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Fields of Fury The American Civil WarPulitzer Prize Fury The Epub #217 award winning historian James M McPherson has written for young readers a stirring account of the greatest conflict to happen on our nation's soil the Civil War bringing to life the tragic struggle that divided not only a nation but also friends and family From the initial Confederate attack on Fort Sumter to the devastating loss of life at Shiloh as Ulysses S Grant led the Union to unexpected victory to the brilliance Fields of Fury The American Civil War by James M McPhersonGenre InformationalInterest level 6 8Guided Reading WLexile Level 970LSummary This is a great informational source for upper grades on the Civil War It begins with information before the war began and goes up to post war Reconstruction period The book is divided up into small sections describing different aspects of the war for example famous leaders Abraham Lincoln Jefferson Davis Ulysses S Grant major battles a section on each page with facts maps timelines many rich photos of the time period photos of documents political cartoons of the time as well as a glossary and websites for further research It highlights the major aspects of the war but also takes note of things that might not always be brought to light such as life in the home front the role of African Americans in the war and their struggle to join the army the role of women in the army and their work as spies and Classroom use As I looked through this book I found myself largely interested in the majority of the sections and I even learned information that I hadn’t previously known about the Civil War It’s use of photos paintings maps and diagrams was what pulled me in and I think that that could also be appealing for students It has so much informational text as well as supplemental graphics and elements and it creates for a great source for further insight into the Civil War This book as a whole can be used for teaching an entire unit of the Civil War not only with its text but also with each photo or map

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Fields of Fury The American Civil War mobi ã Hardcover À [Reading] ➻ Fields of Fury The American Civil War Author James M. McPherson – Pulitzer Prize award winning historian James M McPherson has written for young readers a stirring account of the greatest conflict to happen on our natiOf Stonewall Jackson's campaign at Shenandoah Fields of PDFEPUBto General Pickett's famous charge at Gettysburg to the Union's triumph at Appo mattox Court House Fields of Fury details the war that helped shape us as a nation Also included are personal anecdotes from of Fury The American Civil eBook #10003 the soldiers at the battlefront and the civilians at home as well as profiles of historical luminaries such as Robert E Lee Abraham Lincoln Jefferson Each topic is contained on a single page except for The Origins of the Civil War Gettysburg and Reconstruction which each take two The facing page is covered with a full color painting or reproduced photo and additional insets or smaller illustrations are included as well I really like the uick facts side bar on each page It adds those interesting additional details that just don't fit in the text well For example one tells of a pair of brothers who were each brigadier generals on opposite sides of the war They were buried under a single headstone that read God alone knows which was right Another explains the origin of the word shoddy Northern textile manufacturers created a compressed woolen fabric to meet the demand for hundreds of thousands of uniforms They called this new fabric shoddy and when it proved to fall apart uickly the word came to mean something poorly made You learn something new every day For book reviews come visit my blog Build Enough Bookshelves

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Davis and Ulysses S Grant McPherson also explores the varied roles that women played during the war healthcare on the battlefield and of Fury The ePUB #10003 the demise of slavery McPherson's narrative is highlighted with black and white photographs taken by Civil War photographers Mathew Brady and Timothy O'Sullivan period oil paintings and key campaign and battlefield maps that make Fields of Fury the consummate book on the American Civil War for kid As an elementary school teacher I previewed this book to see if I would want to include it in my lesson plans This is a GREAT book that is packed full of interesting intriguing and useful information regarding the Civil War It is written in small segments of 1 2 pages and each page is full of information and pictures that will capture student's attention However I found the vocabulary of the book to be too advanced for the grade I teach