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Free 불가능한 동화 kindle Ù eBook 9781555977665 Å [EPUB] ✾ 불가능한 동화 ❃ Han Yujoo – A chilling wildly original novel from a major new voice from South KoreaThe Impossible Fairy Tale is the story of two unexceptional grade school girls Mia is “lucky”―she is spoMerit a nameAt school their fellow students whether lucky or luckless or unlucky seem consumed by an almost murderous rage Adults are nearly invisible and the society the children create on their own is marked by cruelty and soul crushing hierarchies Then one day the Child sneaks into the classroom after hours and adds ominous sentences to her classmates’ notebooks This sinister but initially inconseuential act unlocks a series of events that end A very strange but interesting book I liked it but I'm not fully sure how I feel about it Very odd but worth the read I think

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A chilling wildly original novel from a major new voice from South KoreaThe Impossible Fairy Tale is the story of two unexceptional grade school girls Mia is “lucky”―she is spoiled by her mother and as she explains her two fathers She gloats over her exotic imported color pencils and won’t be denied a coveted sweater Then there is the Child who by contrast is neither lucky nor unlucky She makes so little impression that she seems not even to And now Janet Hong and her editor Ethan Nosowsky win the TA First Translation Prize from the Society of Authors from some very strong competitionDecember 2018 update Janet Hong is now deservedly winner of the LTI Korea Translation Award for her English rendition of this book Every time I see you enact the habits I've designed I feel both an unnameable sense of happiness and unease Every time you speak in a tone that isn't my own I am both confused and relieved한유주 Han Yujoo followed the typical path for a Korean novelist starting with short story collections and winning a literary award in her case the 2009 Hankook Ilbo Literary Award before publishing her debut novel불가능한 동화It has been translated as The Impossible Fairy Tale by Janet Hong and published by the excellent new Tilted Axis Press founded by Deborah Smith MBI award winning translator of The Vegetarian Their mission statementTilted Axis publishes the books that might not otherwise make it into English for the very reasons that make them exciting to us – artistic originality radical vision the sense that here is something newAn Impossible Fairy Tale certainly meets those criteria not always entirely successful it is nevertheless a striking and worthwhile readThe novel has two halves The third person narrator in the first tells the story of a class of 12 year olds focusing on two girls in particular The first Mia 미아 a name that significantly could literally translate as either stray child or beautiful child Mia is lucky One day she receives a set of 72 German made watercolour pencils from one of the two men who consider her to be their daughter Mia has two fathers One is not yet aware of the other’s existence or pretends not to know and the other is aware of the one’s existence but chooses to turn a blind eye for some unclear reason When someone learns of a truth that no one knows all the surrounding relationships will drastically change Nevertheless even though they both function as fathers to Mia only one of the two had given her a set of 72 German made colour pencils as a gift Because these colour pencils were manufactured in Germany and were not cheap ones made in China they satisfied her taste and interest enabling the father who gave the gift to gain leverage over the other father Red fuchsia crimson blood red rose yellow orange yellow citron tangerine flesh colour And light green emerald forest green grass green With an overwhelming array of colours spread before her eyes lucky Mia gains the innocent and childish confidence that she will be able to draw every object around her with 72 coloursWhen I grow up I’m going to buy a fountain pen says Mia Do you know you can kill someone with a fountain pen? she asks I read that in a book somewhere If you drop the pen down on a person’s head from high up and at the right angle the sharp tip will pierce right into the head It’s because of acceleration I read that from a detective storyBut of course Mia has no desire to kill anyone; in fact she doesn’t even understand the words “death” or “kill” She is a lucky child and she doesn’t possess enough feelings to kill someone let alone has she had the chance to; she doesn’t yet know that some people can kill a person in the absence of hatred or loathing or malice or anger She doesn’t yet know that rather than trying to aim the tip of a fountain pen at someone’s forehead from a tall building it is far effective to drive the pen’s pointed metal tip into someone’s neck a fact she would have learned if she read books But she was only interested in detective novels and because there were things she did

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불가능한 동화In horrible violenceBut that is not the end of this eerie unpredictable novel A teacher who is also this book’s author wakes from an intense dream When she arrives at her next class she recognizes a student the Child who knows about the events of the novel’s first half which took place years earlier Han Yujoo’s The Impossible Fairy Tale is a fresh and terrifying exploration of the ethics of art making and of the stinging conseuences of neglec The prose is too exuisitely written and translated to receive less than three stars The story is too repetitive formless inert to receive than two stars Which will it be? Two stars or three stars The reviewer flips a coin specifically a 100 won coin to determine the rating Heads is 3 stars tails is 2 stars Look at the coin It is tails 2 stars This book is unlucky