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The great th century Dutch artist Rembrandt van Rijn left us so many arresting self portraits painted at every stage in his eventful life that his distinctive face and bearing are a familiar part of the th century cultural landscape a recognisable presence in galleries across Europe and North America Nonetheless the artist himself remains tantalisingly an enigma A notoriously difficult man and an inveterate risk taker in life and art Rembrandt's aspirations to a grandiose Amsterdam lifestyle in the heyday of his popularity as a painter of portraits and large scale historical works bankrupted him and he died in relative poverty His personal effects and his treasured collection of paintings and natural rarities were sold off and dispersed leaving the historian with a tantalisingly scant body of fragmentary records around which to build a convincing biography In Rembrandt's Eyes Simon Schama the leading historical craftsman of our era with a career long commitment to Dutch history succeeds with consummate skill in bringing the heroic painter of such masterpieces as The Night Watch and Portrait of Jan Six vividly to li This is a beautiful meticulously written biography on the works and life of Rembrandt Every chapter branches off into new stories about the historic happenings and beliefs of the 17th century time which give you a very solid understanding of the world and human life at that time A little long winded but highly informative Simon Schama teaches you how to properly look at Rembrandt's paintings

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Rembrandt's EyesFe again Returning to the bustling Dutch world with which he first made his reputation in his bestselling The Embarrassment of Riches Schama recreates Rembrandt's life and times with all the verve and panache of a historical novelist whilst never for an instant losing his scrupulous grip on recorded fact and detail The telling surviving fragments of archival information about Rembrandt's personal and professional history are embedded skilfully in a richer and denser tapestry of the commercial whirl and political hurly burly of the th century Low Countries a divided territory split between the Catholic and Protestant faiths and the contested powers of the Spanish Habsburgs and the Dutch Republic with the tentacles of the tale reaching into the most unexpected shadowy corners of European love and war aspiration and intrigue Rembrandt's Eyes is in fact two biographies for the price of one From the outset Schama contrasts the life of Rembrandt with that of his older eually artistically talented countryman Peter Paul Rubens whose meteoric rise and sustained success as a society painter forms a revealing contrast with Re 5 stars Probably the best book I read all year and the 700 huge pages only took me 8 monthsSchama is brilliant on the history as well as the art criticism Beautiful prints too

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Rembrandt's Eyes epub Ø Hardcover read Ç simon schama » ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Rembrandt's Eyes ❤ Author Simon Schama – The great 17th century Dutch artist Rembrandt van Rijn left us so many arresting self portraits painted at every stage in his eventful life thatMbrandt's unhappier relationship with fame and fortune The comparison is a telling one Where Rubens furnishes the wealthy and powerful with glorious reflections of and visual foils for their social and political aspirations and glory Rembrandt can never resist testing the envelope of taste and stylistic acceptability His challenge to his clients to rise to embrace the shock of his painterly experiments with techniue texture and composition ultimately produced his downfall The Amsterdam Town Council took down his The Oath swearing of Claudius Civilis rolled it up and returned his masterpiece to him to be cut down in an attempt to sell it to a suitable buyer This is a gorgeous book to own too Rembrandt's Eyes is printed on heavy high gloss paper lavishly illustrated throughout in full colour with double page colour spreads of the most memorable of Rembrandt's works which take one's breath away as one turns the page But above all this is narrative history at its very best a page turner and an adventure story which will make the reader laugh and cry by turns in the time honoured tradition of masterly writing Lisa Jardi If you have not yet discovered Simon Schama then you are in for a real treat This book reads as smooth as historical fiction but has all the footnotes to prove it is so much than that Schama is a historian that understands the soul of Rembrandt If an advid art enthusiast or new to the subject you will love this book Schama examines Rembrandt through the Ruben's perspective and explains how important Rubens was for not only Rembrandt but every other artist of that time period There is rarely a time in the past three years that this book has not been in my backpack I can't seem to live without it