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The Honk and Holler Opening Soon Epub æ 290 pages Download È [Reading] ➿ The Honk and Holler Opening Soon By Billie Letts – Caney Paxton wanted his cafe to have the biggest and brightest sign in Eastern Oklahoma the opening soon part was supposed to be just a removable painted noticCaney Paxton wanted and Holler PDF #197 his cafe to have the biggest and brightest sign in Eastern Oklahoma the opening soon part was supposed to be just a removable painted notice But a fateful misunderstanding gave Vietnam vet Caney the flashiest joke in This book pulled me in right from the start held me tight for at least two thirds of the trip but eventually loosened its grip and dropped me disappointed and alone in the Oklahoma dust alongside Route 66 I stuck out my thumb as the eighteen wheelers and F 150s flew past but try as I might I just couldn't seem to catch a lift Meanwhile up the road a piece the neon sign outside the Honk and Holler sputtered and went outI was initially and immediately enthralled with the Honk's ensemble cast of characters Each one is drawn with such care having been given a personal arc and an individual and recognizable voice The dialogue is superbly written While the Honk and Holler Opening Soon is not nearly so epic in scope and is from a much different era the fictional citizens of Seuoyah brought to my mind the characters from Larry McMurtry's Lonesome DovePossibly because I felt that relationship between the characters of the two books I expected Honk to follow a different path and thus my disappointment when it didn't By the end of the book it seemed that many of the characters' arcs were left hanging or forgotten as they became merely set pieces to a romance or a room full of extras singing Auld Lang Syne to Frank Capra's George BaileyIt is obvious from my rating that I didn't dislike this book in fact there is much to recommend about it It just didn't have the weightiness I expected I guess I feel a bit duped as if Wilma Driver just sold me a shiny new bungalow on a secluded cul de sac but which turned out to be a 40 year old double wide on a concrete pad next to the filling stationHold on Headlights Hey lady where you headed Can you give me a lift

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Long buried secret on her mind Hiring on The Honk eBook #9734 as a carhop Vena Takes Horse is soon shaking up business the locals and Caney's heartas she teaches them all about generosity of spirit love and the possibility of promise just like the sign say This was a book that took me on a nice winding journey Nice being the optimal word I didn't find it particularly amazing but there was SOME character development and the bad guy got hisher comeuppance The Brenda storyline left me unsatisfied though and while I released that not everything can be tied up in a nice tidy package there were bits that didn't ring true for me for example the introduction and picture of my mind of Vena really didn't match up with eh outcome at the end of the bookI found Bui delightful though Fav character by far

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The Honk and Holler Opening SoonThe entire state Twelve years later the once busy highway is dead and the sign is as worn as Caney who hasn't ventured outside the diner since it opened Then one blustery December day a thirtyish Crow woman blows in with a three legged dog in her arms and a Billie Letts’ Honk and Holler Opening Soon is definitely one of my all time top 50 favorite books Re reading it pleases me immensely The reader is introduced to simple but genuine uirky and amazingly touching characters Most of them are regular customers and patrons of “The Honk Holler Opening Soon” as they come together mainly to drink coffee have breakfast lunch or dinner and visit at this side road café owned by Caney Paxton a war veteran The majority of the characters living in Seuoyah Oklahoma feel uite authentic; they are plain and decent people sometimes eccentric and that representation of normal folks appeals to me tremendously This time around – rereading I was mostly moved by Bui Kahn the Vietnamese immigrant That man has the purest soul Contrary to the book blurb I don’t think Vena Takes Horse is the one healing or the force bringing people together although she's an empathic soul but rather that courageous little Vietnamese immigrant barely mastering the English language but touching everyone's heart By the way his turn of phrases in the English language are often hilarious Strangely enough you can’t put an age to Bui Kahn You can’t put an age to most of the main characters really – you can only guess and it's a bit like real life not every fact is revealed The events happening here are a slice of life No to it Also to me it’s so refreshing that an author invites you into the life of plain people and each one of them have possibly a good story to tellAs a European generally speaking I haven’t been confronted with as many references to the Vietnam war And it’s a topic I haven’t read much about but here in this lovely little story its repercussions are part of the scars people wear and the author has a very fine way of briefly touching the subject and making it a part of the storyThe only thing I can add at this point is READ THIS BOOK and you won’t regret it It’s an effortless and disarmingly charming read