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ePub × The Faerie ueene ó 1248 pages å ➳ [Reading] ➶ The Faerie ueene By Edmund Spenser ➩ – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk The Faerie ueene was the first epic in English and one of the most influential poems in the language for later poets from Milton to Tennyson Dedicating his work to Elizabeth I Spenser brillRomance and renaissance epic to expound the glory of the Virgin ueen The poem recounts the uests of knights including Sir Guyon Knight of Constance who resists temptation and Artegall Knight of Justice whose story alludes to the ex Note April 24 2019 I edited this just now to insert spoiler tags in a couple of places I don't think Goodreads provided that option at the time I originally wrote the reviewI read this in a different edition without notes and which preserved the Elizabethean spellings as part of my course preparation for teaching British Literature when we were home schooling our girls and found it a challenging though not unrewarding read The uaint spellings and archaic diction and vocabulary reuire slow and careful reading to mentally translate Fully enjoying the work as Spenser originally intended is difficult if not impossible first because it's only half finished; he completed only six of the projected dozen books that make up the whole which plays havoc with developing a completed storyline Second the narrative the poet relates isn't simply an epic story; it's intended as an allegory his model was the earlier Italian epic Orlando Furioso by Ariosto which English interpreters of that day misread as an allegory The various uesting knights for instance represent assorted cardinal virtues; the title character is easily recognized as a stand in for Elizabeth I and so forth for instance the Goodreads description above suggests that the ueen Radigund view spoilerwho winds up decapitated hide spoiler

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The Faerie ueene was the first epic in English and one of the most influential poems in The Faerie PDFEPUBthe language for later poets from Milton to Tennyson Dedicating his work to Elizabeth I Spenser brilliantly united medieval How astonishing is the literary fecundity of England's Elizabethan Age Spenser Sidney Shakespeare Marlowe Jonson the list can go on and on I last read The Faerie ueene than forty five years ago in a college English class and then only in snippets I felt that now was the time to read the poem in its entirety and what a treat it has beenThe poem consists of seven books the last being foreshortened to only two cantos of twelve cantos each Each canto contains about fifty stanzas the total work running to than 400 pages Each stanza is constructed as appropriately named a Spenserian Stanza with the nine line rhyme scheme ababbcbcc the first eight lines being in iambic pentameter and the final in iambic hexameter Within this scheme is astonishingly great variety and I was amazed that Spenser could sustain a poem of this length without the form becoming restricting and tedious His freuent use of enjambment serves to avoid a repetitive sing song uality to which the work might otherwise have been prone and part of the freshness and inventiveness is also provided by his extensive use of alliteration Let me share just the last three lines of one stanza as an illustration of his alliterationAll flesh is frayle and full of ficklenesseSubject to fortunes chance still chaunging new;What haps to day to me to morrow may to youAs is apparent Spenser uses archaic language throughout He owes a great debt to Chaucer in many ways and his use of archaic language and spelling suggests Chaucer's Middle English I found it charming and one uickly and easily becomes accustomed to itThe work was written as homage to Elizabeth I and describes the adventures of various knights each representing a chivalric virtue Holinesse Temperaunce Chastitie Courtesie etc The basic conceit would seem to derive from Medieval morality plays and one is also reminded of Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress again however the virtues praised are distinctly chivalric than Christian but Faerie ueene is to my mind far charming and less preachy than the latter Arthur plays a role as well but the premise seems to be that these adventures predate his golden age There are innumerable captivating and memorable characters and endless delightful adventuresI was charmed by this work It was simply one that I would have regretted having lived a lifetime without having read in its entirety Highly recommended

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The Faerie ueeneEcution of Mary ueen of Scots Composed as an overt moral and political allegory The Faerie ueene with its dramatic episodes of chivalry pageantry and courtly love is also a supreme work of atmosphere colour and sensuous description Book 1 is among the most epic things ever written in the English language or perhaps any language Books 2 3 and 4 while good aren’t nearly as memorable that’s probably an uncultured opinion but so be it One day I’ll return and finish Books 5 and 6 but for now I’m moving on to Moby Dick