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reader Î unSweetined Hardcover read õ jodie sweetin â ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ unSweetined Author Jodie Sweetin – How rude Jodie Sweetin melted our hearts and made us laugh for eight years as cherub faced goody two shoes middle child Stephanie Tanner Her ups and downs seemedHow rude Jodie Sweetin melted our hearts and made us laugh for eight years as cherub faced goody two shoes middle child Stephanie Tanner Her ups and downs seemed not so different from our own but than a decade after the popular television show ended the star publicly revealed her shocking recovery from methamphetamine addiction Even then she kept a painful secret one that could not be I saw this on the new release shelf at the library and couldn't resist Don't judge me Probably like most people who picked up this book I really wanted to hear the dirt about Jodie Sweetin's Full House days There were one or two chapters at the beginning that made me laugh with their references to certain episodes of the show and I always enjoyed when members of the cast made cameos in the book later on like John Stamos Jodie Sweetin and one of the Olsen twins passed out drunk in a bed at Stamos' bachelor pad how rude don't worry nothing happened But beyond the occasional full House references this book was a run of the mill addiction memoir Stephanie Tanner did a LOT OF DRUGS Wow It is disturbing to read And even though her struggle with addiction is uniue to her as a book it didn't feel that original or interesting

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Solved in thirty minutes with a hug a stern talking to or a bowl of ice cream around the family table The harrowing battle she swore she had won was really just beginning In this deeply personal utterly raw and ultimately inspiring memoir Jodie comes clean about the double life she led the crippling identity crisis the hidden anguish of juggling a regular childhood with her Hollywood l This is the first non fiction book I have ever read by my own choosing I think everyone reviewing this has been honest in saying that we were all Full House fans myself included Stephanie was always my favorite I even read the Stephanie books which honestly was the first series of books I got into bringing me here after all these years and went through a phase when I wanted to name my daughter Jodie when I grew up I debated whether I wanted to read this if I was ready to hear that someone I looked up to as a kid fell so hard into a lifestyle that I disagree with so much but I've made a date to uit smoking on May 15 a decision I've made very recently and am nervous to come to and I realized that addictions are all the same and maybe reading Jodie's story will somehow prepare me for something that I know will be hard So enough of my personal monologue and onto the review I can't give a star rating on Jodie's life or choices but I can on how the book is written and whether or not I think it was a story worth reading My answer is Yes this book is worth reading I have always been interested in Hollywood and the idea of a world that we only pretend to understand through tabloids This book laid it out in a way that I could read and understand with just enough of the gory details It was a nice PG 13 version of a very dark reality of Hollywood But I would only recommend this book to an optimistic person who truly wants to see good in people and believe that people can change and someone who truly wants to see Jodie succeed If you are not one of those people you would read this book and think that Jodie is not sober at all and this book is an actress and her ghostwriter telling a story of how easy it is to lie by making lies to fund her habit while making people like her again and getting her back in the spotlight You would also think that Jodie is spoiled with a whole lot of excuses and First World Problems I on the other hand want to believe that Jodie was a normal kid who had normal fears hopes and uncertainties and in her youth made some really bad choices All while looking to be a normal kid she only looked to the differences in her life but couldn't see that her fears hopes and uncertainties were the same as everyone else's I appreciate Jodie's honesty although I wish there was a distinct timeline to follow Some of the story jumped around a bit but that's okay I hope Jodie is still sober and I'm glad she's getting rid of that jerk second husband of hers I'm glad she shared her story and I hope she is living happily ever after

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unSweetinedIfe and the vicious cycle of abuse and recovery that led to a relapse even as she wrote this book Finally becoming a mother gave her the determination and the courage to get sober With resilience charm and humor she writes candidly about taking each day at a time Hers is not a story of success or defeat but of facing your demons finding yourself and telling the whole truth unSweetined This was shockingI had heard that Jodie was a bit wild once Full House ended a show that me and my sister watched religiously but I had no idea how crazy her life turned out to be Stephanie Tanner was my favorite and still is my favorite character on full house or now FULLER HOUSE The second I heard about this book I wanted to read it and seeing Jodie on DWTS this season has made me curious about her life This girl and the choices she made was mouth dropping at times It's crazy what the spotlight does to kids and it's just plain sad and terrifying I could totally see why Jodie felt she needed something drugs alcohol sex etc after full house ended; it was the only world she had known Thank goodness for her saving grace her daughter Side note For those who have watched Netfilx's Fuller House I find it really interesting now that the writers wrote Stephanie's character as a partier and drinkerummm why would she want to portray Stephanie as that type of person