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Tomorrows End Book ê Download ´ ❴KINDLE❵ ❁ Tomorrows End Author G.R. Morris – Do you have free will?He never asked to be a hero but the universe didn’t give him a choiceKevin Knight never wanted to be the one to save the galaxy But when tragedy upends his life and demonic for Do you have free Do you have free will?He never asked to be a hero but the universe didn’t give him a choiceKevin Knight never wanted to be the one to save the galaxy But when tragedy upends his life and demonic forces steal his soul the fate of time and space are sealed Until a scaly trench coat clad alien appears and gives him a Today I’m excited to be reviewing Tomorrow’s End by G R Morris a gripping science fiction novel With plenty of action the book delves deep into the idea of an alien controlled EarthThe front cover caught my eye first with its gorgeous artworkLooking at it so many ideas flit through my mind What do you think of the artwork? AboutKevin is destined to be the human saviour of the Earth to prevent a future of total destruction where the human race will cease to be However another saviour of the changelings has awoken as Darren a young girl with incredible psychic powersThis first installment follows Kevin and Darren’s progress as they come into their knowledge of the real world and its true terrifying masters Light vs darkness is a core theme throughout the book as is the power of choice free willCharactersKevin has always been afraid of the dark and for good reason he’s seen things no young child should ever see Now a grown man he has become curious intelligent and capable of following his intuition as he is taken in by Robert a reptilian being destined to be his protector Kevin shows great courage and determination making for a likable protagonistHowever I personally felt drawn to Darren as a secondary protagonist Stuck in an orphanage with corrupt staff she must learn to be strong to survive Witnessing her sudden growth spurts and formation of psychic powers was fun Clever and cunning I adored every chapter that followed her progressLikes and DislikesI enjoyed the uotes included at the start of each new chapter some from real historical figures and others from fictional characters of the author’s own making Each helped to strengthen the ongoing theme of light vs darknessOn the other hand I slowly came to dislike the sheer level of description included in places as I felt it interrupted the natural flow of some scenes Memorable uotesAs usual I found it hard to choose just one memorable uote from such an interesting bookThe three listed below captured my mind the most1 ‘Real control is influencing someone to the point that he believes his choices are his own’2 ‘A person’s identity grows It’s almost impossible to know who you are because it’s always changing’3 ‘Life is a journey of discovery finding out our reason for being and fulfilling that purpose’OverviewOverall I really enjoyed Tomorrow’s End It was an intelligent and thought provoking readwith a lot of action However if you dislike a lot of description then it may not be ideal for youRecommended to lovers of the science fiction genreMy rating 4 stars

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Of darkness or the one of light?Tomorrows End is the first book in the brain twisting sci fi horror series The Path of a Savior If you like epic battles ethical conundrums and eye opening explorations of the universe then you’ll love GR Morris’s unforgettable epicBuy Tomorrows End to unleash the chosen one toda Tomorrows End is Book One of the series The Path of a Savior Readers will be sucked into this bone chilling tale and riveted to the pages of the book until the very end They will be left eagerly anticipating the next installment in this mesmerizing science fiction tale that is filled with gruesome battle scenes heart stopping moments time and space travel shape shifting aliens advanced technology and philosophical dilemmasThe story begins in Earth’s future after the planet has been decimated by wars between aliens and humans Two intelligent beings in the galaxy have been tasked with traveling back to an earlier time period in earth’s history to eliminate a creature known as the Dragon who poses a grave threat to the survival of the human raceThe story then moves backward in time before Earth was a wasteland Sixteen year old Kevin Knight who is predestined to one day become the savior of humanity is living a nightmare life with his step father and mother Kevin’s life changes dramatically after he is put in jail for his step father’s murder An alien stranger is on the verge of killing Kevin when he is freed from his prison cell by a reptilian alien named Robert Robert becomes Kevin’s protector and mentor as he embarks on an intense physical and mental training program to fulfill his destiny However a plethora of creatures in the galaxy are convinced that Kevin is a destroyer not a savior and must be eliminated Will Kevin be able to escape the clutches of vile creatures determined to kill him?GR Morris has written a terrifying and thrilling dystopian tale with mind blowing twists and turns that will keep readers on the edge of their seats wondering if Kevin will succeed in his mission or if the human race will be completely wiped out of existence Throughout the whole enthralling adventure readers are kept on their toes never knowing uite what to expect Who are Kevin’s allies and who are his enemies? Will a girl with godly gifts ally herself with Kevin or the demonic aliens? Does Robert have a hidden agenda?Readers are glued to the pages of the book wondering which side will be the victor in this exciting and fascinating tug of war game between diabolical creatures who will stop at nothing to satisfy their own agenda and a boy and his allies whose objective is to save humanity from annihilation

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Tomorrows EndGlimpse into the true nature of all thingsAstounded Kevin learns the world he knows is merely an illusion created by alien beings who control humanity’s every move With an invasion imminent he must defeat the blackness and perfect his powers before the bloody battle beginsWhich prophecy will Kevin fulfill the one Wow out of the park This book is a must read sci fi action horror epic I can hardly wait for part 2 The story is filled with plenty of action and the visuals brought to the minds eye are some of the best ive read in a long time This book will grab you from the open to close Buckle your seat belt and enjoy the show