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A Desperate Road to Freedom Reader Ü 240 pages Download ç Johnscyclingdiary Ë [PDF / Epub] ✅ A Desperate Road to Freedom Author Karleen Bradford – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Julia May and her family have done the unthinkable They have fled from their life of slavery on a tobacco planWas her own secret and forbidden as a slave Julia May’s diary records her fears and the extraordinary things she sees during her voyage and keeps her going through the hard times until they are finally fr Nice book with a few lovely moments I do like slice of lifesurvival stories No other book in the Dear AmericaCanada series so far has managed to capture the sheer Emotional Impact of A Picture of Freedom The Diary of Clotee a Slave Girl Belmont Plantation Virginia 1859 though So everything is rated realtive to that

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Julia May and her family have done the unthinkable They have fled from their life of slavery on a tobacco plantation in Virginia and are making their way north on foot where they have heard that slaves can b Review by Melissa Murphy SPOILER What was your least favourite part in the book?My least favourite part was the beginning It was very boring Even when they where running from their masters When she was writing her diary entries they where short and with no date on them She continuing on like that for until they got to the safe place They where also short because she was not supposed to know how to read or write Did the book fulfil your expectation? The book indeed fulfilled my expectation It was very fun and page turning When they got to Canada and found their masters wife and daughter thought they would have been forced back to Virginia It fulfilled my expectation a lot How did the book compare? ‘Orphan at my door’ was very different despite them both taking place in Canada One was about a home girl and another was a run away slave Did the book end the way you wanted? Yes well mostly It ended with Julia’s mother giving birth to her sister She always wanted to be the best big sister like Sarah was to her before she was sold How would the book have been different if it had taken place in a different place?If this book had taken place in a different time like 35 years before Julia would not have even been allowed in Canada If anyone knew she was a run away they would have sent her back to VirginiaWhat was your favourite part?My favourite part was when Sarah returned She ran with her husband and daughter it was so sweet I just about diedRate the book 1 5?I will rate the book a 3 I will rate it a three because it was not very descriptive She did not really talk about the characters It was also boring at some partsWhat was the book about?It was about a run away slave named Julia Julia’s sister Sarah and her bothers Caleb and Daniel where sold to other slave owners At the end of the book Sarah is reunited with her family The book is mainly about them getting to Canada and trying to stay safeDid you enjoy the book?I did enjoy the book very much It was full of page turning excitementWould you recommend this book?Yes I would This book was very exciting A story of backstabbing friend’s racist masters and a railroad to safety This book would be very fun to read and I recommend it to everyone10What did I learn?The one main thing I learnt was that there is always room for mistakes in friendship but there is always room for forgiveness When Julia’s white friend is racist she has room for forgiveness in her heartWhat about the plot?I did not have to force myself to read it at all It was one of the best books I've ever read I can easily say that it was better than twilight The plot sucked me in and just when I thought it would be boring it just got better It is a must readWhere the characters realistic?They were very realistic It was also very detailed in the actions of the characters Like how Thomas wanted revenge on the slave masters so he went to war against them Lots of coloured men did that The author obviously based it on historical factsWitch characters would you like to meet?I would like to meet Sarah and ask her about how she felt when she was taken from her family I would also ask her how she found out that her family would be in Toronto I would like to also meet Thomas to get information on why he went to war and how he got woundedDid the actions seem plausible?I think the actions where plausible but not now a day The main family had to travel on foot from Virginia to Canada Our population now is way too lazy to walk from Virginia to Canada

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A Desperate Road to FreedomE free The journey takes them through swamps travelling by night and hiding by day The diary that Julia May keeps is another act of bravery Learning to read and write alongside her mistress at the plantation Karleen Bradford is a well known and talented Canadian historical fiction writer for youth and teens Needless to say this is an entertaining and interesting addition the Dear Canada series This particular book could be best suited to the younger end of the 8 12 age range as it is a basic story of American slaves escaping using the Underground railroad then the troubles and successes they experience settling down in a community in Canada The majority of the book takes place in Owen Sound Ontario The only weakness is that this story only barely touches upon the horrors the slaves endured and the 'escape'Underground Railroad part of the story is over by page 25 The rest of the book deals with their Canadian experience Bradford does manage to cover many topics in this presupposing book the eldest brother joins the Union army once he reaches freedom the family had three older children sold off and that effect on the family is pursued the blacks are welcomed seemingly so open armed at first but later a white attitude of jobs being lost to them starts to prevail friendships between white and black children integration between the races in general but only to a point of knowing their place and limitations and also the kidnapping of free slaves by bounty hunters because of the US Fugitive Slave Law The historical note is a simple history of the Civil War the underground railroad and the black communities in Toronto and Owen Sound A good well written atmospheric introduction to the topic