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The Black Prism kindle Ý Hardcover read ë brent weeks ð [PDF / Epub] ★ The Black Prism Author Brent Weeks – Guile is the Prism the most powerful man in the world He is high priest and emperor a man whose power wit and charm are all that preserves a tenuous peace Yet Prisms nevNuous peace Yet Prisms never last and Guile knows exactly how long he has left to liveWhen Guile discovers he has a son born in a The Black Epu You know you are reading a masterpiece when out of 95 chapters and 5 different POVs not even one is slightly boring I have heard a lot of things about Brent Weeks' second trilogy and most of them have been proved true so far He has grown up as an author improving not only his prose and narration but his imagination as well You might want to think twice before you try to use a man's conscience against him It may turn out he doesn't have oneThe Black Prism is absolutely a work of art The world building is exceptional the magic is system complex yet easy to understand and the characters are well crafted and masterfully developed The real gem of the book though is the story itself If i had to explain what Epic Fantasy means The Black Prism would be my example A thing that characterizes all of Brent's work is the tremendous mix of fun and action giving you a laughing fit at the most inappropriate of times Worth mentioning is the juggling of several compelling and intertwining POVs with a straightforward prose while the subaueous ualities of the facture contextualize not only the characters but the society's structure as well If you call yourself a fantasy fan The Black Prism should be the next book in your TBR listYou can find of my reviews over at

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Guile is the Prism the most powerful man in the world He is high priest and emperor a man whose power wit and charm are all that preserves a te 455 starsAn incredibly original and entertaining start to a memorable high fantasy series The Black Prism the first book in Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks was one of my first forays into an adult high fantasy novel I can’t honestly say that I’ve been a devout follower of this series since its conception; The Black Prism was first published in 2010 and I started this series almost exactly three years ago all the way back in October 2016; it was near the release date of the fourth book of the series The Blood Mirror Now that the fifth and final book of the series The Burning White is coming out in less than three weeks I figure that it’s about time I finally reread this series that I loved before from the beginning again Why Because I’ve forgotten TONS of details about it and this reread strongly proved it “All power is a test” Rereading is always a fascinating experience for me; I won’t lie that I have my share of issues—mostly due to overwhelming TBR and unfinished series I’m stuck in—with the idea of rereading just for the sake of refreshing memories in order to be able to appreciate the nextlast book of a particular series However statistically speaking rereading a bookseries actually deliver a superior reading experience compared to my first read through often than not; The Black Prism is another great example of this situation and it makes me wish I have time to re read many books that I’ve read before The first time I read through this book I found the first 200 pages uite a struggle to get through; on my reread I’m actually surprised by how much I enjoyed the section that I found difficult to read I can’t pinpoint the exact answer behind this change in reading experience; it could be because I’m a well seasoned high fantasy reader compared to before it could be because I found the learning curve too steep back then or maybe it’s all simply because I’m on my reread and I have the benefit of hindsight One thing I can say for sure though is that I can appreciate the intricacies and subtleties of The Black Prism on my reread Picture The Black Prism by breath art Jian GuoThe most important thing you have to know before you read The Black Prism is that there’s a lot of things to learn and remember here and I’m not just talking specifically about this book Lightbringer is a high fantasy series that’s complex rich in world building and lore accompanied by a deeply intricate magic system—Chromaturgy—that in my opinion is on par with Sanderson’s It has been years after I finished reading through the available books of the series and I don’t think I’ve read many high fantasy series that made the implementation of their magic system so undeniably crucial to every aspect of the world as much as this series does From the plot progression combat scenes weaponry infrastructure method of transportations and many ; it’s frankly mandatory that you as a reader understand how the magic system actually works The downside to all of this would be that if this is your first time reading through this novel the first 200 pages might end up being a bit of a learning curve because Weeks’ method of exposition can be a bit info dumpy but necessary; I strongly advise you to persevere through it the rest of the book is so worth the learning curve that gradually gets easier as the story progressed “Moments of beauty sustain us through hours of ugliness” You may find yourself shocked and entertained by several revelations in The Black Prism and if you

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The Black PrismBfar kingdom after the war that put him in power he must decide how much he's willing to pay to protect a secret that could tear his world apar Today we're going to talk about something that every reviewer lives at least once in its reading career that I will call the Is It Too Early To Dnf Syndrome®That syndrome sucks big time 1 Your ereader is failing you and doesn't count the percentages any don't get it back to the store yet You're only bored I know it's tricky Sanderson's fans might not show this symptom though if you like long ass descriptions of how a magic system works well lucky you you may not meet boredom yet 2 There's no gentle way to say it so you morph into a moron What How would you call it You laugh when you're supposed to be shocked and there's this little ironic martial tune playing in your head every time a plot point is revealed usually by slapping you straight in the face Special award to the You Have A Kid Note It was fabulous 3 Because being a moron is not enough you'll also know this appalling sociopathic moment that we'll call the Can You Just Die I don't Care symptom Apply it to every fucking character If you snarl at every word they utter you might be touched than I thought 4 You start playing a game named This is ConvenientStupidAnticlimacticWHAT THE FUCK IS THIS strike the odd one out5 You feel old Like very very old because somehow you're convinced that this book has been written by a 13 years old 1 DNF2 DNF and rate it because you don't like when people make up rules for your hobby You're welcome For of my reviews please visit