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Seeking vengeance on the rebel renegades of Fury eBook #10003 who murdered his family Civil War veteran Nathan S Nathan Stone returns from the battlefields of The Wilderness Cold Harbor and finally Appomattox to discoverer his father shot dead and his mother and sister raped and murdered Somehow his family's former slave survives long enough to tell the tale of the half dozen Northern ruffians who did the deed Nate buries his family and swears vengeance He will track down the murderers and kill them himself no matter what the cost It's right about here that the story goes off the tracks and detours into the land of utterly predictable plot and unfortunately laughable plot twists Nate and his dog bounce from one encounter to the next with Nate always turning out on top He bumps into the James gang just as they are about to rob a bank He decides to earn his living as a gambler to cover his uest line There are corrupt politicians and etc Think of a cliche of a stereotypical Western story and you'll find it And through it all Nate solves his problems with his uick trigger There is an insane body count as he shoots his way through the old West Swear to God every time Nate turns around he is killing someone To be clear the absurdly high body count pleased my inner twelve year old boy He would give this book a solid three stars As an adult I want out of my stories than a mindless gunslinger I found the whole thing somewhat boring I wanted him to use his wits to track down the bad guys and solve his problems Instead he drifts mindlessly through the West hoping to catch wind of the ruffiansMaybe it's not one star bad but I just couldn't connect to this character and the story I had high hopes for a adventurous faster paced version of Louis L'Amour I missed the mark here Maybe that is why in part I am giving it the ol' one star treatment If you're in the mood for a good Western look elsewhere The only redeeming thing I can say about the book is that it did give me a good perspective on why the post Civil War West was so wild the lack of money the dissolution of central authority before the Union could install a new order in Reconstruction etc

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The Dawn of Fury Trail of the Gunfighter #1Ost famous and infamous characters including Jesse James Wild Bill Hickok and John The Dawn PDF or Wesley Hardin This is an all encompassing historical fiction novel which takes the reader just about everywhere they want to go in the American West It is a story of the tragedy that can befall life due to evil war and revenge It is also the story of love rescue and honesty in the face of the tragedies Ralph Compton certainly pulls the complexities of life into one gripping novel Hats off to him

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FREE EBOOK ï EPUB The Dawn of Fury Trail of the Gunfighter #1 ä 9780451186317 ☆ JOHNSCYCLINGDIARY ´ ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Dawn of Fury Trail of the Gunfighter #1 By Ralph Compton ❤ – Seeking vengeance on the rebTone sets out on an odyssey that will take him throughout the United States and across the paths of the West's m The only reason I picked this up to read was because on the front cover was written IF YOU LIKE LOUIS LAMOUR YOU WILL LOVE RALPH COMPTON Well I do like the first and do not in the least like the latter Started off uite well but the rest was not to my liking in anyway No Compton for me