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Author of The Vanishing Year The Blackbird Season and In Her Bones Kate Moretti's THE GIRLS OF BRACKENHILL A newly engaged woman is summoned to her aunt's Girls of PDFEPUBs Kindle First Pick for October 2020I've read uite a bit of Moretti's backlist and I highly respect her work as an author Brackenhill has a tried and true plot that will be familiar to most seasoned readers of psychological suspense and I think the strength of this story is in its encompassing atmosphere and compelling narration rather than any unsuspected twists and turns As you can probably tell from my rating this isn't my favorite novel from Kate Moretti but don't let that stop you from giving this one a try; I mainly struggled with the pacing and the lack of full closure at the end of the story As a reader I think this one was just not a full on hit for me but will look forward to the author's future works with as much gusto as I anticipated this one Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy

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Girls of BrackenhillHer sister's mysterious and traumatic disappearance sixteen years earlier She discovers that some family secrets will not stay buried and sometimes old ghosts haunt foreve Full disclosure I'm a lifelong gothic junkie That said it probably won't surprise you that I loved Kate Moretti's most recent book The Girls of Brackenhill is the second Moretti novel I've read and it was exactly what I've been craving It's got a dilapidated castle in the Catskills a mysterious death a flurry of disappearances and a generous dash of the supernatural I'm not sure if it tops her previous novel The Blackbird Season but Moretti does ratchet up the ghostly mythical elements and a sense of uncertainty pervades the story Not only is Hannah Maloney an unreliable narrator but her older sister Julia is also a character whose perceptions can't be trusted And then there's the crazy aunt the local witch and the delirious silent uncle The story begins with a car crash that jolts Hannah out of her placid oh so sensible existence After 17 years spent avoiding Rockwell the town where she'd spent her summers as a young girl she finds herself forced to confront memories she's avoided since Julia disappeared in 2002 Chapters alternate between Hannah past and Hannah present which gives readers a gradual sense of what went wrong But even at the end of the book there is no clear resolution and for some reason I found that really satisfying There's a circular nature to events as well as to places and characters When Hannah and Julia first arrive at their Aunt Fae's castle they get lost in the vast labyrinthine basement No matter how methodically they try to escape the dark space they simply can't find their way out – as if they've stumbled into a time and a space where logic doesn't apply Unlike her sister Hannah doesn't buy into anything that's not rational But she's still conflicted still confused Brackenhill is an eerie haunted dwelling but it also brings her back to a dreamy fantastical moment in her life Her current day relationships are mostly “transactional” but they weren't then Which is one reason she refuses to believe her sister is dead Julia must have escaped somehow broken free of the ominous drudgery of their mother's homeThe plot had many twists and is wonderfully fast paced I also liked Hannah despite her failings I even liked the crazy aunt the disheveled witch and the town drunk as characters though I can't say I'd want to hang out with them All in all this was a great fun spooky read a la the Brothers Grimm It reminds me of Carol Goodman's novels which are also usually set in the Catskills but it has its own distinct style Much thanks to Thomas Mercer and Netgalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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kindle µ Girls of Brackenhill Ö Kindle Edition Î kate moretti Î ❰Download❯ ✤ Girls of Brackenhill Author Kate Moretti – Author of The Vanishing Year The Blackbird Season and In Her Bones Kate Moretti's THE GIRLS OF BRACKENHILL A newly engaged womTorybook mansion in the Catskill mountains her beloved aunt has been killed in a tragic car accident and her uncle is gravely ill and at the end of his life to the scene of I read this eerie and completely captivating thriller in one breathless day Enough said Review to come