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FREE PDF ↠ BOOK Everybodys Son ✓ JOHNSCYCLINGDIARY Ê ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Everybodys Son By Thrity Umrigar ⚣ – The bestselling critically acclaimed author of The Space Between Us and The World We Found deftly explores issues of race class privilege and power and asks usA scion of northeastern white privilege Desperate to have a child in the house again after the tragic death of his teenage son David uses his power and connections to keep his new foster son Anton with him and his wife Delores actions that will have devastating conseuences in the years to comeFollowing in his adopted family’s footsteps Anton too rises within the establishment But when he discovers the truth about his life his birth mother and his adopted parents this man of the law must come to terms with the moral complexities of crimes committed by the people he loves mos “There were no adults There were just tall children stumbling around the world walking pools of unfinished hopes unmet needs and seething desires The unsuccessful ones ended up in asylums The ones who learned to masuerade those needs became politicians” My first encounter with Thrity Umrigar was a library sponsored “Date with a Book” Held around Valentine’s day patrons were encouraged to fall in love with a new author by taking home a “gift” wrapped in hearts and tufts of red and pink tissue paper That gift was The Story Hour about the complex relationship between an Indian immigrant and her well to do American psychologist The Story Hour was such a many layered deep novel rich with nuance and humanity Because of this I was so excited when Everybody’s Son was chosen by Literary Fiction by People of Color for the December group read After hearing the premise – an examination of race and privilege through the lens of a Black foster child being taken in by a politically connected White family – I was ready to be treated by Umrigar’s deft hand However I found she fell short on this one For some reason her characters did not ring true to me this time around Instead they seemed like gross caricatures of unidimensional stereotypes Coleman the politician who views himself above the law where the ends justify the means Those around him especially Anton are treated as commodities despite his professed love Juanita remains unsophisticated and victimized even in her sobriety Here is her take on Carine the only educated Black woman in the book“The beauty that had dazzled and blinded him fell away as if he had drunk a potion in a fairy tale and he had found himself walking beside the ordinary black girl one who hid her insecurities behind a façade of bravado and radicalism Her radicalism is phony he thought because it keeps her from seeing the world blinds her to its mysteries and charms Even her intellectualism is suspect because it’s not open minded and skeptical and probing but rather circular chasing its own tail” This book had the potential to have been so much I was waiting for Coleman to admit to wrongdoing for Juanita’s strength to shine for Anton to step into his own I was waiting

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The bestselling critically acclaimed author of The Space Between Us and The World We Found deftly explores issues of race class privilege and power and asks us to consider uncomfortable moral uestions in this probing ambitious emotionally wrenching novel of two families one black one whiteDuring a terrible heat wave in 1991 the worst in a decade ten year old Anton has been locked in an apartment in the projects alone for seven days without air conditioning or a fan With no electricity the refrigerator and lights do not work Hot hungry and desperate Anton shatters a window and David Coleman has a heavy weight to bear His son James was killed in an auto accident on prom night James was destined to carry on the family name and business David is a judge and his father here referred to as Pappy was a long time US Senator After maybe too short a time David seeks to fill the large gap James left by taking in a foster child Nine year old Anton Vesper is having problems of his own He’d been left alone before in the projects apartment he shared with his mother but this time was different longer for example seven days and hotter with temperatures in the 90s The power had been shut off as well and the front door was locked from the outside Desperate he breaks a window to get out and go looking for his mother Juanita He calls her Mam Cutting his leg on broken window glass his bleeding gains the interest of a cop Mam is found at a crack den where she had essentially been held prisoner by her dealer She is charged with child abandonment and Anton becomes a ward of the state Thrity Umrigar from ArtsAtlcomWhen David meets Anton he is smitten in a parental way He wants to help the boy and maybe fill the large hole in his heart at the same time This is a scenario Umrigar has worked with in the past In The Weight of Heaven a man is bereft at the loss of his seven year old son and transfers those feelings onto the son of his housekeeper Complications ensue as they do here In both cases white adults engage with a child of color Indian in The Weight of Heaven and black in this one David becomes increasingly attached to young Anton and is eager to extend his time with him Connections are used Harshness is doled out to Anton’s mother and David gets what he wants Later he engages in a particularly underhanded and cruel act to ensure that Anton would be allowed to stay with him permanently How long can a building constructed on a corrupt foundation stand? What results when good intentions turn bad?There are