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FREE READER ✓ DOC Pattern of Shadows Mary #1 ì JUDITH BARROW ñ ➥ [Epub] ➟ Pattern of Shadows Mary #1 By Judith Barrow ➯ – Mary is a nursing sister at a Lancashire prison camp for the housing and treatment of German POWs Life at work is difficult butAther's eye Then Frank turns up at the house one night a guard at the camp he's been watching Mary for weeks and won't leave until she agrees to walk out with him Frank Shuttleworth is a difficult man to love and it's not long before Mary gives him his marching or There are so many things to like about Pattern of Shadows; I really don’t know where to start It’s a testament to Judith Barrow’s skill as a writer that she sets up the tension on the very first page and manages to maintain it until the very last The backdrop to the story is WW2 but ironically the tension and danger within the story come from much closer to home Mary is a nurse living and working in a working class community in the north of England and it seems that she is being oppressed from every angle Barrow’s writing evokes a claustrophobic impression of the terraced housing where neighbours are almost living on top of each other The imagery throughout is so vivid I couldn’t stop thinking what a terrific TV series this story would make Mary is a sympathetic and likeable character but she is a woman of her time trapped by family duty and the notion of respectability All of Barrow’s characters are in different ways defined by their historical context For example we have Mary’s father whose health has been destroyed by WW1 and her brother who has been forced to go down the mines and feels emasculated by not being allowed to fight in the war Not all of the characters behave well but we feel some sympathy for them none the less All that is except for Frank who from the onset is so sinister the animosity and malice he exudes is almost palpable Nothing in this story is cleanly cut however Even Peter whom Mary loves is shrouded in mystery and may not be the character he seems to be I was enthralled by this story from beginning to end and am delighted to find that there is a seuel

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Mary is a nursing sister at a Lancashire prison camp for the housing and treatment of German POWs Life at work is difficult but fulfilling; life at home a constant round of arguments often prompted by her fly by night sister Ellen the apple of her short tempered f This is a book perfect for lovers of wartime drama I enjoyed parts of this book but parts of it I loathed and I found rather twee The story began well the characters seemed to be well developed the world building was satisfactory and it seemed that the author had done a considerable amount of research for this book Around halfway through the plot became rather bland The pace dramatically slowed down and I found myself liking the characters less and less There was something about the main female character Mary that wasn't uite right There was definitely something missing from her plus some of her actions were really not believable from my point of view anyway I think some of the descriptions that the author uses in the book was really unnecessary and it added nothing to the story It really just prolonged it by an extra fifty pages or so The sexual intimacy scenes that were in here were just uncomfortable I'm no prude but on this occasion I was kind of cringingI think the idea of this book was imaginative and the author knew what she was aiming for but for me the plot was too weak and it became rather tiresome to read

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Pattern of Shadows Mary #1Ders But Shuttleworth won't take no for an answer and the gossips are eager for their next victim and for the slightest hint of fraternization with the enemy Suddently not only Mary's happiness but her very life is threatened by the most dangerous of wartime secre I did enjoy this book it was well paced and the characters were developed and all had their individual identity I would give it 4 stars but I was bothered by a couple of unnecessary detailed sex scenes I believe you can make it clear what's happening without having to describe it in details and especially by the numerous typos and editorial mistakes I found Don't get me wrong we all make mistakes and I accept this However when it reaches 10 mistakes it gets a bit annoyingIf these don't bother you though go ahead and try this novel