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The Secret Life of BeesSet in South Carolina in Life of MOBI #237The Secret Life of The Secret PDF Bees tells the story of Lily Owens whose life has been Secret Life of MOBI #245 shaped around the blurred memory of the afternoon her mother was killed When Lily's fi Ahhh gasp choke stammer I can barely find the words to say how much I loved this book Honestly The Secret Life of Bees has to be one of the best books I've read in a while I just want to give it several A's and a kissIt was touching well written beautiful full of expression insightful anything you could want in a book and then some It started off with a bang that wasn't a bang it grabbed you but didn't startle you so much that the rest of the book was dull in comparison There was romance love family racial issues religious experiences and beesI have a feeling the title may deter a lot of people thinking that oh it's a book about bees Well there is a lot mentioned about bees but it only helps enrich the story With elements in the bees lives that tied in nicely with the lives of Lily Owens and the bee keeping sisters All the characters are full and developed except for the asshole racists in the very beginning of the book and somewhere in the middle but even then real life racists aren't full and developed either I'm sorry if you're a racist and you're reading this but well fuck off Mwa ha ha haThe only problem I had with this book was that I wished it was longer but I think it was the perfect length Nothing dragged out and nothing cut too short Like little bears porridge chair and bed it was perfect I'm not surprised their making a movie out of it I just hope that most people read the book before going to see it because if they mess it up in the movie that could deterr a lot of people from reading this wonderful book And typically books are better than movies because there's and you have freedom for thought I also want them to cast me wink winkSue Monk Kidd mentioned about possibly writing a seuel possibly after she finishes writing her current work in progress The Mermaid Chair which if she continues writing like she did in this book I will gobble up as soon as it comes out I hope she doesn't write a seuel though because The Secret Life of Bees can truely stand on it's own And I'm sure as much as many people want to read about Lily Owens and the Daughters of Mary I think it will be hard for the second novel to live up to the expectations the first one made This book may make it hard for Sue Monk Kidd but if her writing continues to be as stellar as the writing in this book she will have a fan base almost as big as JK Rowling Potter heads note the word almost

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Erce hearted black stand in mother Rosaleen insults three of the deepest racists in town Lily decides to spring them both free They escape to Tiburon South Carolina a town that holds the secret to her mother's past Taken in by an eccentric tr It was ironic that I read most of this book on Mother's Day At the core this book isn't about race relations the Virgin Mary or even beekeeping though those are all interesting parts of the story It's a book about mothers Mothers who are imperfect mothers who make mistakes and women who become mothers because they see people who need to be loved I can't readily connect to most of those other topics but everyone on the planet knows what it's like to have or need a mother in their livesThe other part I loved about this book is the writing style I've read very few books with such fanastic simple imagery and accessible symbolism I wish I underlined all my favorite metaphors in the book like the dragonflies stitching the air and I loved the parallels between the bee colonies and the women living in the pink house It's books like these that make me want to write

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Download Mobi ¼ The Secret Life of Bees ✓ 302 pages é ➳ [Read] ➮ The Secret Life of Bees By Sue Monk Kidd ➾ – Set in South Carolina in 1964 The Secret Life of Bees tells the story of Lily Owens whose life has been shaped around the blurred memory of the afternooIo of black beekeeping sisters Lily is introduced to their mesmerizing world of bees and honey and the Black Madonna This is a remarkable novel about divine female power a story women will share and pass on to their daughters for years to com I surveyed my class and 80% gave it two thumbs up 5 stars That's 28 out of 35 students The rest of the class gave it an OK 3 or 4 stars So my giving it 5 stars has been backed by research into the general public's taste ; Now I'm not much for spending time on fiction I don't need entertainment I need information But as a story teller occasional writing class instructor I like to keep up with some of the new fiction Bees is pretty good I don't get a sense of the forced or trite here like I do in a lot of fiction In reading most fiction I can almost hear the writer thinking I guess it's because I write and my intimate knowledge of the craft allows me to see a lot before it comes Kind of like an actor who you know is just acting But Kidd's writing is like Will Smith in Ali or Jamie Fox in Ray In Ali there is no Smith and in Ray there is no Fox Art works best when it's done by the talented who tap into the moment so right so purely it stops being art and becomes real Bees is real Some readers on Goodreads and had trouble with such things as the bee uotes at the start of each chapter being a bit obvious the religious theme didn't state but I'm sure it has to do with the women eating cake as the body of Mary the triteness of a coming of age story and some of the characterization ie stereotypical African American women and so forth but I believe these are personal problems than problems with the story In the overall scheme of analysis these issues were cosmetic superficial at best Most liked it In my class At Goodreads On I find it humorous that many of the pseudo reviewers intellectuals if I throw in some over priced words I'm a big time reviewer love to sling review speak but have no or little experience in hands on experience writing Maybe it's writer wanna be frustration or other personal issues There’s a lot to be said for freeing oneself of inhibiting characteristics weaknesses and the success and release of open mindedness Nevertheless Bottom line I was impressed and I've read a lot of stories and written many myself I know the difficulties involved in making a story work making is real and connecting to readers This book does all that and Highly recommended