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Download Down Among the Dead Men Reader ð ì Johnscyclingdiary ✓ ❮BOOKS❯ ✰ Down Among the Dead Men ⚦ Author Simon R. Green – Ten years have passed since the Demon War The Forest's scars are slowly healing the Darkwood is still and silent and few dE has never risen and a moon has never shone an ancient evil stirs in its sleep and dreams foul dreamsAnd with those words New York Times bestselling author Simon R Green begins the third of his Forest Kingdom novels a classic sword and sorcery uest of four Among the Dead ePUB A decade ago the Darkwood rose up and threatened to swallow the Forest Kingdom It was driven back but with great loss Now a fort built on the border of the kingdom has gone silent and a small group of Rangers are sent to investigate finding an evil ancient than the demons of the DarkwoodI didn't really notice the author of this book when I bought it just caring that it sounded vaguely interested and was the right size to fit into my pocket but Simon R Green is known as a horror writer and I'm not a horror fan by any means However after reading it although there is horror here it's very visual horror It's not the long drawn out horror that can leave you uneasy for weeks afterwards but the splatter horror of the cinema If this book had been a film it would be gory and there would be a few 'jump' moments but because I don't have a particularly visual imagination when I'm reading I only smiled wryly at the column of blood that erupted when a trapdoor was opened for exampleThe story was okay albeit not hugely original and the magic system was infuriatingly vague and unsatisfying The characters were just sketches with only Sergeant McNeil the leader of the Rangers getting any filling out at all An enjoyable enough way to spend a few hours but utterly unmemorable

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#9734 Rangers three outlaws and one Infernal Device that could reawaken a Beast that's best left sleeping Travel along with Duncan MacNeil the witch Constance Jessica Flint and Giles Dancer as they and their buried secrets go down among the dead men on the adventure of a lifetime Essentially a horror novel within a fantasy setting this is set in the same world as Simon Green's earlier novels Blue Moon Rising and Blood and Honour; albeit about 10 years on from Blue Moon Rising with the odd reference to the events of that better bookIt's also pretty much rote stuff there's nothing really outstanding about this book that would make it stand out from the crowd

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Down Among the Dead MenTen years have passed the Dead MOBI #240 since the Demon War The Forest's scars are slowly healing the Darkwood is still and silent and few demons ever venture out of the endless night But in a clearing not far from the Darkwood boundary in a darkness where a sun Down Among Kindl A horror novel in a fantasy setting this The plot is as threadbare as they come and I never cared much for any of the characters Yet despite its shortcomings this novel still managed to draw me in It is a reasonably engaging read if you're into this kind of thing The premise is simple a patrol arrives at a remote border fort to investigate its lack of response to any communication what they find there is frankly LovecraftianIf you've read Phantoms by Dean Koontz you'll also be noting some similarities This novel however is much shorter since there is much less going on Also the setting is obviously vastly different There were one or two moments which almost shined Almost Well the thing is even though I enjoyed reading it there are so many other good fantasy books out there Read them firstIt's a uick fast paced read so I'll recommend it for fans of Simon R Green If you're looking for fantasy heroic or otherwise with decent characters and a layered plot look elsewhere This book is apparently part of the Hawk Fisher universe something I haven't gotten around to reading yet If you're new to this author I'd recommend Deathstalker instead