authority figures around her Her growth through this process is wonderful to see even if it is a rocky process occasionally causing the reader to want to throw the book and yell at the people inside it But it is these bumps and hurdles and slip backs that make the process and the characters seem real Miss Julia is also not the only one going through growth processes Lillian Hazel Marie Little Lloyd and some of the others all start to look at the world a different way and to make changes in themselves The push back from some of the other characters in response to these developments is unfortunately all to real too Anyone who has worked on healing and separating from abusive relationships can attest that those on the other side of the relationship and those who though not necessarily abusive themselves are used to someone behaving in a compliant way will pushback against that person's progress in order to maintain the existing power dynamics To see the characters grow and to see them interact with one another was ver satisfying as they each 'came of age'I will be looking up other books in this series