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Northanger Abbey reader à Paperback read Æ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Northanger Abbey Author Jane Austen – Jane Austen's first novel—published posthumously in 1818—tells the story of Catherine Morland and her dangerously sweet nature innocence and sometime self delusion Though Austen's fallible heroine Jane Jane Austen's first novel published posthumously in 1818 tells the story of Catherine Morland and her dangerously sweet nature innocence and sometime self delusion Though Austen's f A creepy mansion Dark and stormy nights and Jane Austen just having fun with us Now I must give one smirk and then we may be rational againSeventeen year old Catherine Morland as innocent and naïve a heroine as Austen ever created with no particular distinguishing characteristics except goodhearted sincerity and an overfondness for Gothic novels is invited to stay in Bath for several weeks with kindly and wealthy neighbors She meets a new bestie Isabella as well as Henry Tilney a guy who's far too uick―not to mention wealthy―for her But he has a weakness for cute girls who totally admire himTheir relationship strikes me as weak probably because Austen was focused on creating a parody by turning Gothic conventions on their heads than on creating a compelling heroine and romance Henry is a great character but Catherine really isn't uite up to his level despite all of Jane Austen's rationalizations though maybe that's true to life sometimes However I comfort myself with the thought that Catherine isn't unintelligent just young and inexperienced I have faith in Henry's ability to kindly help her learn to think deeply and criticallyAusten inserts a lot of sarcastic side comments mocking Gothic plot elements like Catherine's father being not in the least addicted to locking up his daughters and her mother instead of dying in bringing the latter sons into the world as anybody might expect still living on in inexplicably good health But Austen also takes the time whilst skewering Gothic novels to make a few pleas to readers in favor of novels generally And she creates one of her most deliciously shallow and hypocritical characters in Isabella whose mendacious comments along with Henry's sarcastic ones were the biggest pleasure in this book for meWhen Catherine is invited to visit with Henry's family at the formidable Northanger Abbey all her Gothic daydreams finally seem poised to come true A mysterious heavy chest in her bedroom with silver handles broken perhaps prematurely by some strange violence; an odd locked area of the house; a man she suspects of doing away with his wife Gasp Austen makes fun of it all and Catherine's disturbed imagination along with it Catherine repeatedly gets shot down and then makes firm although not necessarily long lasting resolutions not to let her imagination run away with her in the future But it seems likely that in the end she's gained some experience and wisdomNot to mention view spoilerHenry hide spoiler

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Allible heroine is repeatedly drawn into scrapes while vacationing at Bath and during her subseuent visit to Northanger Abbey Catherine eventually triumphs blossoming into a discern I don’t even know what to say This book was such a flippin’ blast Okay that’s a little bit of a lie I know the most important thing I have to say First and foremost I’M IN LOVE WITH HENRY TILNEY SO FUNNY smart handsome owns a cute house and dare I saywoke? He’s the best But let me backtrack a bit Northanger Abbey is Austen’s satire and she pokes fun at gothic horror books by having her heroine Catherine believe she’s essentially in one AND SO MUCH GOOD COMES OUT OF THIS The satire is hilarious there’s one moment for example when what Catherine believes is a spooky ghastly scroll is really a list of the contents of a linen closet But right when it’s about to stop being funny and you’re getting just the teensiest bit annoyed at Catherine’s naïveté it ends She confesses to Henry whose father she believes is a murderer and he gently shoots her down while still being all “I love you girl” It’s really great AUSTEN IS A TALENT That’s the wonderful bit about this satire IMO I don’t alwayssss love literary satire because it gives me secondhand embarrassment cringes But this is satire within another narrative a typical Austen storyline So it’s funny and biting while also being cute and happy and having adorable characters and a lovely ending Talk about a TOTAL win win amiright? There are also even MORE plus sides to this Austen makes a lot of sweeping generalizations about “heroines” and plots and books and they are all hysterically funny and insanely accurate She also writes a few amazing defenses of fiction isn’t that wild y’all? While we’re out here with people trying to make others feel bad for liking YA our sistas in Austen’s lifetime couldn’t even read novels without judgment So crazy Call me crazy but I’d rather someone insult my intellect for having read Sarah J Maas than have to read 19th century TEXTBOOKS in order to be considered marriage material Bleh Total nightmare no? Let’s count our blessings and chill the hell out for one freaking second But I digress Let’s talk about those characterssss They are in turn perfectly hate able and lovable Hang on I’ll explain When people are all “She’s a villain I love to hate” I seriously never understand I don’t ever love hating characters It makes reading unpleasant usually even villains Like Levana from The Lunar Chronicles or whatever I just hated her I didn’t enjoy hating her She got on my nerves and I was displeased whenever she showed up ButIsabella and her brother in this book? Pretty hilarious They’re super annoying Isabella uses people is self obsessed and lies all the time; her brother is a total self serving asshole But when sweet lil Catherine is utterly ignorant to their flaws? It’s really funny The way Isabella’s dialogue is written in particular made me laugh a lot genuinely Do people actually laugh out loud while reading on the reg? But also there are characters who are so intensely lovable Especially my husband Catherine for one thing She could be a little irritating because she’s SO immature sometimes but she’s just like a good person to her core who is so kind to those around her You can’t hate her At least I couldn’t and I hate most characters But let’s talk about bae You can’t see me but I actually just turned into a literal heart eyes emoji from the neck up Henry Tilney is a charmer from the SECOND he shows up The banter he has with Catherineunreal Austen outdoes herself Now I wanna reread their meeting scene Ugh Literally a heart eyes emoji And ultimately this is just a bananas well written book A real masterpiece Some of Austen’s most famous uotes are from this book and it totally makes sense why Here are a couple fresh examples “The person be it gentleman or lady who has not pleasure in a good novel must be intolerably stupid” “There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends I have no notion of loving people by halves it is not my nature” See what I mean? I just read this book and I already wanna pick it up again Bottom line Charming characters hilarity biting satire gorgeous uotesIt’s Austen at her best But when isn’t she at her best?

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Northanger AbbeyIng woman who learns truths about love life and the heady power of literature The satirical novel pokes fun at the gothic novel while earnestly emphasizing caution to the female sex Elizabeth may be the most beloved Emma may be the hated and of course Elinor is the most sensible but I personally think Catherine is the most relatableWe can't all be as witty and perceptive as Lizzie and we hopefully aren't as meddling and silly as Emma But Catherine? Well she's somewhere in the middle of normal She's not always as clever as she wishes she's not the wealthiest heiress in the room and she's not always sure of what she's doing She's justevery girl who's ever gone to the big city and gotten a little dazzled by the wrong friends overwhelmed by their imagination and fallen in love with a handsome boy with a good sense of humorAlso she loves a good gothic novelCatherine seemed kind of silly and ignorant at first glance but as the book goes on you realize that it's just that she's young and trusting As the story goes on you see her slowly come into herself find her voice and learn how to stand up to the characters that would lead her to do the wrong thingAnd then there's Northanger AbbyWhich all things considered wasn't all that interesting There were a few funny moments when she first arrived and tried her hand at becoming a gothic heroine but I hoped there would be to it than that lotta buildup not a lotta payoffAnd Henry? He's the male version of Catherine He's not some dashing Superman he's just a nice normal guy who does the right thingI was maybe happier for these two lovebirds when they beat the odds than I am for a lot of literary couples because they were just so damn regular I read this 10 years ago and decided to listen to it on audiobook this time around Loved it Wanda McCaddon was the narrator and she was absolutely wonderful