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FREE MOBI ✓ DOC Edison by Edmund Morris 9780812993110 í EDMUND MORRIS × [PDF / Epub] ☃ Edison Author Edmund Morris – From Pulitzer Prize winning author Edmund Morris comes a revelatory new biography of Thomas Alva Edison the most prolific genius in American hIzation of movies and sound Morris sweeps aside conspiratorial theories positing an enmity between Edison and Nikola Tesla and presents proof of their mutually admiring if wary relationshipEnlightened by seven years of research among the five million pages of original documents preserved in Edison's huge laboratory at West Orange New Jersey and privileged access to family papers still held in trust Morris is also able to bring his subject to life on the page the adored yet autocratic and often neglectful husband of two wives and father of six children If the great man who emerges from it is less a sentimental hero than an overwhelming force of nature driven onward by compulsive creativity then Edison is at last getting his biographical due “I would say to one particular atom in me—call it atom No 4320—‘Go and be part of a rose for a while’ All the atoms could be sent off to become parts of different minerals plants and other substances Then if by just pressing a little push button they could be called together again they would bring back their experiences while they were parts of those different substances and I would have the benefit of the knowledge” Morris Edmund Edison P 495 2019Edmund Morris’s biography of Thomas Edison brings to life all sides of the genius’s character His lifelong curiosity about how things work his ability to dream up new devices his ability to focus deeply on achieving his goal and his legendary capacity for hard work Readers will learn not only about Edison’s many inventions his incredible number of patents but importantly how his work has changed they way we live Morris chooses to tell the story of Edison’s life in reverse Beginning with his diabetes stomach ailments and the severe hearing loss he dealt with all his life Morris chronicles Edison’s business success and failures through the years As Edison’s physical health wained his strong desire to continue finding solutions to problems maintained its dominant hold on his life A man at home in his laboratory than at home with wife and children He was married twice and had children from two marriages His first wife died at age 28 leaving him a widower with 3 young children Edison’s early years were marked by people mistaking his power of concentration or day dreaming for slowness or an inability to comprehend daily life as others do Educated at home by his mother due to difficulty fitting in at school Edison is in large part that rare breed of self educated man Moving through the biography readers will see Edison’s ability through reading to gather information about whatever area he was interested in whether it is electricity mining or botany A true life long learner If you read nothing else in this biography read Morris’s Epilogue For in it he evokes the tremendous sense of loss felt through out the United States at Edison’s death A sense of loss felt only in my lifetime with the death of President Kennedy A brilliant writer and biographer Morris is now lost to us as well having died in May 2019

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Nefit of medicineOne of the achievements of this staggering new biography the first major life of Edison in than twenty years is that it portrays the unknown Edison the philosopher the futurist the chemist the botanist the wartime defense adviser the founder of nearly companies as fully as it deconstructs the Edison of mythological memory Edmund Morris winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award brings to the task all the interpretive acuity and literary elegance that distinguished his previous biographies of Theodore Roosevelt Ronald Reagan and Ludwig van Beethoven A trained musician Morris is especially well euipped to recount Edison's fifty year obsession with recording technology and his pioneering advances in the synchron I do not agree with the decision to present Edison’s life in reverse chronology Maybe I’ll try another biography some day

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Edison by Edmund MorrFrom Pulitzer Prize winning author Edmund Morris comes a revelatory new biography of Thomas Alva Edison the most prolific genius in American historyAlthough Thomas Alva Edison was the most famous American of his time and remains an international name today he is mostly remembered only for the gift of universal electric light His invention of the first practical incandescent lamp years ago so dazzled the world already reeling from his invention of the phonograph and dozens of other revolutionary devices that it cast a shadow over his later achievements In all this near deaf genius I haven't heard a bird sing since I was twelve years old patented inventions not including others such as the X ray fluoroscope that he left unlicensed for the be History is full of people whose lives have impacted mine in some form or another While I have always loved reading biographies I find particular interest in people whose names I know but whose lives remain a mystery to me While the name Thomas Edison has always been synonymous with the invention of the lightbulb there is much to the man’s life Pulitzer prize winning author Edmund Morris takes the reader through the life and times of this most complex man While the lightbulb was surely one of his most well known inventions Edison was always thinking up new and exciting things to better the world Averaging one US patent every 12 days of his adult life Edison was passionate in his ventures which seemed to change drastically every decade By dividing the book into parts that loosely depict these scientific ventures Morris explores the attention to detail that Edison undertook He was keen to stay ahead of the trends and use his imagination to bring these ideas to life With little formal scientific training Edison baffled many around him with the detail and intricacy of his inventions He proved to be not only an inventor but also a businessman manufacturer family man salesperson and critiue of others in the domain What Morris explores is that Edison was also highly opinionated when it came to his interests not caring who he upset or their notoriety in the world Morris pairs this with Edison’s extreme deafness which led to many interesting interactions with others as well as curious steps taken throughout the experimental process In a book that is full of Edison’s discoveries and advancements the reader will discover just how much of an impact the man had on the world and all because of his imagination paired with a determination to succeed Recommended to those who love learning about all things scientific and innovation related as well as for the reader whose passion is in biographical tomesThere is so much to learn about Thomas Edison as shown in this thorough biography Edmund Morris award winning author does a fabulous job amassing a great deal of information in this singe tome telling the wonderful aspects of Edison’s life while constantly reminding the reader of his independence Morris tackles the book in a series of parts dividing Edison’s explorations in decade chunks This is highly effective as it gives the reader some context and allows the themes to effectively divide the book Within each part Morris explores the scores of inventions and plotting that Edison did linking different decades together with ease However as if in a response to a uote by Edison’s daughter found in the introduction Morris sheds a great deal of light on the man behind the inventions offering up a great deal of raw truths about that man’s life and personal connections with other rather than simply the inventor whose made ideas spilled out so readily In an oddity that I have not seen in other biographies Morris works in reverse chronology with these aforementioned parts of the book beginning with the 1920s and working backwards This proves to be somewhat confusing for the reader used to linear development of a person’s life with children and grandchildren appearing in the beginning and turning to babies or non existent throughout I have not looked to see what others thought of this techniue but it seemed to work well for me I picked up uickly on names and locales looking to see when they entered the narrative later earlier in the book Each part stands as its own massive chapter with smaller vignettes within them to keep the reader intrigued and not overwhelmed Morris shows his superior writing style by presenting a great deal of technical information in an easy to digest format and keeping the story intriguing throughout I have decided to read a little about Edison and his life long friendship with Henry Ford in another tome but felt this was a wonderful startKudos Mr Morris for a wonderful biography of a sensational man Lovehate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons a different sort of Book Challenge