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FREE MOBI ¾ DOC Alphas By Lisi Harrison 9780316035798 ô LISI HARRISON ß [Read] ➵ Alphas ➲ Lisi Harrison – At OCD the losers are tormentedAt Alpha Academy they're sent homeSkye Hamilton has scored an invitation to the ultra exclusive Alphas only boarding sS when the country's best brightest and hawtest begin clawing and scratching their way to the to I did not have high hopes for this book at all In fact I wasn't even planning to read it When I heard she was making a spinoff featuring Skye Hamilton from The Cliue I inwardly groaned I have no interest in reading about Skye's life What a stupid ideaThen I passed by the book at the library and thought let's give it a chance I'm so glad I didSkye has so much depth to her character here but she still isn't enough to carry a book The new characters especially Charlie are such a breath of fresh airThe main focus of this book is an eccentric billionaire who builds an elusive school on her own private island 100 girls are invited and they will get kicked out of the school one by one until only one girl remains the true AlphaThe one thing that really annoyed me in the beginning was this book acts like it takes place years in the future I don't care how rich you are you can't control the weather on your private island with some weird device that monitors your mood You can't make holograms of people that are so realistic people actually think it's the real person and then program the hologram to mimic the actions of the people around it The plane that a character took to the island is made from completely recycled materials and had so many ridiculous contraptions in it I can't even name themBut as it went on I decided to suspend belief and just assume this takes place in the future Knowing Skye went to school with Massie ruined it because they are obviously set in today's world But I just decided to pretend that Skye is a completely new character My illusion was ruined when they would uote something popular from 2009 but I just kept going as if this took place in the year 2100 Otherwise the fantasy in this story was going to drive me insaneBut no matter how much I suspended belief the part where Skye sees a hologram of her younger self dancing in a ballet recital and has an entire conversation with her younger self and HUGS her Ridiculous But in spite of it all this book was highly entertaining A thousand times better than I expected it to be and I am actually looking forward to the next one now I am so ashamed of myself for giving this 4 stars but it was seriously that entertaining

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At OCD the losers are tormentedAt Alpha Academy they're sent homeSkye Hamilton has scored an inv BEWARE OF SWEARSI am now officially dumber for having read this epic fail of a book Seriously what the fuck is the draw Yeah this doesn't render WTF It needs the full on WHAT THE FUCK The vapid pea brained little girls are as shallow as dried puddles with nothing going for them than good feet and great ideas Yeah sweethearts feet can break and ideas are dimes a dozen What happens then I'm not a fan of targeting talent like that to being with Everyone needs a contingency plan because like Murphy said anything can happen and environments like this don't offer that Weight gain is forbidden at Alpha Academy Seriously Well you're in deep shit if you're a dancer and gain muscle It's just so implausible For a book that's somewhat supposed to be grounded in reality I just couldn't suspend my disbelief for most of it Yes I understand that there are child prodigies everywhere but these girls are so unfocused it was hard to believe that they've made the achievements they have being as flaky and flighty and boy crazy as they areThe only girl with a nominally compelling story was Charlie She actually seemed to be a raw talent she's down to earth and pretty normal Not to mention she doesn't talk like a massive airhead tool Bonus points in my book The situation she's in sucks ass It really does And the woman controlling the entire situation plus the Academy is a complete cunt There's just no other word for it And chicks are supposed to want to be her Why Because she's successful Superficially sure but her life's as empty as many of these girls' heads because of it Apparently that's supposed to be a worthwhile venture How encouraging OoAnd what the FUCK is with the hyphenated verbs Giggle sniffed Lip kiss this one REALLY pissed me off because that dumb twat Skye kept saying it what other kind of kissing are you trying to differentiate from sweetie and it was used REPEATEDLY There's one involving a pillow pillow sniffed or something like that I think my brain's officially blocked them out because I can't seem to find all of them but reading it it's like they're on every fucking page It's so goddamn annoying I wanted to cryThe language is just trying so hard to be hip and up to date and fashionable it's revolting You know when I was a teen we got by just fine on reading books that didn't sound like a sub par Clueless spin off Is sounding as dumb as these girls do in