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reader á Der rote Kampfflieger ´ Manfred von Richthofen Aphy Richthofen tells not only his own story but also that of his contemporaries their duels in the sky ever present danger fame honor and spiraling death A great man and a book that goes a way towards revealing what it takes to be the most deadly ace

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Read Der rote Kampfflieger eBook Å Paperback ☆ Manfred von Richthofen ✓ ❮Reading❯ ➿ Der rote Kampfflieger Author Manfred von Richthofen – Manfred von Richthofen the Red Baron was the most celebrated fighter pilot of the First World War and was Manfred von Richthofen the Red Baron was the most celebrated fighter pilot of the First World War and was holder Der rote PDF of the Blue Max Pour le M'ri Der rote Kampfflieger Part OneIn ze beginning I was in ze cavalry but zere was no Schwung on ze ground so I cried my way to being a navigator and pilot I have received many medals because I am ze best Ze best of ze best Even ze Kaiser told me so All ze ozers were also very good but not as good as me Once I painted my Fokker red to get attention It was a great great publicity stunt I have a fantastic dog I named him Moritz It's ze best name For ze best dog so it goes The first 23 or so of the book consists of a young man's diary of his own development battle heroics and victories I had already summarized a few thoughts in a review which after finishing the book I'm now forced to rewrite completely My objections to the first part of the book which seems to be the book published as Der rote Kampfflieger during the war were that the story gave little or no insight into the mind of the author other than that men should not show fear etc The book was surely used to inspire both the German troops and the people And so it did It even became popular reading in England and strengthened the myth of the red Fokker The last part of the book contains some personal thoughts and comments from both Manfred von Richthofen and his younger brother Lothar on feelings respect and morality related to the war This part gives the book a behind the scenes addition to the bullet point style reporting from the 'Der rote Kampfflieger' and to me this increases the books value

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Der rote KampffliegerTe Germany's highest military decoration He was credited with victories in the air before being shot down in disputed circumstances aged In this autobiogr There is something always incredibly useful about reading the thoughts of someone who has achieved greatness When reading Julius Caesar's Civil War or Gallic War one knows one is reading to a certain extent propaganda Still tactics strategy and the overall worldview of Caesar inevitably leaks into those books making those reads worthwhile In the same way The Red Fighter Pilot the autobiography of the Red Baron Manfred von Richthofen published in 1917 during WWI a year before he died is worth the readHeavily censored and patriotic there are still some useful insights that can be gleaned from this book I was under the mistaken impression that air warfare was relatively primitive during the first world war however very uickly we get a sense of the evolution and specialization of aircraft The technological battle for air supremacy was eye opening too though in hindsight I don't see how it could have been any other way Planes bi Planes tri Planes all with different speed and maneuverability effected how battles were fought in the air Bombers spy planes ground support aircraft has all been developed by the end of WWIThe limited depictions of the Red Baron I have seen in my life portray him as an acrobatic flyer but the fact was von Richthofen viewed such flying as showy and tactically useless thus French The Red Baron was methodical understanding the strengths and weaknesses of his own and other planes and how to fight accordingly He sought position and used numerous tactics to obtain that position from which he could then close distance and bring down his enemy The book is filled with bluster perhaps not that surprising in the autobiography of a fighter pilot The bluster has a distinctly PrussianGerman flavor as found also in the book Storm of Steel Still there are moments of innocence that remind you that this is a kid in his early twentiesIn the end I think it was worth the read Just expect the propaganda and try to read between the lines and you will gain a better insight into WWI air warfareA funny side note having never thought about it it never occurred to me that the term plane was a description of the shape of the wing of an aircraft you are flying on planes One of those words I was born with and never considered critically Of course to von Richthofen the airplane is a new concept so there is a very deliberate way he say's plane that made me realize the origin of the term that has become synonymous with fixed wing aircraft I always enjoy moments like that in books