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It took a miracle to bring the Pretty Committee together or rather a New Years Eve party Because sometimes when you me Rating 5 out of 5 starsSummaryBefore Massie Block is the alpha of the Pretty Committee she used to be a beta of a group called the Ahnnabees She had tons of great ideas for their group but her fellow members always ignore it and her all the timeWhile the main dance captain is away Alicia Rivera decided to take over as the dance captain And she also wanted to show her dancing greatness in front of millions of audiences around the worldDylan Marvil is sick of her sisters' constant complaining that they are fat and the fact that people are jealous of her because her mom is famous But what happens when she met a girl who told her that there is something wrong with her and her jeansKristen Gregory made a plan for the New Year Get a life and make new friends That opportunity comes when a random lost charm jewel was handed to herMeanwhile in Orlando Florida Claire Lyons won a last minute invitation for the New Year's Yves satellite party in her town And it also includes the opportunity of kissing the boy band ThRob In front of millions of people The problem She must sneak out of her house undetected or else get caught by either her overly dramatic babysitter or her parentsAfter a fight between her and the Ahnnabees Massie must find her lost pieces of her charm bracelet Can she find them all before the clock strikes to twelveReviewThis is my second favorite book in this series so far In fact it's nice to know what happened to the five main characters before they became the members of the Pretty Committee What I liked are How Massie's charm bracelet became an interesting major point of the story And what lives up to that factor is how the charm bracelet is the key to create the Pretty Committee I do think that there is a magical realism element in this novel thanks to Hermia the psychic Maybe it's because of the fact that the charm bracelet plays an important role to the story The individual stories of the five girls before they met All of them are interesting but I do think Massie Dylan Kristen and Claire have the most fascinating backstories for this one Alicia's backstory is all right but not as memorable as the othersSide NoteI always thought these girls are fifteen or sixteen NOT thirteen or fourteen But when I found out that they're thirteenfourteen I thought that they sounded like older teens and sometimes they act maturely for their age Still that fact didn't detract me from reading this seriesAlso in the dedication page Mrs Harrison said that she adored her fans even though some of the books have typos Don't worry Mrs Harrison I still enjoyed your books with typos or notConclusionPersonally this one and A Tale of Two Pretties can be good stand alones I don't know why but the way the two stories read for me they can live themselves without the other books of this series It's not that I think the rest of the books are bad I enjoyed this series but these two books I've mentioned are total stand outs for meSo if you like this series this one is a major to read book for you Recommended

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Charmed and Dangerous The Cliue PreuelEt someone it just cliues This special deluxe hardcover novella tells the outrageous story of how The Cliue got togethe When I was in the library trying to pick a book that doesn't have to do with mysteries I found this book that pops out from its shelf and has this wonderful cover I decided to give the book a chance and read it since I'm a mystery book fiend At the beginning I thought that the book is going to be about girlfriends and boyfriends and girlish problems It turned out that I'm right because most of the book talks about how Dylan's sisters are so concerned about their weight and how they look This situation is the same all the girls around the world are always concerned about Since I'm not interested in things like that I thought that I should stop reading the book but then the way Lisi Harrison wrote the book was shocking In three days I was almost done with the book; and I'm not that type of people whom finish books in one dayWhat I liked the most in this book was the way Massie Dylan Kristen and Alicia met together on New Year’s Eve When Massie lost her bracelet’s charms in the party I didn't expect that each one of those girls is going to find the charms and return them to Massie That was really suspenseful I really liked it so much how all four girls found the charms and eventually met together even when they were far from Massie’s location For example Kristen was babysitting and the parents of the child saw the charm at Dylan mom's party Since the book is a bit girlish I recommend it for girls whatever is you favorite genre but if boys want to read it go ahead Who am I to stop you

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Book ó Charmed and Dangerous The Cliue Preuel Í 160 pages Û Lisi harrison Û ❰Ebook❯ ➨ Charmed and Dangerous The Cliue Preuel Author Lisi Harrison – Once upon a time in Westchester and Orlando there were four betas just waiting for theDangerous The ePUB #8608 Once upon a time in Westchester and Orlando there were four betas just waiting for their alpha this was a cute book i likes reading about how the cliue girlz all metbut i don't think the story tells everything like it should in this book someone tells Massie that purple is the color of royalty in the first book it clearly says that Massie read in a magazine that purple was the color of royalty in the end of this book she says how she needs a purple color room asap yet in the 1st book you read that she has a white room and then she starts adding some purple i don't know i don't think Lisi got her story straight on this one what i especially liked was learning how Kristen started that big lie i always wondered about that I'm going to have to read this book again maybe i missed something