this book actually fashionable Is this ear bleeding slang type speak the next Valley Girl Honestly I can tolerate Valley Girl better than I can handle this crapAnd the worst part about it OK who am I kidding they're all worst parts was the ending You know how Pirates of the Caribbean 2 ended You know they filmed movies two and three together and the end of two looked like someone took a set of scissors to the reel and blindly cut That's what the end of this book was A shameless shill to buy the next one because where it ends has you wondering what's going to happen next And it's not like a Harry Potter ending where the story within the book is rounded out and leaves only a few pieces hanging so that you're satisfied enough until the next book comes out Not this one It's like Harrison wrote one giant manuscript and randomly pointed to a spot in the book as an ending point for this first one chopping it up like that UghReally what a waste I just don't get the appeal I really don't

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Alphas By Lisi HarrisItation to the ultra exclusive Alphas only boarding school where beta is spelled LBR What happen I found this book as probably everyone did when I was reading the Cliue books Honestly I never really liked Skye Hamilton considering how she was such an infuriating character in the series I decided to try it out though mainly because I love how Lisi Harrison's writings seems to connect with the teenagers today It was ten times better than I expected I stayed up till about 3am reading it I couldn't put it downFirst off I'll talk about the plot It was amazing for a sci fifantasy fan like me I guess not so much if you consider that the setting was supposed to be from the same time period as we do It was too futuristic and because we all know that Skye goes to OCD like the PC it was kind of confusing to read I mean going from the Massie's story to Skye's should've been really easy to connect with Unfortunately the two series hardly connected to each other which was kind of a disappointment It would have been better if Harrison made this from an entirely original idea instead of pulling a character out of another series It was a brave but slightly stupid moveNext the supporting characters They were okay for the most part I just didn't really like how the story showed the supporting characters as a bunch of boy crazed airheads I mean they're in an outstanding school as prodigies for goodness sakes Of course I understand how it could get really crazy in an all girls school with five amazingly attractive guys But still they had to still be focused on their fortes being all disciplined and all thatThe main characters have their uirks and I have a few favorites in this tooSkye Hamilton was pretty okay actually I know that everyone was really focused on her character at first because she was going to be the 'Massie' in this book It turns out she wasn't She was okay though I love how the reason she wanted to be the ultimate alpha was because she wanted to make her mom proud My heart just went 'awww' right at that part It's uite exciting to see another side of her that wasn't in the Cliue I guess that was a reason why Harrison even pulled her out of that one She gave us a side of her antagonist to like which was very cleverAllie A Abbot was well I have nothing good to say about her I absolutely hated her character I don't know why she was even created as a main character Reading her chapters was an absolute bore I don't know why Harrison introduced us to a character that we'll be seeing a lot of yet dreading to even follow her story She was there as an identity thief love sick desperado who was such a btch to the other main character Also she didn't have a talent I mean her talent is probably manipulating everyone in the book though I highly doubt that someone can fool anyone that she's an intrnational sensation just by dyeing her hair black wearing green contacts and drawing a mole on her cheek She made it seem like everyone she fooled was stupid and gullible I just hope she gets cut off soon but I doubt that will happen at anytimeCharlie Deery was my favorite as probably everyone else's She didn't come out as a self obsessed airhead but rather as a seemingly normal girl with an amazing talent hardly anyone knows about I mean how cool would it be to be able to invent technologies at the age of 14 She was introduced to us as the girl who gave up everything just to be with her 12 year boyfriend with all odds against her She's like a classic heroine in a classic love story Also when she was getting out of everyone's way just to make her ex boyfriend happy brought tears to my eyes LiterallyNow Lisi Harrison's particular writing style in this book I've read a lot of critiues about them so I won't go too deep about it It was sloppy I have to admit but I guess it was the way she was trying to portray her characters as the rich spoiled and ditzy teenagers that they are The metaphors and similes killed my brain though I guess Harrison was kind of in a writer's block right there Of course I prefer the witty feel of the Cliue's book way better