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Collared kindle Ó read Ú [KINDLE] ✽ Collared By Nicole Williams – When a seventeen year old girl vanishesA community is shakenParents turn desperateFriends hold vigilsAnd the boy who loves her searchesWhen a year goes byThe community is recoveringParents feel hopele When a seventeen year old girl vanishesA communitE boy who loves her Brings her home Jade Childs spent ten years in captivity but now that she’s back the real battle for survival begins The media shadows her Flashbacks haunt her Her old life evades her Her so called new life rejects her She spent too many years in the dark to recognize the light She spent too long repressing her feelings to remember how to express them Sh 5 stars “I would have waited for you no matter how long you took A month a year an eternity I would have waited” I’ve read several books by Nicole Williams but none of them have effected me like this None of them have blown me away This one though this book was powerful moving and one of the most EPIC romances I’ve ever read The connection between these two characters the love the sacrifice It’s epic I have no other word Jade and Torrin were two teenagers in love They were each others one and only and planned to stay that way forever Then something tragic happened and Jade was taken Kidnapped Away from her friends and family for ten years Can you imagine Being away from everything you know and love for a decade But on the other side can you imagine the girl you love with your whole heart being stolen from you for that long I have to look away It hurts too much Seeing what my future could have been only to realize it never will be makes everything inside me feel like it’s atrophying Withering Dying slowly There is a twist in this love story and one I didn’t see coming To me that twist made this story that much special and intense It was a powerful thing One I won’t share in my review but one that really showed just how much Torrin loved Jade and how much he could never ever see a life without her in it “Time circumstances tragedy nothing can change that You and me there isn’t an over for us” 
I love unconventional romances I love books that make me think feel and cry This story hooked me from the start and as painful as it was I loved every minute I thought the ending was perfect for this couple even though I would like to see a little farther in the future to see where these two end up A wonderful 5 star read Highly recommend He’s not supposed to be the one but he’s always been The One

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E spent a decade abandoning hope and cannot dare letting it back into her life Jade’s not just defined by what happened to her she’s collared to itWhen the twenty seven year old woman is foundA community wants to know the storyParents want to forget the storyFriends want to be a part of the storyAnd the man who still loves her faces the greatest challenge yet letting her FOUR STARSARC Generously Provided by AuthorI let myself get carried away by that moment I let myself feel the only joy I’ve felt in ten years I let myself feel itthen I take an imaginary pin and pop it That life died the night I died to the world That life is gone Jade Childs is just an ordinary seventeen year old girl She has a loving family good friends and is in love with the boy next door On a night when she is floating on cloud nine because her boyfriend has promised her a forever with him her world gets totally flipped on its axis She goes from living a teenager’s dream to being thrown into everyone’s worst nightmare Jade is abducted just several feet away from her front door She will not return home until TEN YEARS laterThis was definitely what I would categorize as a ”dark” read but the subject matter never got too intense We meet Jade during one of the happiest times of her young life and then we see that it only takes just a few seconds to turn someone’s world upside down immersing them into the deepest pits of despair However we don’t spend too much time in Jade’s years of captivity The story flashes forward to ten years later rather uickly and for the most part we stay in present day with her while we get little snippets of her life in captivity through a few flashbacks I will say that what she went through was far from pretty but thankfully she was not raped Phew I really don’t enjoy reading rape scenes so I was very thankful for thatJade was broken down mentally by her captor He was so persistent and uite sinister with his methods of mind control For ten years she was forced to be someone else so now when she is rescued and returned back to her family she finds it hard to resume her old life and her true identity Of course she suffers from severe anxiety and has difficulty socializing with other people including her family but there is one person who is able to keep her calm and who has become her tether Torrin Costigan Torrin is Jade’s old boyfriend The one she dreamed about so many nights while hanging on by a thin thread He never stopped giving up hope that she would be found He did everything he could to help with the police department’s search efforts But now things are so complicated because of the path he chose to take in adulthood Whenever they spend time together it becomes clear to the both of them that their feelings for each other still remain pretty strong It’s hard not to swoon over and fall madly in love with this man I really got swept away by this story and had such high hopes that it was going to end a certain way so when it didn’t it went from a “Five Star” to a “Four Star” read for me I know that there were very good reasons to end it the way it did but I just wanted MORE I have read other books by Nicole Williams and she has proven yet again to be a truly gifted story teller I highly recommend this one Don’t let my little complaint scare you away from this one It was a very well written and highly fascinating story

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CollaredWhen a seventeen year old girl vanishesA community is shakenParents turn desperateFriends hold vigilsAnd the boy who loves her searchesWhen a year goes byThe community is recoveringParents feel hopelessFriends feel helplessAnd the boy who loves her continues his searchWhen ten years go byThe community has forgottenParents cling to the pastFriends move toward the futureAnd th When I picked up 'Collared' I had absolutely no idea of how much I would love this story I expected a dark romance with a captivity theme but had anticipated a storyline centered on sexual slavery BDSM and trafficking Although the heroine was abducted and held captive for ten years it was lucky for her not for those reasons Nonetheless she suffers greatly as does everyone that loves her The story begins with a seventeen year old Jade head over heels in love with the boy next door Torrin Costigan I immediately fell right into her happy carefree teenage life With loving protective parents Jade's biggest concern was trying to avoid getting in trouble for breaking curfew when she stole a few extra minutes to make out with Torrin That all ends one night when Jade is kidnapped only feet from her front door Nothing will ever be the same She is thrust into a bleak new existence eventually adopting her assigned identity and pushing memories of her own life to the back of her mind in order to surviveTen years later Jade is rescued Only she feels less like Jade than the girl she was forced to become Thrust into a world that is now strange and overwhelming to her she struggles to find her place among the people she once felt closest to She wakes up in a world that has moved on without herAs Jade tries to find her way she once again finds herself gravitating toward Torrin He is there for her every step of the way Only despite their undying love their circumstances have greatly changed in Jade's absence After so many years without her Torrin had to move on with his life He never gave up hope but he couldn't keep sitting around waiting for Jade to be found His life needed direction and purposeTorrin and Jade's love story was heartbreakingly beautiful and deeply emotional I could not put this one down Even scenes that I thought would be filler ended up bringing me to tears I literally cried like a baby after one scene where Torrin takes Jade on an outing to the zoo Although I loved every minute of this story I do wish it ended differently It isn't a bad or unhappy ending exactly but I wanted things to play out differently At the same time it was a very fitting ending in so many ways Regardless I loved this book