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Savannah Breeze kindle ä eBook 9780060564674 Free Ô Mary Kay Andrews Ì [PDF] ✑ Savannah Breeze By Mary Kay Andrews – Mary Kay Andrews takes us back to Savannah Georgia in Savannah Breeze the uproarious seuel to her blockbuster New York Times bestseller SavannahFor the novels of  Fannie Flagg Jennifer Crusie Adriana Trigiani and Emily Giffin not to mention Rebecca Wells and Sweet Potato ueens ueen Jill Conner Browne will adore this delightful take on the New South and one woman’s discovery of what’s really important in lif The first half of this book is really slow It picks up once BeBe and company head to Florida Though this book got rave reviews from other library patrons I didn't like it I couldn't like BeBe I don't have anything in common with BeBe and found her hard to relate to I found it hard to believe anyone could be that naive and trusting especially after two ex husbands and an ex fiance Her plan to get her money back is not at all legal and I could not believe that her friends would go along with it I did not like the outcome of the story either I also didn't think there was much chemistry between BeBe and the love interest The romance was rushed and the ending very abrupt Some of the story is told from Weezie's point of view I enjoyed Weezie's character than BeBe but her narrative interrupted the flow of the story I would recommend this one for someone who is looking for escapist reading without much substance

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Mary Kay Andrews takes us back to Savannah Georgia in Savannah Breeze the uproarious seuel to her blockbuster New York Times bestseller Savannah Blues Breeze is the story of BeBe Loudermilk a Southern belle who’d dearly like to get back at the handsome two faced con man Another great book in this southern mystery These characters are fun and loveable

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Savannah BreezeWho swindled her out of everything she owns except for a broken down s era motel on Tybee Island Joining BeBe on a revenge inspired road trip south to Fort Lauderdale is her junking friend Weezie the heroine of Blues and a car full of lovable misfits Readers with a taste Southern belle and three time divorcee BeBe Loudermilk pronounced Bay Bay loses all of her wordly possessions including her restaurant and three historic homes in Savannah to charming con man and professional investment counselor Reddy This of course is the result of a hot and heavy relationship with said investment counselor And then there is the matter of a teeny tiny misunderstanding over a Durable Power of Attorney BeBe soon discovers that the only thing left besides her pretty white Lexus and the clothes on her back is a ramshackle motel on Tybee Island a self described drinking village with a fishing problem BeBe moves into the manager's unit enlists the help of hunky fishing captain turned caretaker Harry and works hard to turn a uick profit on the crumbling mess so that she can re open her restaurant When Reddy is spotted in Florida working another con BeBe drops everything to pursue him and re claim what is rightfully hers She organizes a makeshift posse that includes her best friend Weezie Savannah Blues her chef aka Weezie's boyfriend Daniel and Grandfather Loudermilk With Grandfather Loudermilk snoring in the backseat and occassionally demanding to stop off for Kit Kat bars the foursome make the drive to Florida to pull off a crazy and semi illegal caper that will get BeBe's money backI love this author's sense of humor and uick wit She has a true talent for writing colorful characters BeBe should have come across as a total airheaded idiot but instead she is a smart strong successful woman who just happened to take a wrong turn in life The loving relationship between BeBe and her grandparents was touching to read about and I got a kick out of the way she handles the headstrong and hunky Harry I'm not uite sure how to categorize this series it's not uite chick lit not strictly romance and a little light on suspense For now I'm going to call it good old fashioned Southern lit with a hint of comedy