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Doc ë The Golem's Eye ☆ 562 pages × Johnscyclingdiary Ê ➹ [Reading] ➻ The Golem's Eye By Jonathan Stroud ➮ – At only fourteen Nathaniel is a rising star a young magician who is uickly climbing the ranks of the government There is seemingly nothing he cThe Golem's Kindle remain elusive and Nathaniel’s job and perhaps his life are soon at risk As the pressure mounts he is distracted by a new series of terrifying attacks in the capital But is it the Resistance again or something dangerous still To uncover the perpetrators Nathanial must take desperate measures a journey to the e This hilarious novel is the second in the Bartimaeus Trilogy The story picks up where the first book in the trilogy The Amulet of Samarkand leaves off Most of the story takes place in London where the government is made up of magicians These magicians are all power hungry calculating feckless craven jealous and self serving to the n'th degreeThe 14 year old Nathaniel is an up and coming magician in charge of security operations in the department of internal affairs He is blamed for incompetence with regards to two threats; the resistance a secret society blamed for stealing magical artifacts and a golem who is trouncing across London causing major havoc Nathaniel's personality has changed since the first novel he is now power hungry and his ethics have taken a bit of a dive becoming like those of the average magician Nathaniel does his best to unearth those to blame for these threats mostly relying on his captive slave the 5000 year old jinni BartimaeusBartimaeus is a lovable character saucy sardonic witty brave fatalistic and street smart His cheeky comments do not endear himself to his master but they make for hilarious dialog He is sagacious and ever mindful of his limits and the limitations of the magicians Kitty is a teen aged key player in the resistance She is naive but persistent resilient and somewhat resistant to magic Her high ethical standards as with most of the others in the resistance are in sharp opposition to everyone else Bartimaeus almost takes a liking to her for her refreshing honesty courage and individualismNow I didn't read this book I listened to the audiobook narrated by Simon Jones I must say that Jones is a fantastic reader His British accents are wonderful his reading of the crazy skeleton demon is out of this world and all of the characters come out clearly as individuals My recommendation is do not read this book listen to it

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At only fourteen Nathaniel is a rising star a young magician who is uickly climbing the ranks of the government There is seemingly nothing he cannot handle until he is asked to deal with the growing Resistance movement which is disrupting London life with its thefts and raids It’s no easy task the ringleader Kitty and her friends Reviewed by K Osborn Sullivan for TeensReadToocomHe's rude He's surly He won't hesitate to tell you when your haircut looks stupid And in over 5000 years he's seen some bad haircuts I'm talking about my favorite djinni Bartimaeus back in book two of his young adult fantasy trilogy THE GOLEM'S EYE is an excellent seuel to the first book in the series THE AMULET OF SAMARKAND In the first book we meet Bartimaeus an ancient creature of enormous power that can best be described as a type of demon Unfortunately he and all of his kind hate the word demon He classifies himself as a djinni so we'll just go with that for the purposes of this review Why annoy anyone who can shoot magical firebolts at you right Anyway Bartimaeus and other creatures like him are summoned by human magicians to do their bidding Needless to say this forced servitude or slavery is not popular with the servants so they do their best to turn the tables on their human masters whenever possible Enter Nathaniel a boy who is in training to become a powerful magician In book one of the series he summons Bartimaeus from the netherworld and an involuntary partnership begins In THE GOLEM'S EYE young Nathaniel again finds himself in need of the djinni's aid so he again turns to reluctant Bartimaeus This time a revolutionary group is blowing things up in London which may or may not be related to a series of unusual occurrences that have the police stumped Nathaniel feels that his career would take off if he can solve these crimes But the stakes are high because he knows that his career and possibly his life are in jeopardy if he fails A key part of THE GOLEM'S EYE storyline centers on the activities of a London resistance group that is fighting to overthrow the magicians' government Nathaniel's inability to track down these criminals is part of the reason he needs Bartimaeus's help Of course the djinni has little interest in helping magicians maintain their dominance After all they're the ones who continually force him and his kind into servitude This conflict of interest makes for some entertaining scenes and conversations If you have not read THE AMULET OF SAMARKAND I strongly recommend you pick that one up before diving into THE GOLEM'S EYE Technically you don't have to read the first one but there is an awful lot of background you will miss if you don't Plus it's really fun Normally I find myself disappointed in seuels Somehow they never seem to live up the expectations established by the original But in this case I was pleasantly surprised This book is full of excitement political intrigue and humor Bartimaeus is back with all of his cheeky comments and there are plenty of thrills to go around Overall a great book

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The Golem's EyeNemy city of Prague and worse summoning once again the troublesome enigmatic and uick – witted djinni Bartimaeus A thrilling seuel to the best selling Amulet of Samarkand The Golem’s Eye is a roller coaster ride of magic adventure and political skullduggery in which the fates of Nathaniel Bartimaeus and Kitty explosively collide I really liked the first book in the series but this second one just doesn't match up I still admire the world building a magical system based on good old fashioned demon summoning and Bartimaeus himself is still a fun character to read But Nathaniel has become almost unbearable to read All the magicians in fact read like parodies of arrogant aristocrats It isn't entirely unjustified in this world but it sure isn't fun to read Sadly I didn't like the so called Resistance much Now I'm generally going to be in favor of a small group of dedicated revolutionaries fighting against extreme odds see Les Misérables but that is not this group They don't seem to be terribly interested in doing anything other than petty thefts of magical artifacts and minor vandalism which will do what exactly Also they were all pretty annoying too In fact the only character I liked at all was Bartimaeus but not nearly enough of the book was from his perspective I'm really disappointed because I do think the world building is generally very good and the first book was so strong