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PDF î BOOK A Room of One's Own Ú VIRGINIA WOOLF Ú [Download] ➵ A Room of One's Own By Virginia Woolf – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk In A Room of One's Own Virginia Woolf imagines that Shakespeare had a sister A sister eual to Shakespeare in talent and eual in genius but whose legacy is radically different This imaIes by her own hand her genius unexpressed If only she had found the means to create argues Woolf she would have reached the same heights as her immortal sibling In this classic essay Virginia Woolf takes on the establish ‘there is no gate no lock no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind’ i am so so so grateful as a woman to live in a time where my education is an expectation and my creativity is encouraged i try to imagine myself 100 years in the past and i hope i would be the kind of woman woolf was someone who understood the importance of granting women eual opportunities in work and school and who bravely expressed her opinions and what i would give to be able to have attended the lecture where woolf delivered this speech i will admit i sometimes struggled with reading the stream of consciousness style this address employs and i definitely think a verbal presentation of the essay would be much effectiveregardless i appreciate woolf and authors like her who inspired the movement for gender euality especially in the field of literature ↠ 4 stars

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In A Room of One's Own Virginia Woolf imagines that Shakespeare had a sister A sister eual to Shakespeare in talent and eual in genius but whose legacy is radically different This imaginary woman never writes a word and d Every woman should read this Yes everyone who told me that you were absolutely right It is a little book but it's uite likely to revitalize you How many 113 page books andor hour long lectures the original format of this text can say that?This is Woolf's Damn The Man book It is of course done in an overtly polite British way until she brings up her fountain pen and stabs them right between the eyes She manages to make this a work of Romantic sensibility and yet modern piercing and vital Woolf was asked to give a speech on Women and fiction She ended up with an entire philosophy on the creative spirit though with special attention to that of women of course Her thesis is simply that women must have a fixed income 500 pounds a year in her time and a room of her own with a lock on the door It is only with independence and solitude that women will finally be free to create after centuries of being forced to do as men please because they support them and to work in the middle of a drawing room with a thousand practical interruptions ten children to see to and a sheet of blotting paper to cover the shame of wasting her time with scribbles as Jane Austen did whenever someone outside the family came into the room when there was a house to keep and a family to raise She also shows the creative powers of women tortured and hidden through the allegory of Shakespeare's sister who never had a chance to express her genius and killed herself after being defeated at every turnWoolf takes her readers through the history of women writers and makes sure that the reader cannot fail to see how brief it is and how limited and why Woolf states that all modern women should acknowledge their ancestors who fought for five minutes and a few pieces of paper to jot down lines of Jane Eyre Middlemarch or Pride and Prejudice She makes sure that women know that they can reject the framework and the form down to the very sentences that are given to them by men to find their own voice However this voice should be ultimately sexless In her view one should be man womanly or woman manly to write enduring classics She doesn't let women down easy either The end of the book points out all the advantages young women havehad 1929 and yet they still don't run countries wars or companies and there's no excuse for that It's an exhortation to not suander everything the women's movement fought for I probably could have said this in a much shorter way Damn the patriarchy find your own way and your own voice in life seize the day just DO something How dare you waste the opportunities that so many others would have died to haveInspiring words on any topic I think I think I'll keep this by my bedside to reach for when I feel discouraged or lazy or bitter about my future or my current situation in life

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A Room of One's OwnMent using her gift of language to dissect the world around her and give voice to those who are without Her message is a simple one women must have some money and a room of their own in order to have the freedom to create Words fail me as I seek to express what I think of Virginia Woolf Or to sum up in a few measly paragraphs a book that may just have shattered into a million pieces all my illusions about the art of writing and reshaped my whole perspectiveHave you ever imagined a disembodied voice whispering into your ears the wisdom of the ages as you flipped through the pages of a book? how often have you conjured up the vision of the writer talking to you teaching you humoring you and coaxing you to open your mind to newer things as you read a book? Have you felt a book stop being just a book somewhere and instead appear as a beacon of enlightenment that shines down the light of knowledge upon your darkened ignorant soul? This is how profoundly A Room of One's Own affected meI will adopt this book as my writing Bible I will read this every time I feel dejected sad or terribly lost And I will read this again and again until I can ascertain that the message the very spirit of this fine piece of writing has been assimilated into the core of my being Okay now that I've gotten the stream of incoherent gushing out of the way let me try and bestow on this review some semblance of real meaningIt will be irreverent of me to call A Room of One's Own a mere essay or something that grew out of a lecture given at Girton College Cambridge This is the essence of Virginia Woolf herself captured at the peak of her glory all within 111 pages This is Woolf reaching out from within the confines of this book and handing out to you the precious fruits of years of her hard work her thoughts her research her observations her inferences her views So what if it is about the subject of women? and writing? Aren't women one half of the human race? The so called better half at that What is so wrong about getting to know about the history of their evolution as thinkers as composers as sentient beings with the power of expression but without the power to assert themselves?So you better read it Yes you the silently scoffing and judging member of the 'stronger' sex Yes you too Because it does not only talk about women writers but life itself and the art of writingThe blurb and the countless reviews famously identify this book as one of the greatest feminist polemics of the last century I beg to differ It will be unfair to tag it with the label of a polemic a word with a highly negative connotation Because Virginia Woolf's aim instead was to dispel all forms of negativity from the vocation of writing Sure she gives us the feminist side of things but her voice is not full of seething rage or resentment but balanced logical sardonic and even humorous at timesThis is Woolf's homage to the spirit of those unsung heroines of the distant past who may have written poems songs and ballads but were forced to adopt anonymity simply because it was unacceptable for a woman to write Those imaginative souls who may have wanted desperately to write but could not because society thrust gender specific roles of the mother and wife on them and did not even bother educating themWhat if Shakespeare had an eually talented sister but who could never be another Shakespeare herself because she would have been mocked at had she expressed a desire to write plays or poetry? Woolf asks us to spare a moment and reflect on the sad fate of these martyrs history has not bothered to record When however one reads of a witch being du