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The Windup GirlBio engineered plagues run rampant across the globe What Happens when calories become currency What happens when bio terrorism becomes a tool for corporate profits when said bio terrorism's genetic drift forces mankind to the cusp of post human evolution Award winning author Paolo Bacigalupi delivers one of the most highly acclaimed science fiction novels of the twenty first centu. Interesting and provoking Misleading title; I kept waiting for the story to focus on the wind up girl Perhaps it should have been called The Company Man It's one of those dystopian allegories where she represents something or other to a guy that is involved in exploiting the world I think I should have wrote a better review Interesting message uncomfortable deliveryHis vision of the future is very dark and I think he spends a lot of time in all his works exploring the fractures in humanity There's a lot of casual violence oppression and filth much like the real world I think he does it on purpose as part of the message and world building but it easily becomes overwhelmingUpdate to self I did finish but wasn't up to the task of reviewing Complicated and uncomfortableI think I'll get rid of it when I'm back home I prefer to keep The Water Knife as an example of his works

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The Windup Girl characters ↠ 108 ☆ ✼ [EPUB] ✴ The Windup Girl By Paolo Bacigalupi ❆ – Anderson Lake is a company man AgriGen's Calorie Man in Thailand Under cover as a factory manager Anderson combs Bangkok's street markets in search of foodstuffs thought to be extinct hoping to reap t AndersAnderson Lake is a company man AgriGen's Calorie Man in Thailand Under cover as a factory manager Anderson combs Bangkok's street markets in search of foodstuffs thought to be extinct hoping to reap the bounty of history's lost calories There he encounters Emiko Emiko is the Windup Girl a strange and beautiful creature One of the New People Emiko is not human instead she is an en. “We rest in the hands of a fickle god He plays on our behalf only for entertainment and he will close his eyes and sleep if we fail to engage his intellect” In Paolo Bacigalupi's imagined future Bangkok has become a simmering stew pot of paranoia brutality despair and betrayal Genetic manipulation has brought the world to the brink of extinction With great advancements also came tragic mistakes Blister rust Cibiscosis the Genehack weevil brought death and famine The very companies that created these problems are now the companies that the world has to rely on to stay one step ahead of the mutations of their mistakes Battling for calories is now an all consuming endeavor for a population that has rarely had a full belly An innocuous cough can start a stampede of fleeing people Fear is the natural state of mindThailand has become a significant player on the world stage because their leaders had been forward thinking enough to secure a seed bank This provides the building blocks of future plant stock that can be manipulated to survive the onslaught of mega diseases They also secured their own genius generipper who has continued to find ways to grow eatable disease resistant food One of the characters sums up how fortunate they are We are alive We are alive when whole kingdoms and countries are gone When Malaya is a morass of killing When Kowloon is underwater When China is split and the Vietnamese are broken and Burma is nothing but starvation The Empire of America is no The Union of the Europeans splintered and factionalized And yet we endure even expand The Kingdom survivesAnderson is a character that could have stepped out of Graham Greene novel He works for AgriGen a major player in the gene manipulation market out of Des Moines He is in Thailand under the cover of running a factory Energy is generated by Megodonts genetical modified elephants whose brute strength creates joules that keep the factory wheels turning Algae is also a main source of energy for the factory and also dangerous to the workers for a change in chemistry can turn algae from a friendly product into a human killer I have personal high hopes that algae will provide some answers for our own future energy needs Anderson manipulates events trying to grab an advantage that will allow AgriGen a foothold in the seed vaults He is duplicitous determined and willing to be a King maker to get what his company needs He is not interest in personal gains He is a crusader who believes his efforts could end up keeping the world safe Unintentionally he falls in lustlove with Emiko a Windup Girl an illegal commodity in Thailand designed by the Japanese as a pleasure serving model She is a hybrid of genetic manipulations that has given her beauty super human speed and strength and a subservient matrix that allows her owner to have complete control over her actions Emiko has also been designed to respond to sexual advances making even the most inept lovers feel like they are providing her with sexual pleasure There is much to her if he can be patient “She is an animal Servile as a dog And yet if he is careful to make no demands to leave the air between them open another version of the windup girl emerges As precious and rare as a living bo tree Her soul emerging from within the strangling strands of her engineered DNA” The power of Thailand is split between the white shirts who represent the Environmental department and the Ministry of Trade They have a split in philosophy Environmental wanting to get away from generipping and the outside influences of farangs like Anderson The department of trade wanting to embrace the outside world letting in goods and giving their people avenues of generating revenue The push and pull of the two departments leads to skirmishes and after an unforeseeable act by Emiko they flare into a civil war Bacigalupi does a wonderful job of world building I fell into this brutal worldthere are a couple of surprisingly graphic sex scenes totally swept away by the tide of the plot He presents a world crippled by environmental disaster without becoming preachy He did inspire me to learn about terminator genetics and also to continue shrinking my own environmental footprint The characters are well drawn They are motivated by the same desire to survive but their plans for survival are uniuely their own I will end the review with a scene of Anderson in the marketplace Ngaw A mystery She hands him the fruit Anderson sniffs tentatively Inhales floral syrup Ngaw It shouldn't exist Yesterday it didn't Yesterday not a single stall in Bangkok sold these fruits and yet now they sit in pyramids piled all around this grimy woman where she suats on the ground under the partial shading of her tarp From around her neck a gold glinting amulet of the martyr Phra Seub winks at him a talisman of protection against the