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A Simple and Uplifting Way to Deepen Your FriendshipsWe all have friendships that we have maintained over the years But now than ever it’s easy to lose connection with those who you care about and the uncomfortable feeling of being disconnected from our friends is all too commonThe 5050 Friendship Flow offers a conscious pat I was uite interested in reading this book because of the concept of life enriched by friendship After all I have been blessed with great friends especially girlfriends who have supported and encouraged me at various stages of my life I have also learned so much from them Besides the author Shari Leid is a cancer survivor wife mother an adoptee and an adoptive parent a litigator and a life coach I love reading books by people who work hard overcome many odds and achieve lots Shari meets with 50 women friends in a year She shares with them what she has learned from them how they inspire her and how they have enriched her life According to her everyone she meets is both her teacher and her student regardless of their age or how long they have been her friends By embarking on this journey Shari intends to reiterate her belief in the effects and significance of relationships By writing this book she wishes to show others this While I am sure she achieved the former I am not convinced of the latterFor the full review please head on over to Read and Reviewed

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The 50 50 Friendship Flow H to not simply maintain friendships but to deepen those relationships to support connection and bring joy and a sense of purpose to both of youAs you read The 5050 Friendship Flow you will discoverThat everyone you meet is both your teacher and your studentA feeling of wellbeing and happiness as you deepen your friendshipsThe I didn't realize until I was a chapter in that this is really a self help book The author has taken life lessons that we all should be following in one way or another matched them with some of her friends and written a book about itIf you already pay attention to your friends and other people around you you'll already understand most of these lessons but the way they are laid out in this book is definitely worth a read The differences among the author's friends is interesting to read Couple that with the friend's own thoughts about the subject of that chapter and it makes this book an easy read although there's never any guarantee with a self help book that you'll gain anything from itThere were a couple of chapter I skimmed because the lesson wasn't of interest to me but that doesn't mean it won't be to someone else

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FREE DOC Í READER The 5050 Friendship Flow ✓ ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ The 50/50 Friendship Flow By Shari Leid ✩ – A Simple and Uplifting Way to Deepen Your FriendshipsWe all have friendships that we have maintained over the years But now than ever it’s easy to lose connection with those whPower of the one on one meetingThe purpose and impact that each person brings into your lifeThe 5050 Friendship Flow encourages each of us to give one another the gift of time It reveals the power of sitting down one on one with a friend for the sole purpose of letting her know the positive impact that she has made in your li If 2020 has taught us anything – between social injustice uarantine and the election – it’s that women need other women And this book by Shari Leid is the perfect reminderIn it she explains on how she prioritized her friendships by going on “50 dates” After each date each woman’s essence and a professional photo is capturedIn this book readers will understand how to Know your talents and gifts emphasize your own worth Create long lasting deeper friendships Learn from people who are different from you Engage in face to face meetings Cherish the people who create an impact in your life Give one another the gift of time Support women and create a sense of commonality and belonging Recognize the power you have in creating joy in others Live with gratitude Bring out the best in others without involving your ego Become observant and really “see” people Change the energy in a room Learn grow and teach with every encounterAnd many In fact after every “date” she gives you a journal entry and synopsis I don’t want to give the whole book away so you’ll get the gist with these bulletsThe goal for this book is to encourage women and men to open up and reach out Connect and grow After all we all just want a sense that we belong