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kindle The Happiness Project Or Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning Clean My Closets Fight Right Read Aristotle and Generally Have More Fun

The Happiness Project Or Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning Clean My Closets Fight Right Read Aristotle and Generally Have More Fun kindle õ eBook 9780061583254 FreeGretchen Rubin had an epiphany one rainy afternoon in the unlikeliest of places a city bus “The days are long but the years are short” she realized “Time is passing and I’m not focusing enough on the things that really matter” In that moment she decided I don’t know which is stranger – that people like this book or that it was written in the first place It came into being because Gretchen Rubin a woman with a bizarrely charmed life decided to spend a year devoting each month to a “theme” designed to make herself happier and then write a book about it The whole thing smacks not only of a calculated stunt but also of the sort of “list” approach she used for her breathtakingly trite book on Churchill Regardless any reasonable person would wonder why this woman was worrying about how to be “happier” than she already was with her “soul mate” husband two healthy children a family she likes in laws she likes plenty of free time and money coming out the wazoo The obvious uestion is “If she wants to be happier why doesn’t she do service?” The uestion you’ll also probably ask repeatedly is “What could a smug perfectionist with an easy life possibly teach me?” Honestly I have no idea unless it hasn’t already occurred to you toare you sitting down?stash your crap in file boxes instead of leaving it strewn all over and stop nagging your husband Other previously unmined gems of insight “You can’t change others” “Exercise makes you feel better” “Be friendly” “Do things you like to do” “Be grateful” and my personal favorite “Money can buy happiness” Even better every ten sentences or so she inserts – not to be confused with “works in” – a uotation that sounds like the first entry in its category from The Big Book of uotations Based on the self congratulatory tone she doesn’t uite have the skill to avoid I’d guess she’s deeply invested in showing she is Educated and has Done Research I think you’re also supposed to surmise she’s really smart based on the number of references to editing the Yale Law Review or clerking for a Supreme Court Justice What she never mentions yet you can also surmise is the fact that money is no object Neither is time While being rich and leisured doesn’t disualify her from having wisdom it does place her situation in context She’s not struggling to find happiness amidst real trials – illness poverty loneliness relatives who drive you bonkers – she just wants to be “happier” What’s amazing is that with all her research she doesn’t come up with anything profound At best her paper thin “insights” are merely summaries of other people’s research And yet inexplicably a couple of women in my book group actually liked it These women don’t sit around wondering if they’re happy enough – they probably wonder if they’re faithful enough and doing enough good in the world So what did they find valuable?? A couple of them said that the organization chapter prompted them to clean out closets which is always good but there are at least a hundred books on de cluttering that were written by people who were already aware of file boxes I know this because my sister has bought all those books and occasionally gives them away as presents unless you’re really lucky and she just throws your stuff out without being asked So the organization chapter struck me as a bit silly But not as silly as turning to Nietzsche for tips on happiness And I think that indicates the biggest flaw – her approach is entirely secular Joy and fulfillment a bit deeper and lasting than “happiness” come through doing good and eventually becoming good Every now and then she stumbles as if by accident upon versions of the Golden Rule Lite but naturally in her eyes the point of being nice to others is to make herself happier Father in law is Robert Rubin Clinton’s Assistant to the President for Economic Policy He later served on Citigroup’s board as Senior Counselor During his eight years at Citigroup shareholders suffered losses of than 70%; Rubin earned over 126 million

