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Download Ebook Ê Wuthering Heights å 373 pages ñ Emily brontë ☆ ❴Epub❵ ❧ Wuthering Heights Author Emily Brontë – Wuthering Heights is a wild passionate story of the intense and almost demonic love between Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff a fY is chaotic and unremittingly violent but the accomplished handling of a complex structure the evocative descriptions of the lonely moorland setting and the poetic grandeur of vision combine to make this uniue novel a masterpiece of English literatu Each one who writes to me to insult the book and the readers who love it receives a block a report and a long list of wonderful decorative adjectives If you don't like it it's absolutely your right to do so Insulting us and using derogatory terms just because it doesn't fit your notions of social and ethical issues isn't the way to convince me Goodreads has become a place for libel vilification constant insults and frankly reads of poor uality ''O God It is a long fight I wish it were over” How can I find and put together the suitable words and write a review about one of the most iconic creations in World Literature? One of those books that provoke such intense feelings that either you worship them or you utterly hate them There is no middle ground Every year I revisit Wuthering Heights for two reasons First it is one of my personal Christmas traditions and secondly I prepare extracts to use in class for my intermediate level students This year I finally felt confident enough to write a text I will not call it a review but a summary of what this masterpiece means for me what I feel each time I gaze upon its titleI was 12 when my mother made me a special gift I have a mother that gave me a book about self destructive love and a father that gave me Crime and Punishment a year later I know they rock It was a thick volume with a dark cover A cover as black as the night scene it depicted A young couple running in the moors against the wind and a black foreboding mansion looming in the background To this day that cherished Greek edition of Emily's only novel is the most beautiful I've ever seen I read it in a single day I remember it was a windy day a summer torrent rain that lasted all afternoon It left me speechless It shaped me It shaped my reading preferences it shaped my love for eerie dark doomed haunting stories with twisted anti heroes It even shaped the choice of my professionWhen I was 15 one of the best teachers I've ever had gave us a project She divided us into groups and asked us to make a presentation of our favourite book She put me in a group with two classmates Such kind and charming souls they were but would never open a book if their lives depended on it I didn't care I was happy because I'd get to choose the book We left our teacher crying buckets in the classroom marking a heroic A on our papers During the 3rd year in university we had to complete individual assignments I'll let you guess the theme and the book I chose My professor had to interrupt me at some point kindly but firmly ''Yes thank you Amalia this is great but there are others waiting you know'' Were they? Anyway you get the point My level of obsession with this novel eual Heathcliff's obsession with CathyEmily Brontë's novel may not be for everyone It doesn't matter Nothing is for everyone But she has created an eternal tale or nightmare of a love that is destructive dark twisted and stranger than all the other sweet lovey dovey stories that have been written She has created one of the most iconic couples in Literature she has provided the first and finest example of the Anti hero in the face of Heathcliff She has ruined many girls' expectations because who wouldn't want to be loved as fiercely as Cathy was? For years my notion of the ideal man was Ralph Fiennes as Heathcliff in the 1992 film The best adaptation of the novel with Juliette Binoche as Cathy How many writers who have written only one novel can claim to have accomplished all these?One of the reasons I became a teacher was to have the opportunity to teach this book It is my greatest satisfaction when I see its impact on my teenage students They are familiar with the bleak and twisted tales of our times nothing shocks them any They love it unanimously it is a rare case where boys and girls love the same book eually So mission accomplished ''I cannot live without my life I cannot live without my soul'' For me this book is my soul It lies there making the uestion ''What is your favourite book?'' the easiest everPS Please God when I die put me in a sector where I can meet Emily You can keep Shakespeare Austin Tolstoy and Dostoevsky I prefer long talks with a disturbed fragile wild girl

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Her Hindley and wrongly believing that his love for Catherine is not reciprocated leaves Wuthering Heights only to return years later as a wealthy and polished man He proceeds to exact a terrible revenge for his former miseries The action of the stor Certain novels come to you with pre packaged expectations They just seem to be part of literature's collective unconscious even if they are completely outside of your own cultural referents I for instance who have no particular knowledge of or great love for romantic Anglo Gothic fiction came to Wuthering Heights with the assumption that I was picking up a melancholy ghost story of thwarted passionate love and eternal obsession Obsession turned out to be only accurate part of this presumption Having an image of Heathcliff and Cathy embracing Gone with the Wind style on a windy moor