agricultural plagues of the calorie companies He slips the ngaw's slick translucent ball into his mouth A fist of flavor ripe with sugar and fecundity The sticky flower bomb coats his tongue It's as though he's back in the HiGro fields of Iowa offered his first tiny block of hard candy by a Midwest Compact agronomist when he is nothing but a farmer's boy barefoot amid the corn stalks The shell shocked moment of flavor real flavor after a lifetime 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Gineered being creche grown and programmed to satisfy the decadent whims The Windup eBook #9734 of a Kyoto businessman but now abandoned to the streets of Bangkok Regarded as soulless beings by some devils by others New People are slaves soldiers and toys of the rich in a chilling near future in which calorie companies rule the world the oil age has passed and the side effects of. My grandmother reads food labels to see if they contain any genetically modified products I used to laugh at it Now after reading The Windup Girl I'm tempted to take a closer look at the food labels myselfPaolo Bacigalupi's The Windup Girl is a bleak and depressing story set in the future run by calorie monopolies where genetically modified products and manufactured foodborne plagues have wiped out the foodchains wars are waged for precious seeds and uarantines for food borne diseases are a must Calories are precious a hilariously sad concept in the modern obesity epidemic world where calories are our worst enemy if you believe TV ads Genetic engineering is not limited just to food there are genetically modified humanoids as well viewed as property in some countries and abominations that need to be destroyed in others We are nature Our every tinkering is nature our every biological striving We are what we are and the world is ours We are its gods Your only difficulty is your unwillingness to unleash your potential fully upon it The Windup Girl raises a uestion common to sci fi novels how far can science go before it becomes threatening To which lengths can people take playing God On one hand the scientific advances in medicine and agriculture are necessary to make our lives better to feed the ever expanding population to cure the ever aging population On another hand the eventual impact of these scientific advances is unknown and will it be too late when we figure it out Will it be too late when the genetic weapons and other scientific advances find their way into the hands of companies greedy for immediate profit It is already happening let's not kid ourselves but will it eventually destroy the world as we know it Or is the future change as portrayed by Bacigalupi a part of evolution a part of the strongest survive doctrine Everyone dies The doctor waves a dismissal “But you die now because you cling to the past We should all be windups by now It’s easier to build a person impervious to blister rust than to protect an earlier version of the human creature A generation from now we could be well suited for our new environment Your children could be the beneficiaries Yet you people refuse to adapt You cling to some idea of a humanity that evolved in concert with your environment over millennia and which you now perversely refuse to remain in lockstep withBlister rust is our environment Cibiscosis Genehack weevil Cheshires They have adapted uibble as you like about whether they evolved naturally or not Our environment has changed If we wish to remain at the top of our food chain we will evolve Or we will refuse and go the way of the dinosaurs and Felis domesticus Evolve or die It has always been nature’s guiding principle and yet you white shirts seek to stand in the way of inevitable change' What is natural' is another uestion of this novel Again it resonates with the present day obsession fad with everything 'green' organic sustainable unmodified 'natural' What can we reject as unnatural IS there even such a notion In Bacigalupi's novel the genetically modified 'windups' are viewed as something less than human an abomination a soulless property because they are test tube created engineered unnatural But is it ever fair to make such a distinction The knee jerk response is 'no' But we already live in the world that denounces certain lifestyles certain preferences certain viewpoints as 'unnatural' and uses that as an excuse for discrimination and uneual treatment Is is protecting the 'natural' or blatant discrimination Depends on your viewpoint I guess In the world of genetic destruction that Bacigalupi created such horrifying treatment of the windups is perfectly understandable to the surviving society but terrible to us Would many of our conventions based on our ideas of natural and unnatural seem just as horrific I'm afraid they would by the way “My body is not mine” she told him her voice flat when he asked about the performances “The men who designed me they make me do things I cannot control As if their hands are inside me Like a puppet yes” Her fists clenched opening and closing unconsciously but her voice remained subdued “They made me obedient in all ways” And then she had smiled prettily and flowed into his arms as if she had made no complaint at allThe style of this novel is oppressively bleak There is nothing uplifting nothing cheerful; even the events that may lead to hope and satisfaction are only hinted at and we don't know whether they will ever happen The badness is palpable the goodness is hinted at This is not a novel for a leisurely read This is not a feel good story It is a story that keeps bringing you down and throw you into a depressed mood And yet I loved it every page if it I loved that the bleakness made it so realistic and importantly made you think because it's thinking that makes you human I love that there were no easy ways out of the situations and yet little glimpses of simple humanity were so heart warming even if not always resulting in anything tangible I loved the absence of info dumps and Bacigalupi's obvious respect for the intelligence of his readers and his refusal to spoon feed us the information I loved that there was never a black and white approach to anything including the main characters who are as deeply flawed as you can ever imagine I loved how despite my attempted refusal to go any deeper into this hopeless world something kept bringing me back to this story day after day after dayI loved this book despite the bleakness and the complete lack of the fell good factor I highly recommend it especially to sci fi fans 45 stars This book is a true gem We are alive We are alive when whole kingdoms and countries are gone When Malaya is a morass of killing When Kowloon is underwater When China is split and the Vietnamese are broken and Burma is nothing but starvation The Empire of America is no The Union of the Europeans splintered and factionalized And yet we endure even expand The Kingdom survives