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Appier Among other things she found that novelty and challenge are powerful sources of happiness; that money can help buy happiness when spent wisely; that outer order contributes to inner calm; and that the very smallest of changes can make the biggest differenc Wow when did I become so cynical and not even realize it? Just like Julia from Julie and Julia 365 Days 524 Recipes 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen I too am in danger of becoming nothing but a secretary on a road to nowhere drifting toward frosted hair and menthol addiction However this book helped me get out of my funk and become creative I didn't want to review this book until I tried my own happiness project because to be honest I was very sceptical about the resultsSo my personal journey to getting back on track to being happier started in the LGA airport in the Hudson News Bookstore I was traveling back to Chicago after visiting family in Long Island and Conneticut for Easter My plane was delayed and I had finished my other book I had brought with So being bored and knowing I was going to sit there for a while I purused the books at Hudson News This is the one that spoke to me and I started reading it in the airport Most of the information isn't anything spectcular and it's all stuff that I already knew but obviously I needed to hear it again for the millionth time before it finally sunk in I wasn't happy because I wasn't making time for the one thing that really makes me happywriting every daySo I decided to start my own project The first thing I did was clear the clutter out of my apartment Not only did this make packing tons easier for my move to my new home but it also lifted a mental weight that too much stuff can have over you and you'll not even realize it This was a good first step for me The stuff I didn't have use for I gave away or donated in hopes that someone else who does need it canThe second step was making room for creativity every single day I am really good at making time to read since I have an hour commute via train but I wasn't showing up at the page everyday to write and that really soured my mood So I started a journal where I would write just a sentence every single day even when I didn't want to and you know what? Because I showed up and made the time for creativity I started writing than a sentence I was writing paragraphs and then pages That made me really happy and for the first time in a long time I realized I can do thisThe third and final step and the one that's still a work in progress for me is spending money on unnecessary things I became addicted to internet shopping It's really easy to do I would just log on to some of my favorite sites Etsy Sephora Groupon and could order in an instant anything I wanted via my credit card Pretty soon I was in debt and I had massive amounts of unnused products books and other things I didn't need So I stopped spending on the internet all together and bought only the things I absolutely needed like food and began to use up the things I had lying around This made me feel happier however it's still hard for me to go into a store and say yes this is a really good deal but I don't need it I'm slowly getting better at this and practice does make perfectLike Gretchen I too just wanted to share my thoughts on this subject and hopefully inspire others not to do the same things I've done but to find their own passion that will make them happier every day and grateful for the little things that we tend to overlook

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The Happiness Project Or Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning Clean My Closets Fight Right Read Aristotle and Generally Have More FunTo dedicate a year to her happiness projectIn this lively and compelling account Rubin chronicles her adventures during the twelve months she spent test driving the wisdom of the ages current scientific research and lessons from popular culture about how to be h Let me preface this review by saying I really tried to like this book I found it at Sam's Club for 7 when I was on my monthly TP run The cover looked fun The concept up lifting I went into reading it with high hopes I didn't look at any previous review I should have So here goes This book should be re titled The Year I Spent Trying To Be Less of an Entitled Btch And Failed The author is a rich white lady living in the upper east side of manhattan with her two healthy little girls and her as she described gorgeous rich husband He's rich like stupid rich Research his family Your jaw will drop that she had enough time between swimming through piles of money to write this self indulgent crap Her project includes all the things you would expect appreciate family be happy with the here and now etc These simple steps could be very enlightening if done by someone anyone but an upper east side yuppie could relate to Side note the author does reference several great books and uotes of OTHER people that would be much interesting to check out IMOI got through the cleaning out closets chapter fine It's when the author had to start interacting with other people that it went uickly downhill One particular story had me gobsmacked It was her mother in law's birthday party The point of the exercise was that she was supposed to do proofs of love If you've read The Five Languages of Love she's talking about Acts of Service So she starts planning this shindig whilst farming out tasks to everyone else so don't think this was a monumental accomplishment The entire time she's describing all the emails she had to send for this great act of love she's passive aggressively telling the reader about how normally she'd be so resentful about having to do all of this Can you feel the love?Fast forward to the day of the party Everything is going swimmingly MIL looooves her party She loves the food cooked by her son who is a private chef Loved her presents Love love love So the night went well? Love was proven right? Not so fast The author was feeling like her efforts weren't being recognized enough Even though her MIL had a fantastic night no one stopped the party to golf clap her organizational skills That is until her well trained husband in the middle of gift opening pulls out a gift for the author ATHERMILsBIRTHDAYPARTY Suddenly all is well The author stops pouting because finally it's back to being about her Order is restored How her MIL didn't side eye her and mouth WTF is a testament to how classy MIL isSo all in all I just can't with this book I'll take Eat Pray Love or a Year Living Biblically if I need my year doing stuff fix But this one is getting tossed