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read Soumission kindle É Audiobook ✓ michel houellebecq ↠ ❮Download❯ ➽ Soumission ➸ Author Michel Houellebecq – Paris 2022 Litteraturprofessoren François lever et liv med færdigretter købesex og halvhjertede forhold til yngre kvindelige studerendeIdentvalg begynder hans liv lige så stille at kæntre For at undgå at det højreekstremistiske parti Front National kommer til magten går de øvrige partier i koalition med Det Muslimske Broderskab og den karismatiske Mohammed Ben Abbes indsættes som landets nye pr It seems as though Houellebec wrote the novel to stir up not debate but controversy I'm afraid to say that charging a small segment of French population with so much power and influence is way too out of proportion French Muslims have no power as a bloc have no media representation they own nothing have no think tanks or lobbies to influence decision making in France or elsewhere in EuropeSure they are the largest religious minority but the numbers are small in the total population The total percentage has not crossed into double digits anywhere in Europe though if you were to listen to the right wing media you'd probably think that about 30% to 40% of French British German Dutch Austrian etc populations now consist of Muslims and lo and behold it will hardly be another decade before the dark forces of the Crescent become a majority and theoretically come to power This whole debate this loud and endless lament says about the state of Western society than it addresses problems among minority faith communities or immigration Can the West hold on to its post WWII romance of liberalism euality secularism multiculturalism LESM This is the uestion Houellebec is attempting to answer but he's chosen to unload the failures of Europe in this case France on the shoulders of a powerless community whose most effective means of showing power is to blow up buildings or truck down people walking down the street leaving the rest of their people to give out embarrassed defensesJust imagine the despairGlobal Jihadist violence and recent high profile incidents of terrorism in Europe are causing palpitations that an extremist takeover somehow or the other is imminent But no what's happening in Ira and Syria in part the responsibility of the same Western regimes who make the most noise about Islamist terrorism is not going to happen in France or anywhere in the West So please sleep well As for Houellebec a democratic coming to power of conservative Muslims who then go on to turn France into a theo democracy is not only far fetched but simply ludicrousSo is this satire A literary experiment to see what sort of France would there be if a conservative Muslim party came to power and changed the rules If so I'm not very amused To think up a scenario where a small minority of European Muslims would come into power through the backdoor and force everyone the liberals the atheists the other into submission is as uestionable as say a writer engaging in a fantasy of the Jewish conspiracy to take over the entire world October '16

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æsident Han indfører sharia light og efterhånden begynder det franske samfund at ændre sig Kvinderne trækker sig fra arbejdsmarkedet arbejdsløsheden falder markant og de universitetsansatte konverterer til islam og også François må tage sit liv op til revision 13 September 2020 Why would you let a book like I Hate Men gad about willy nilly Get the damn thing banned now I'm just not sureI wonder why it is that sticking my dick up girls' arses doesn't interest me like it used towhy a book that has something interesting to say about academiaThe girls love it Especially when I take my dick out of their arse and get them to lick it They really like that and also about politicsMaybe if I fucked two girls' arses and then got them to lick my dick Maybe I'd enjoy that like I used to Hmmmmshould interleave his ideas and uite amusing proseOr maybe Oh I don't know Young student Arse Licking excrement covered dick While another one licks my balls maybe Yeah Let's try thatwith tedious ludicrous shit about girls liking his pathetic to the reader dick up their anusses Maybe it gets guys to read the book I kind of wish that it wasn't a book where the ending was just what you thought it was going to be but maybe that was the point That his scenario is inevitable I don't know Any girls reading this like having dicks shoved up their arses and then get to lick them after That being the author's definition of love Form an orderly ueue I'll let him know

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SoumissionParis Litteraturprofessoren François lever et liv med færdigretter købesex og halvhjertede forhold til yngre kvindelige studerende Det eneste han for alvor går op i er den dekadente forfatter Huysman som han har skrevet afhandling om Men med det forestående præs As a former Muslim I see that Houellebec is right on the money I escaped Egypt my country in search of a land of freedom and yet here oppression is chasing after me in the West We love for Europe to be Europe After all that is why we left our mother countries in search of a civilized world where human dignity is respected By the way please take a moment to read my story of conversion into Christianity and drop me a line and I will be your friend