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Мертвые души Mobi è 460 pages ë Johnscyclingdiary ß [Ebook] ➣ Мертвые души Author Nikolai Gogol – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Pawel Iwanowitsch Tschitschikow wächst in ärmlichen Verhältnissen auf erhält nach entbehrungsreicher Jugend einen kleinen Büroposten in einem abgeBel eine Kutsche und zwei Diener bleiben Er schlägt sich ua als Winkeladvokat durch beglaubigt in dieser Funktion den Verkauf von Leibeigenen und erfährt dabei dass einige schon tot sind Das bringt ihn auf eine Geschäftsidee die zwar verboten ist aber mithilfe der Verschwiegenheit der Geschäftspartner in der juristischen Praxis durchläuf An absurd and brilliant satire To think I avoided reading this novel for years because I thought it was going to be depressing Ha Dead Souls reminded me in many ways of the Odyssey Don uixote written by Mark Twain in a Russian prose poem Gogol captures the absurdity of the mid 19th century Russia Included in Gogol's satirefarce is an absurd and brilliant look at the corruption of the government the stratification of society the pretentiousness of the Russian middle class etc Anyway the writing was amazing and the Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky's translation was fantastic

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Pawel Iwanowitsch Tschitschikow wächst in ärmlichen Verhältnissen auf erhält nach entbehrungsreicher Jugend einen kleinen Büroposten in einem abgelegenen Oberfinanzamt steigt mithilfe von Fleiß Verzicht Schmeicheleien später auch mit angenehmen Umgangsformen gewandtem Auftreten und Geschäftstüchtigkeit zum Abteilungsleiter und Kommis Мёртвые ду́ши Myórtvyjye dúshi Dead Souls Nikolai GogolDead Souls is a novel by Nikolai Gogol first published in 1842 and widely regarded as an exemplar of 19th century Russian literature The purpose of the novel was to demonstrate the flaws and faults of the Russian mentality and character Gogol portrayed those defects through Pavel Ivanovich Chichikov and the people whom he encounters in his endeavors These people are typical of the Russian middle class of the time Gogol himself saw it as an epic poem in prose and within the book as a novel in verse Despite supposedly completing the trilogy's second part Gogol destroyed it shortly before his death Although the novel ends in mid sentence like Sterne's Sentimental Journey it is usually regarded as complete in the extant form The original title as shown on the illustration cover page was The Wanderings of Chichikov or Dead Souls Poema which contracted to merely Dead Souls عنوانها مردگان زرخرید رعایای مرده بردگان مرده؛ نفوس مرده؛ اثر نیکولای گوگول نیکولای واسیلیویچ؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز هفدهم ماه نوامبر سال 1991میلادیعنوان مردگان زرخرید رعایای مرده بردگان مرده؛ اثر نیکولای گوگول نیکولای واسیلیویچ؛ مترجم فریدون مجلسی، مشخصات نشر تهران، نیلوفر، چاپ دوم 1387، در 352ص، شابک 9789644483844؛ کتاب از متن انگلیسی برگردانده شده، چاپ نخست انتشارات رسانه در سال 1379؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان روسیه سده 19معنوان نفوس مرده؛ اثر نیکولای گوگول نیکولای واسیلیویچ؛ مترجم کاظم انصاری، مشخصات نشر ویرایش دوم، تهران، نشر اندیشه، چاپ دوم 1369، در 348ص؛گوگول بیشتر عمر خویش را صرف «نفوس مرده» كردند، از نظرگاه ایشان میبایست نوعی کمدی الهی مدرن باشد، که در آن قهرمان «پس از گذر از دوزخ»، به برزخ میرسد، توبه میکند، و راه راست را برمیگزیند، و سرانجام اگر نه به بهشتی زمینی، دستکم به زندگی معنیدار و اخلاقی، دست مییابد؛ در دهه ی پنجم سده نوزده میلادی، سلامتی «گوگول» به خطر افتاد؛ هنگامی که یقین کرد رو به مرگ است، رویایی رازورانه بر او ظاهر شد، که هرگز آن را بر دیگران فاش نکرد؛ ایمانی رازگونه به مذهب «اورتودوکس روسی» پیدا كرد، و بر این باور شد، که برای تعلیم «حقيقت» به ابنای بشر برگزيده شده است؛ نشانه های بارز این گرايش، در مقالاتی تحت عنوان «گزیده ای از مکاتبات با دوستان» مشهود است؛ ا شربیانی

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Мертвые душиSionsmitglied auf Zuerst bekämpft er die Korruption verfällt ihr aber schließlich auch lebt in Luxus und verliert nach der Aufdeckung Stellung Besitz und Geld Das Gleiche wiederholt sich nach abermals entbehrungsreicher Zeit beim Aufstieg innerhalb des Zollamts nur dass ihm nach der Aufdeckung der Korruption diesmal immerhin zehntausend Ru 20 stars As much as I hate to say this about a book that is both a classic of Russian literature and considered one of the best satires ever written THIS BOOK BORED ME TO DEATH Okay not uite coffin ready dead but certainly bored to the point of suffering intermittent bouts of narcolepsy I can certainly say without hyperbole that this is not a book I would recommend as an “enjoyable” experience no matter how much Vodka you have standing byMy assessment of the book arises DESPITE the fact that the novel is very well written and gives an excellent description of “old” Russia cold dreary and depressing but otherwise a great place to visit The historical detail is both precise and very broad as Gogol includes in the narrative detailed discussions of many aspects of Russian life from the economy to social life to politics to the very uniue mindset of the Russian people Thus as a historical overview of a not very well known period of Russian history the novel is very good In addition the basic plot itself or at least the idea of the plot was very interesting The “dead souls” of the title refers to the measuring unit ie souls used by the Russian census takers to count the numbers of serfs that landowners owned Serfs while not exactly the same as slaves are similar enough for purposes of this review as they were considered property and had very few rights The taxes that Russian landowners paid during this time were based on the number of serfs they owned Anyway the main character of the novel Pavel Ivanovitch Chichikov devises a plan to “purchase” from various landowners those serfs who have died since the last census but are still listed as alive for purposes of the taxes paid at least until the next census which is only done every 5 to 10 years Why he wants to do this I will not spoil but it is very clever and I thought an excellent basis for a good story So we have a book that is very well written full of superb historical detail and an original and potentially interesting plot So what was the problem Well first offNO VODKA No in all seriousness I found the book to be simply way too dull and plodding The satirical elements were UNDERWHELMING and that is being kind and the story was just incredibly slow to unfold I kept trying to give this the benefit of the doubt it is a classic after all but it was just determined to remian not very interesting or enjoyable The various characters Chichikov encounters were intended to portray various types of Russians and I guess I was not familiar enough with the period to understand the nuances and thus the intended caricature that Gogal was trying to highlight Therefore the various encounters just sort of bled into one another and left me anxious for the end In sum this was a book that I could appreciate on many levels the uality of the writing the historical detail the cleverness of the plot and there were certainly moments of the story that I truly liked However at the end of the day from the standpoint of my enjoyment of the novel as literature I can not rate it higher than two stars