supporting characters in Everybody’s Son but the focus is on Anton and secondarily David Anton grows up in a very privileged white household one in which he is encouraged supported and challenged He struggles initially but in short order he is brought up to speed in his school gains a welcoming friend and thrives After this he does not really have to cope much with racial identity issues until college when he meets and falls hard for a strong opinionated black woman who challenges all his beliefs I suppose one could look at this as a uestioning of the impact of nature vs nurture What sort of life might Anton have had had he been returned to his crack addicted mother? No brainer right? But what of morality? The legal system favors biological connection so David had to break the law to get what he wanted Even if what he wanted was a good life for Anton using his power to secure rights to the boy outside legal norms is not cool Everybody’s Son could so easily have been a morality play about black and white comeuppance and unfairness But Umrigar is far too competent a writer to let things go there David is not presented in monotones He is a nuanced flawed human being who truly wants to see to Anton’s best interests and is willing to do what it takes even at the risk of killing his career and marriage to do it Is there selfishness involved? Of course But he is neither all good nor all bad That is not what Umrigar does Her characters all reflect light in different directions from asymmetrical facets Even crack head Juanita is shown in both shadow and light The primary journey here is Anton’s How black is he? How white? And in looking at a wider frame the tale calls to mind an increasing awareness of race and how people are treated differently based on externals Where does cultural blending become domination? Where does mixing become taking? Hardly surprising themes for an Indian woman raised in Mumbai who moved to the USA at age 21 And consistent with her prior work which looks at the places where this color intersects with that where have meets have not where cultures clash and intersect where need and desire engage with moralityFriendship permeates the story as well Both David and Anton have besties who are always there for them I suppose that is possible but in both instances it struck me that the friendships Umrigar describes were rather idealized lacking the sort of nuance she applied to her characters There is consideration given to choice versus destiny David sees himself as not at all a political animal and puts up resistance when ueried about this or that move up the political ladder Yet he accedes Is it because he is giving in to the expectations of the world or is it his true self coming to the surface? Anton faces similar challenges In fact the early working title for the book was The DestinyThis is the first novel by Umrigar that makes no use of India or people from India The crack epidemic of the early 1990s informed setting the beginning of her novel then While there is a look at the other side of the tracks in this book it is not a large one Where she has traveled the globe in prior work this one is purely an American tale While the story is definitely engaging and Anton and David are well drawn relatable characters it seemed to me to not uite have the emotional oomph of some of her earlier work The novel picked up the beat when the female characters took center stage Delores Coleman David’s wife Anton’s mother Juanita and Anton’s girlfriend Corine all carry special energy to their scenes adding powerful feeling to the story While this may or may not be as riveting as some of her earlier work Umrigar remains an excellent story teller with interesting things to say and an engaging way of saying them An intriguing tale of race and identity of love and morality of seeking truth and then having to cope with what one finds Everybody’s Son merits a spot on everybody’s reading list Review posted – December 2 2016Publication date – June 6 2017EXTRA STUFFLinks to the author’s personal Twitter and FB pagesDecisions decisions decisions The poem Casabianca is mentioned early in the book It is worth checking out the full text of it for possible significance in the novelOther Thrity Umrigar books I have read The World We Found The Weight of Heaven The Space Between Us

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Everybodys SonClimbs out Cutting his leg on the broken glass he is covered in blood when the police find himJuanita his mother is discovered in a crack house less than three blocks away nearly unconscious and half naked When she comes to she repeatedly asks for her baby boy She never meant to leave Anton she went out for a uick hit and was headed right back until her drug dealer raped her and kept her high Though the bond between mother and son is extremely strong Anton is placed with child services while Juanita goes to jailThe Harvard educated son of a US senator Judge David Coleman is I really liked the first third of the book when Anton was a child When he was 9 the biracial boy was placed in a foster home with a wealthy white couple who had lost their only son I felt sorry for everyone here as heartbreaking decisions were made some of which were ethically uestionable Unfortunately I wasn't that crazy about the rest of the book It had too much politics for me and Anton's progression from Harvard to attorney general was so rushed and uneventful I couldn't believe that he would encounter no racism or other difficulties along the way Finally when Anton learned how he had been misled about his past the resolution felt too pat I expected to like this based on the beginning of the book but I was glad when it was over