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eBook ☆ Standing in the Rainbow Elmwood Springs #2 á Paperback à Fannie Flagg à [Download] ➶ Standing in the Rainbow Elmwood Springs #2 ✤ Fannie Flagg – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Along with Neighbor Dorothy the lady with the smile in her voice whose daily radioAgination Norma and Macky Warren and their ninety eight year old Aunt Elner the oddly sexy and charismatic Hamm Sparks and the two women who love him as differently as night and day Then there is Tot Whooten Beatrice Woods the Little Blind Songbird in the Rainbow Epub #181 Cecil Figgs th This is my 3rd Fannie Flagg book I've readFried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe and The All Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion I enjoyed the humor in those and she knows how to create endearing characters This book also had some very memorable characters that were well drawn I love thatThis one started off strong It reminded me of reading old time newspapers from doing genealogy research Crazy personal stories appeared in the local newspapers In some ways this book sounded like a collection of those kinds of stories and they were stitched together in these pages I did enjoy reading the personal type of uirkiness of the characters However I think this book was too long because it seemed like so much of the same The stories started looking like rambling and towards the end I kept wondering when it was going to end So three stars

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Along with Neighbor the Rainbow Epub #218 Dorothy the lady with the smile in her voice whose daily radio broadcasts keep us delightfully informed on all the local news we also meet Bobby her ten year old son destined to live a thousand lives most of them in Standing in eBook #9734 his im Fannie Flagg the ueen of fried green tomatoes and small town farce comes on like a thunder storm of sentimental humor You can run for cover under the awning of Great Literature you can put up an umbrella of sophisticated disdain but it's no use Once you're caught in this warm downpour of kitschy comedy you uickly give in and start singing in the rainHer latest novel Standing in the Rainbow opens with a statement To the Public at Large from old Mrs Tot Whooten the ridiculously untalented hairdresser of Elmwood Springs Mo As a character in this book she says à la Huck Finn I can tell you that everything in it really did happen so I can highly recommend it without any ualms whatsoeverBut it may be that Mrs Whooten is no reliable as a critic than she is as a beautician I like a book with a beginning a middle and an end she tells us and hopefully a plot and a few laughs in between By that perfectly reasonable standard there are some bad hair days in Standing in the RainbowNot that you could ask for a better beginning or laughs Indeed the first 200 pages of this overlong novel are wonderful a charming comedy about Bobby Smith the archetypal 10 year old boy He's a mischievous little scamp with a heart of gold and a frog in his pocketHis world a few miles of farmland the neighbors' yards and a block of stores is a universe of adventure and wonder Bobby even felt sorry for anyone who was not lucky enough to have been born hereIndeed this is the best of all possible worlds America had just won World War II thanks in no small part to Bobby's efforts to recycle rubber and scrap paper There are only two problems in his life 1 An irrepressible grin that makes teachers suspect he's always up to something and 2 parents so well known in town that somebody immediately tells on him the minute he does anything wrongHis father a paragon of good will and responsibility is the town pharmacist and his mother is affectionately known throughout the Midwest as Neighbor Dorothy Her radio show broadcast every morning from their living room provides millions of housewives with a little family chat a few recipes organ music by Mother Smith and a feeling of connection and trust that today's advertisers would kill for Even President Truman sends Dorothy's dog a birthday cardHer broadcasts recounted here in high fidelity wit draw a constant stream of celebrity guests from the Little Blind Songbird to the wildly dysfunctional Oatman Gospel Family Only Flagg could carry off this parody of revivalist faith healing Christians complete with a ventrilouist dummy without sounding derisiveOff the air we follow Bobby's antics particularly the annual bubble gum blowing contest his pretty sister's hysterics over some boy or her mother's confidential remarks about her love life to millions of listeners and a town full of comically strange characters who wouldn't be rude to one another if their lives depended on itThis ain't no Winesburg Ohio These scoops of Elmwood Springs go down like peach ice cream almost too sweet but undeniably delicious Flagg is one of those authors who doesn't worry about creating great significance but then ends up doing so anyhowThe characters in Standing in the Rainbow are so wholly free of self pity and esoteric angst that if they made contact with a typical piece of New York literary fiction they would explode in a burst of strawberry rhubarb pieDeath is not freuent in this little town but it comes and not always as expected Sometimes a healthy child fades in the middle of the night while a sick old lady lives many decades Still if there's any sadness in this book it's not the periodic passing of a loved one it's the lingering sense that the values in this town have passed away and left us in a climate awash with commercialism self absorption and cynicismIndeed change is hard on a small town and it's particularly hard on this novel As the 1940s wane and we move into the '50s the narrative veers away from Bobby and his family and picks up the story of Hamm Sparks an ambitious tractor salesmanHamm is a perfectly wonderful side character but when he steals the novel's focus and drags the plot to the Missouri State House it's like watching Kramer try to spin off from Seinfeld There's just not enough there beneath the antics Flagg knows Dorothy's kitchen down to the last doily and can of tomatoes but her creation of the governor's office seems laughably though not comically fakeUnfortunately this detour lasts for almost 200 pages that never seem like anything than a distraction Her previous novel the bestselling Welcome to the World Baby Girl maintained a much better focus Yet even though other things in the world may have changed Flagg assures us the 'Neighbor Dorothy' show remained the same And indeed it's a great relief when we finally get back to Elmwood Springs if only to see how it all winds downBeneath the sentimentality there's a real celebration of life here an affirmation that success and happiness are the results of simple kindness gratitude and courage If some long storms rumble through this novel fans probably won't mind There's still a rainbow arching right over it and it's something to seehttpwwwcsmonitorcom20020808p1

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Standing in the Rainbow Elmwood Springs #2E Funeral King and the fabulous Minnie Oatman The time is until the present The town is Elmwood Springs Missouri right in the middle of the country in the midst of the mostly joyous transition from war to peace aiming toward a in the Rainbow Elmwood Springs PDF or dizzyingly bright futur This is what they'd call a homespun yarn Following this yarn was like being led through a very long very pointless labyrinth And not an interesting labyrinth but a plain beige labyrinth in which you go snow blind from the featurelessness of it all And in the monotony of the labyrinth somewhere the hair prickling up your neck you realise with mounting dread there are REPUBLICANSThe whole book is the most chronic piece of self idyll mythologising bullshit you ever read The twee white bread American small town it claims to depict is about as real as the Disney It's A Small World After All ride Jesus it makes me long for the gritty cynicism of The Waltons And you do wanna go Where are all the Blacks Where are all the Jews While you're out here mythologising a bygone time that bears fuck all resemblance to the world at large Seriously there a billion boring ass characters we are introduced to and given their life story in achingly minute detail Not one black person In fact the only black person even mentioned is Huey P Newton of the Black Panther Party who is classed outright as a traitor This is a book which encompasses from the 1940s up to the 1980s Black people make up 10% of the state's population One guy He's a traitor That's all it has to sayIt's basically a genre of Aryan twee Propaganda doesn't even begin to cover it The sympathetic homespun charming down to earth tell it like it is character who goes into politics suggests during the 60s that they ought to nuke the gooks This reasonable suggestion is met with downright rudeness by peace protestors who have the gall get this to ACTUALLY PROTEST one of his speeches The rudeness of shouting over a man who's speaking is cast as a grave sin against the reasonable message he's trying to convey namely the atomic incineration of men women and children whom the government has chosen to dislikeHonestly I would rather take an ice cream scoop to my own brain than read one word of this book Shoot yourself if you ever feel tempted