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So Much More epub î Kindle Edition read Î johnscyclingdiary í ❰EPUB❯ ✺ So Much More Author Kim Holden – Love is strange It comes out of nowhere There’s no logic to it It’s not methodical It’s not scientific It’s pure emotion and passion And emotion aVer time reality crept in and slowly dissected and disemboweled my dreams like a predator leaving behind a rotting carcassReality can be a fierce bitchSo can MirandaAnd I can be a foolwho believes in dreamsAnd peopleAnd love Note from the author Due to strong language and sexual content this book is recommended for mature audiences only FOUR STARSHere are my overall ratingsHero 5Miranda 1Faith 4Plot 45Angst 5Steam 3Chemistry Between Hero Heroine Faith 4

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Love with Miranda it was swift and blind She was the person I’d elevated to mythical status in my head in my dreamsHere’s the thing about dreams they’re smokeThey’re spun as thoughts until they become something we think we want Something we think we needThat was Miranda She was smokeI thought I wanted her I thought I needed herO spoiler alert 45 stars Holden has written an exceptional and emotive book and once you begin this book you or less are asked to throw in your lot with whom your moral compass aligns Miranda the witch or Seamus the saint At a visceral level my lot should have been with Seamus I mean come on the guy is a candidate for sainthood The great dad and breathtakingly handsome loving husband What's not to like On the other hand Miranda Terrible wife unworthy mother and a depiction of avarice and selfishness What's to like I was fascinated by Miranda's thoughts and actions This was one woman who gave little room to chance She wanted a man who would adore her and she went and got one who did Seamus I'm guessing that we're supposed to find Miranda appalling Yes she was selfish and emotionally cold but I uite liked her and felt deep compassion for a woman who was single handedly destroying everything that should have meant the world to her I saw beyond the bluster she wasn't evil just misguided and lacking in empathy These are ualities that can be changed I'd hate to give the impression that I didn't like Seamus because I did but he seemed too perfect and that irked me to no end Moreover why does he a man in his 30s not have any friends or support systemI dare say Holden created these characters independent of the plot Each scene was too premeditated For one I could predict every scene before it played out The string holding the plot was frayed The characters played to the puppet master's pull The story too perfectThen there's Faith The convenient emotional crutch who seems too perfectly placed 22 year old stripper not prostitute who likes to give hugs I didn't like her and don't ask me why I know why but please don't ask Okay if you insist HER character was too predictable We saw this neon sign on her forehead from the very beginning Future Mrs Seamus It may seem contrary but I loved this book and was happy that Seamus found someone who was worthy of his brand of affection; however a better story would have been to have the newly reformed Miranda reconcile with Seamus Now that's a love story that would be so much

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So Much MoreLove is strange It comes out of nowhere There’s no logic So Much PDFEPUB or to it It’s not methodical It’s not scientific It’s pure emotion and passion And emotion and passion can be dangerous because they fuel loveand hateI’m now a reluctant connoisseur of both an expert through immersion I know them intimatelyWhen I fell in 5 stars “Life blooms in second chances” Kim Holden is one of those authors I can always count on to bring the feels If you’ve read a book from her before you know this is true So Much More is unlike any of her other books It hit me in the feels in a totally different way than her others but wow The impact was still just as strong I love reading books that have this much of an affect on me I read so many books and a lot of them are great reads but not all of them are memorable and touch me on this level When I read one like this I want to shout it from the rooftops READ THIS BOOK So yeah If you haven’t read this one yet READ IT Seamus is one of those men that are nearly perfect He’s wonderful in most every way possible He’s a fantastic father a loyal husband a good looking guy with a heart of gold Somehow he’s found himself in the middle of a divorce His soon to be ex wife Miranda is a piece of work I’m serious I can’t remember the last time a character got under my skin like she did So much that she did was just deplorable Reality can be a fierce bitch So can Miranda And I can be a foolwho believes in dreams And people and love 
Seamus is now living in a small apartment with his three kids No matter what happens in his life as long as he has his kids he knows he will be okay Seamus and the kid’s new apartment have a few neighbors The couple that owns the place a uiet lady named Hope and a fun loving free spirit named Faith All these characters have a large part in this story I especially loved Faith and all her Free Hugs This story is hard for me to review because it’s so complex It’s much than a romance It’s a story of survival of friendship hope learning from mistakes and yes love Seamus is one of the best heroes I’ve read about There was not one thing I didn’t love about him His strength under the circumstances of his life astounded me As much as I completely adored Seamus I disliked his ex wife in eual measure I’m still shocked beyond belief that Kim Holden the sweetest person I’ve ever met in real life could write a character like that I’m still ragey over everything she did No matter what changes she may have made I’m still not over all the bad she did And I’m not sure I ever will be I will say by the end I didn’t hate her as much 
Besides Seamus and Miranda their children played a large part in the story And I love my books with kids Watching Seamus with those kids just made me love him all the Also the neighbors Faith and Hope had large parts and a side story of their own which I thoroughly enjoyed I also liked the relationship Faith and Seamus developed He needed someone in his life to show him that he was okay and not a broken man “You were never broken” she whispers “You were always Seamus” So Much More was so much than I expected when I started it Kim did a wonderful job of writing complex and interesting characters and writing a book that was so much than a love story It was beyond that It was a life story This book was epic in so many ways a will hold a spot on my favorites list this year 5 stars