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PDF ☆ BOOK The St Paul Conspiracy µ JOHNSCYCLINGDIARY ï ❴Download❵ ➽ The St. Paul Conspiracy Author Roger Stelljes – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk The morning after Halloween the city of St Paul awakens to find that a serial killer terrorizing the blue collar working women of University AvenueWork coffee and maybe even an early trip to the pub Then his cell phone tells him his day is about to change A body has been found in a high end condominium between Summit and Grand Avenues and it's not just anyoneYour day just got worse Mac tells his captainThe victim is Claire Daniels the Twin Cities' most prominent political and investigative reporterWith the Daniels murder on top of the latest serial killer attack the po Just OKLet me start by saying this didn’t have to be 340 pages It was so repetitive it was ridiculous In a matter of 3 or 4 pages he repeated 3 times what evidence they had against the senator If they’d been talking to some that was mentally challenged I might be able to see it but they were talking to THE senator someone fairly intelligent And they all ate and drank a whole lot That was unnecessary describing everything they ate from every restaurant they went to and what they drank at every bar and pizza at home and what they wanted on it Really Who cares It causes skimming and that’s always a bad thing This author must really be from the Twin Cities or he has a great map There were so many routes with every street name they took when following the suspect Could have been a good murdersuspense if there hadn’t been so much unnecessary BS It was based on finding a serial killer at the same time looking for whoever killed a popular investigative reporter Actually there were a few killings that were eventually intertwined And actually I don’t ever remember one cop with a gun in his hand or a gun even mentioned until about 95% of the book Not a shoot ‘um up at all It was a decent book but there was too much skimming for me too much filler I can’t see myself reading any from this authorThere was a very slight romance in this but no sex whatsoever a fade to black at about 39% but nothing maybe a kiss or two There was swearing and the F bomb was used 52 times As to the narrator One reviewer said this “reader doesn't seem to create interest Monotone” And that’s exactly right He does great voices mostly except Riley’s voice was horrible but Johnny Peppers is so boring when he reads No emotion whatsoever He didn’t laugh whisper and there are times when you HAVE to whisper or the book just sounds really stupid yell grumble mutter NOTHING WTH kind of narrator is that And how did he ever get 4 and 5 star reviews I would have to pass on this narrator in the future

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The morning after Halloween the city of St Paul awakens to find that a serial killer terrorizing the blue collar working women of University Avenue has struck for the fifth time The citizens of St Paul are on edgeFor thirty two year old fourth generation St Paul Homicide Detective Michael McKenzie Mac McRyan his day was going to be less stressful Not working the serial killer case his day would involve paper The St Kindle The St Paul Conspiracy is the second book I have read in Roger Stelljes McRyan Mystery Series In The St Paul Conspiracy the readers will follow a rollercoaster ride with Detective Michael McKenzie McRyan while he is involved in two investigations Readers of St Paul Conspiracy will also follow the blossoming romance between Detective Michael McKenzie McRyan and Assistant District Attorney Sally Kennedy Also the readers will be shocked with the conclusion of this book Readers of St Paul Conspiracy will learn about the told on law enforcement officers when an investigation is not going to well Reading St Paul Conspiracy I learn about what Pubs did in The USA to bypass the Prohibition Laws I am so pleased that I found the McRyan Mystery Series by Roger Stelljes The way Roger Stelljes portrays his main character Detective Michael McKenzie McRyan so the readers can relate to him Also the other characters are believable this allows the readers of St Paul Conspiracy to become involved with the story I recommend this book

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The St Paul ConspiracyLitical and media pressure on the St Paul Police Department only builds and places Mac in the middle of a dangerous and high stakes murder investigation that will ultimately have national political and security implicationsThe fans of John Sandford David Baldacci and Vince Flynn will enjoy this fast moving story of murder greed and treason the cast of colorful characters and its setting in and around historic St Paul Minneso A great proceduralMcRyan is a St Paul Detective He and his partner are called in when a local television reporter is found murdered At the same time his co workers are looking for a serial killer The investigations lead to murders one that appears to be a suicide treasonous activities and ultimately the evidence leads to a group of former espionage agents It is well written and will grab the reader’s interest All in all a great procedural Thanks to the Author and Publisher for an ARC for an honest review