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DOC ✓ READER Things Can Only Get Better  DAVID M. BARNETT  [Reading] ➹ Things Can Only Get Better By David M. Barnett – FROM THE INTERNATIONALLY BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF CALLING MAJOR TOMFor elderly churchwarden Arthur Calderbank there's no place like home His home just sFROM THE INTERNATIONALLY BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF CALLING MAJOR Only Get PDF #206 TOMFor elderly churchwarden Arthur Calderbank there's no place like home His home just so happens to be a graveyardHe keeps himself to himself gets on with his job and visits his wife everyday f Arthur Claderbank is a widower who lives in an old chapel in the middle of a cemetery His deceased wife is buried in the graveyard and Arthur is counting down the days until he can join her He learns that the council want to I've part of the graveyard and k rock down the chapel so that they can build houses for asylum seekers Anger grows in the local community Someone is also leaving flowers o Arthur's wife's grave They never had children so who could be leaving them He loathes the local children for using the cemetery as a short cut Ut then one by one Arthur starts to become friends with them The kids all have their own problems No one believes they will ever amount to anythingThis book will make you laugh and cry It will also male you a little angry The story is set in 1996 It deals with some complex topics mental health issues racism homelessness loneliness and fears I liked Arthur and the four kids that befriended him This is one of these stories that you will still be thinking about long after you've finished reading it I do recommend this book I would like to thank NetGalley Orion Publishing Group and the author David M Barnett for my ARC in exchange for an honest review

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Or a chat Things Can eBook #215 When one day he finds someone else has been to see his wife and has left flowers on her grave he is determined to solve the mystery of who and why He receives unlikely help from a group of teenage girls as he tries to Can Only Get PDFEPUB #1 I didn't know anything about this book before I started reading it I have read one other by this author and loved it it was uirky humorous and with very interesting characters This one has the interesting characters old Arthur who lives in a cemetery is one of them he lives there to be near his deceased wife and seems a lost old soul Then there are the young folks a motley selection of odd bods misfits who form friendships first among themselves and then with Arthur An interesting story develops but it is not a bundle of laughs but rather a serious and at times depressing picture of a Northern UK town in the 1990's The unemployment poverty racism and a sense of hopelessness of the community are themes the author tackles and does it in a very thought provoking way I enjoyed this novel

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Things Can Only Get Better93 solve the mystery and soon learns that there is to life than his little graveyardSet during the s Things Can Only Get Better is an uplifting story about the power of a little kindness friendship and community for readers who enjoy Sue Townsend Ruth Hogan and Joanna Cann Wanting a book that will inspire you make you angry laugh and cry Then this was written just for you I want to be subjective about this book but a story that cheered me up through recent black days is something that is very rare David M Barnett is one of those rare authors that can breathe life into seemingly normal humdrum life and make us see the bigger picture This book has a warm glow to it makes life bearable and definitely should be available on the NHSSo why is this book so good Well it’s set in the real world warts and all Nothing is good in the lives of the characters they’re just wandering along with no hope Arthur the main character mainly because he’s the glue that binds them together is a retired old man living in a derelict chapel in the middle of a graveyard His wife Molly lies in a grave just a few steps from the door The other four main characters are Nicola Timmy Gemma and Kelly four year 10’s from the local council estate Nothing much is expected of them in life the school has given up on them Their families are all dysfunctional struggling to live and survive It’s set in 1996 yet the struggles and challenges it could easily be today The same issues exist which is why this book is so uplifting Nothing seems to be changing until Kelly has an ideaThis book deals with complex topics homelessness under achievement racism xenophobia fears mental illness and loneliness The teenagers would end up on the scrapheap if it wasn’t for their actions Alone they were floating away like flotsam on the river together they make a raft that saves their lives You learn to love these characters willing them on to succeed not wanting to accept what the school and life throws at them Arthur is a gentle soul a local ‘war hero’ His interaction with the ‘gang’ changes his lifeThis book is full of references to pop culture in 1996 the groups the music and even Buzz Lightyear It’ll appeal to those who lived through it and to people struggling to live in the current climate It shows the power of acting together to defeat dark forces of not giving up and trying to maintain a smile on your face whilst doing it The authors other books have the same effect on me yet this one is the best so far He sees the mundane the common people and writes about them yet not in a negative way A book that’s like a warm hug to your soulI’ll definitely be buying a paper copy 🙂This ARC book was sent for a fair and honest review by the author via NetGallery The resulting review is my honest thoughts after reading the book