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Ehrengraf for the Defense Book ✓ 167 pages ✓ Lawrence block ✓ ❮Read❯ ➶ Ehrengraf for the Defense ➺ Author Lawrence Block – Eight stories starring Martin H Ehrengraf who takes criminal cases on a contingency basis and never loses A small presS were originally published in EMM annualone story originally published in Mike Shayne mystery magazine uirky dark and set in Buffalo NY Borrowed this for free on Kindlea delightBlock is one of my favorites and this book is a set of short stories about a very odd and uniue lawyerfunny and from a very strange perspectivebut I would expect nothing less

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Es A small press limited edition luxuriously produced and long since sold out Seven of the eight storie The 1976 short story “The Ehrengraf Defense” introduced the sly tidily dressed lawyer Martin H Ehrengraf who always believes his clients are innocent and will do anything—ANYTHING—to prove that innocence These stories are favorites of mine They are dark and funny They are also clever mental puzzles Instead of figuring out the identify of a guilty party the puzzles here are to figure out how to prove a guilty person innocent in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contraryMake no mistake—Ehrengraf is every bit as evil as the worst of his clients Part of the fun is finding out just how low he is willing to go to collect his fee Most of the real dirty work happens off the page which allows Martin to maintain his cultured and fastidious image creating a sort of cognitive dissonance within the reader’s mind In addition to the original “Ehrengraf Defense” I also highly enjoyed “The Ehrengraf Affirmation” which is a spirited send up of Block’s own self help seminar and book Write For Your Life “The Ehrengraf Nostram” is the best of the tales wherein Ehrengraf frames someone for a crime only to later have to exonerate that same person “The Ehrengraf Settlement” reminds you to always pay Martin’s fee on time and in full Otherwise the conseuences are strikingIn 1994 Lawrence Block collected the first 8 Ehrengraf short stories in Ehrengraf for the Defense In 2012 this book was expanded and reissued as an e book with a print on demand option which featured 3 new stories This was the version I first read several years ago In 2015 Subterranean Press brought out Defender of the Innocent in hardcover e book and audio formats This version includes a new twelfth story “The Ehrengraf Fandango” Fandango was nominated for a 2015 Shamus award but it lost to “Clear Recent History” by Gon Ben Ari I read “Fandango” on my Kindle then listened to the whole 12 story collection from the beginning on audiobook The reading by Don Sobczak was spot on dry and matter of fact no matter how outlandish the implications of the materialThese stories all follow a similar formula and can seem repetitive if you read them straight through I recommend spreading them out over several days for maximum enjoyment Highly recommended

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Ehrengraf for the DefenseEight stories starring Martin H Ehrengraf who takes criminal cases on a contingency basis and never los The stories in this collection were written over the course of thirty five years It would be I think a mistake to try to read them all in thirty five minutes You could do it mind you if you're a fast reader and if you're okay with skipping the passages detailing what kind of tie the main character is reading I am wearing as it happens a very smart Brooks Brothers navy tie with tiny white suares in a repeating diagonal pattern not that you careThe stories are all of a type involving a sharply dressed lawyer meeting with a client who is absent the lawyer's timely intervention headed straight for a lifetime in a very scary prison I use the word lawyer here advisedly as Martin Ehrengraf is not so much a lawyer as a sociopath with a law degree The author tells us that Ehrengraf seldom sees the inside of a courtroom It is a wonder that he doesn't see it from the perspective of a criminal defendant but such is fictionThe surprise in each of the short stories has nothing to do with courtroom tactics or the details of criminal procedure of even the uite astonishing things that Ehrengraf is prepared to do to secure the innocence of his clients It has to do or at least I think with the relationship between Ehrengraf and his clients many of whom are as bad as he is especially when it comes to the oh so delicate uestion of whether they will pay the attorney's exorbitant fee or notThe stories themselves are just fine well written with a droll sensibility that nicely counterpoints Ehrengraf's fastidious nature But as the author himself admits they do tend to follow a certain pattern The particulars of Ehrengraf's uniue law practice are presented again and again This is perfectly fine for a standalone story but it is assuredly a very good idea to read each story one at a time and then break off and read something else for awhile and then come back and read another one As his clients discover spending a little time with Martin Ehrengraf can be very valuable but you wouldn't want him hanging around for too long for the obvious reason