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Time to Hunt Pierce Hunt #3In the latest addition to the acclaimed Pierce Hunt series Hunt races across Europe to stop an ever changing threat to national security before it’s too late to save his country or his friendsWhen the CIA calls on former Army Ranger Pierce Hunt to find a missing operative and friend the last thing he wants to do is leave the peace of home Riveting Emotionally taxing Superbly crafted into exuisite dimensionsFolks I'm not sure what you're doing but if you've not uncovered this author nor read his previous work it's time you get acuainted because he's not only here to stay but he's certainly left a markUpon reading Simon's bio I couldn't help but understand why I was chilled to the bone upon completion of this read He's extremely gifted in the counterrorism protective operations with twenty years in military and law enforcement and oh baby it showsI've not readTrained to Hunt nor Hunt Them Down but I sure as hell will be after this adventure with this new book baby on tapIt all begins with Pierce Hunt who as you may recall is a former Army Ranger He's got the skills that pay those bills and of course duty calls when the CIA buzzes him for a hook upNo this isn't just a thrill ride nor a one and done oh hell no I was literally picking up my jaw from the floor at the excitement level that literally never uitMy main reading interests is thrillers and lately the military spy terrorism novels have hit home nicely I enjoy reading them but this is on a whole new level than anything I've ever read before and there's plenty of top guns in this categorySimon Gervais brings it home makes you duck for cover run for your life and take down the bad guy all without missing a single beatThe suspense was killing me and believe me that's unusual because I've a high energy vibrant womanWhen Hunt goes searching for his target Jorge Ramirez it's than just a mission it's an all out game of cat and mouse that could turn deadlyThere's nothing dramatic and sinful than your own team turning against you but you must ride that wave to freedom safety and successWhen a member of their own CIA team betrayed and was attacked from within that's just down right NASTYThe leak must be stopped because selling out your own is BS and not to be toleratedWhether the men went to restrain or protect is a uestion you will soon uncover while reading this powerful and galvanizing readIf you're wondering if this has all the earmarks for the thriller of the year YESSSSSSSS Luckily this worked great as a stand alone and trust me I'm glad nobody heard me hooting it up while I was reading because I believe I can still feel the burnsHot Elusive DangerousGo on Run Don't walk for this newest work by Simon Gervais you can thank me laterThank you immensely to Simon Gervais his publisher Thomas Mercer the great NetGalley and Kindle for keeping them coming inTill we meet again on the book trailEnjoy

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Download Time to Hunt Book ¾ í Simon gervais Ê [Reading] ➸ Time to Hunt (Pierce Hunt #3) Author Simon Gervais – In the latest addition to the acclaimed Pierce Hunt series Hunt races across Europe to stop an ever changing threat to national security before it’s too late to save hisAnd family behind But there’s to this mission than meets the eye and Hunt knows he has no choice but to risk everything to save his friend and protect his Time to PDFEPUB or countryHunt’s target is Jorge Ramirez who allegedly has information that poses a threat to the national security of the United States As Hunt tracks Ramirez in Switz Another great Pierce Hunt thriller from Mr Gervais The story is great kind of a plot I would have never thought of but interesting locations great action and I’m totally glad I got to read this The Pierce Hunt series is great and while you don’t have to start at the beginning to enjoy each book I recommend starting with Hunt Them Down then read Trained to Hunt All available on

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Erland he learns that someone close to his operation has betrayed the CIA His team is attacked and not everyone makes it out aliveFacing betrayal on an international scale Hunt doesn’t know who to trust The rules of engagement have changed and the body count is rising Will he find out the truth in time or will this be Hunt’s final missio Time to Hunt the third book by Simon Gervais which features Pierce Hunt a part time DEA agent and a full time badass The two prior books were essentially revenge based where Hunt showcases his skills and racks up the body count Time to Hunt sees Hunt back in the fold when the CIA comes knocking to track down a missing spy Time to Hunt is my least favorite in this series which by no means is a knock on this book The first two books were just that good and Gervais had to move Hunt in a new direction to grow the character which he did a good job of I would definitely recommend this book and I look forward to how Gervais handles Hunt in the future