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read uintessence mobi º Hardcover Í jess redman ¹ ➯ [Read] ➫ uintessence By Jess Redman ➻ – Three months ago twelve year old Alma moved to the town of Four Points Her panic attacks started a week later and they haven’t stopped—even though she told her parents thaPoint The ShopKeeper gives her a telescope and this message​Find the ElementsGrow the Light Save the Starling​That night Alma watches as a star a star that looks like a child falls from the sky and into her backyard Alma knows what it’s like to be lost and afraid to long for home and with Jess Redman has come up with an empowering book for middle grade readers Alma who leads the way in this tale has issues Some from within and some have been foisted upon her by a move out of the home she loved and where she was comfortable The new place is ok but it's new and that's not comfortableThis is a tale that describes other problems cropping up in Alma's world panic attacks for one A difficult time making and keeping friends for another In the meantime she's made one of the biggest discoveries of her life and she needs to talk to someone Like magic someone pops upand then there is the friend thinguintessence had me from the first page Very enjoyable and satisfying solutions all around without sacrificing family friends or truth about irregularities in the human condition Alma and the reader are assured those irregularities and uintessences are not mutually exclusive Everyone has something with which they must deal or manage or maneuver And BONUS everyone has their own version of uintessence45 stars rounded up with hope for that which is being soughtA sincere thanks to Jess Redman Macmillan Children's Publishing Group and NetGalley for an ARC to read and review

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The help of some unlikely new friends from the Astronomy Club she sets out on a uest that will take a little bit of astronomy a little bit of alchemy and her whole self UINTESSENCE is a stunning story of friendship self discovery interconnectedness and the inexplicable elements that make you you Thank you to the author and publisher for sharing an ARC with our #bookexpedition group Twelve year old Alma has recently moved to the town of Four Points Since then she’s been having panic attacks though she hides it well from her family She’s homesick and friendless and each passing day has her feeling less and less like her old self One day she visits the town’s old junk shop and finds a special telescope called a uintescope Through its lens she watches a star that looks childlike fall from the sky and into her backyard Alma wants to help the star and with some kids from Astronomy club she sets out on a uest to do soWith themes of friendship and self confidence and topics like alchemy and astronomy this middle grade novel will be a hit with readers when it publishes May 19 2020

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uintessenceThree months ago twelve year old Alma moved to the town of Four Points Her panic attacks started a week later and they haven’t stopped even though she told her parents that they did Every day she feels less and less like herself Then Alma meets the ShopKeeper in the town's junk shop The Fifth Thank you to Edelweiss and the publisher for an eARC of this book5 big stars for my newest heart print read I sat down to read it at just the right time and it deeply touched me with how sensitively the author handled Alma's anxiety As someone who also deal with mental health issues I loved watching Alma's growth and the wonderfully supportive friends and adults who appeared throughout the story many with sage advice that I took to heart The story is filled with magic and yet I was so pleased that it didn't cure or fix Alma but brought together a cast of unlikely characters that had to learn to work together to return a star to its rightful home This book has friendship hope light and wonderful storytelling I highly recommend this story for readers who struggle with anxiety Like The Spinner of Dreams by KA Reynolds and How To Make Friends With The Sea by Tanya Guerrero uintessence is an important book to add to the conversation about mental health