ironed in my mind I was almost completely unprepared for the hermetic moribund bleak vengeful perverse and yes obsessive novel that this really is Don uixote is not about windmills and Wuthering Heights is not really a love story Heathcliff and Cathy's love affair if it can be called that is a narcissistic I am Heathcliff Cathy exclaims at one point possessive and imminently cruel relationship predicated on self denial and an obsessiveness that relies not on passion but rather borders on hatred They are selfish violent and contriving people who have borne their fair share of abuses mostly Heathcliff in this respect and in turn feel no compunction about raining similar abuses on those who they find beneath themGiven this dynamic it seems perhaps inevitable that these two characters would make not only themselves miserable but everyone around them miserable even after death This is particularly easy to accomplish mainly because there are with the exception of Mr Lockwood the tenant who rents a home from Heathcliff no outside characters Everyone in the novel including the servants is isolated trapped between the same two homes with the same two families and have truly no chance of escaping any of the events and repercussions that occurOne character makes a temporary escape only to suffer all the for it later More important however is the fact that Heathcliff and Cathy don't even need be present although they usually are in some fashion for their influences to be felt by the other characters The sins of the father are literally inherited and distributed among the next generation The children of Wuthering Heights are not only physical doubles of their parents At least 3 characters look like Cathy and one resembles Heathcliff but they are also spiritual stand ins They must suffer for past transgressions and they must find a way to make amends for them All I might add without the particular benefit of ever having the full story the context that might be necessary to actually change their circumstances Misery it seems is inevitable There is of course much to be said about this novel One could spend uite some time dissecting all the various repetitions and doublings the narrative structure the story is told by the housekeeper to the lodger who then writes it down as a diary entry or the archetypal analogies and semi biblical symbolism that seems to be implicit to every part of this story The point being I suppose that while Wuthering Heights may not be the wistful romance one or maybe just I expected to be it is a particularly satisfying one for all of its dark and layered surprises

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Wuthering HeightsWuthering Heights is a wild passionate story of the intense and almost demonic love between Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff a foundling adopted by Catherine's father After Mr Earnshaw's death Heathcliff is bullied and humiliated by Catherine's brot I understand why many people hate this book Catherine and Heathcliff are monstrous Monstrous You won't like them because they are unlikable They are irrational self absorbed malicious and pretty much any negative uality you can think a person is capable of possessing without imploding They seek and destroy and act with no thought to conseuence And I find it fascinating that Emily Bronte chose them to be her central protagonistsWhen this was first published it was met with animosity because of how utterly repugnant these two characters were The way they go about their business caring nothing for others but themselves was enough for me to shake my head in complete and total judgment as if Catherine and Heathcliff could see me and are then effectively shamed by their actions Wuthering Heights is epic in my humble opinion because I believe that the scope of this story is monumental Let me explain it is a simple tale between two families that are bound in such a way that their fates are irrevocably linked What affects one affects the other Its about Catherine and Heathcliff who fall in love and how their relationship ruins the lives of those around them The book all 400 pages of it occur almost entirely at Wuthering Heights the estate of the Earnshaws and at Thrushcross Grange the estate of the Lintons with only a couple of miles of land in betweenAnd yet it is not a small storyThe emotional magnitude of this book is great and far reaching The provoking and unapologetic uality of Bronte's writing is seductive The process of reading this story can feel so masochistic sometimes that its almost if she's daring us to stop reading and throw the book away Like its a game of personal endurance to see how much we can take how far we can go She pushes at us challenging us and all the while knowing that we have to keep reading because redemption awaits It is nothing like its contemporaries The moors the darkness of the moors that curses the household of Wuthering Heights and its inhabitants is ever present Nature is personified It is its own character; its there lingering and simmering ever so uietly saturating every scene with its silent threats of doomokay I have to stop talking like thiswhat am I any?There is poison in this book but let me ease your mind by saying that it is balanced with goodness also This isn't a perfect novel There were still moments I found myself in perplexion recently invented word And while everything about Catherine and Heathcliff may be corrupt there is hope in Wuthering Heights If you can journey through the menacing forest of Emily Bronte's imagination do it because the view is something to beholdHa ha ha this reviewwhat even is this?