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Download Moonshot Book Þ µ [PDF / Epub] ⚣ Moonshot ✈ Alessandra Torre – Baseball isn’t supposed to be a game of life and death The summer that Chase Stern entered my life I was seventeen The daughter of a legend the Yankees were my family their stadium my home their dug Baseball isn’t supposed to be a game Istraction who played like a god and partied like a devil I tried to stay away I couldn’t Then the team started losing Women started dying And everything in my world broke apart Together we would only bring chaos Moonshot is a stand alone contemporary sports romance expertly blended with love intrigue action and mystery However this is not your ordinary sports romance With murder baseball and forbidden love Moonshot will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire read Spikes first Ty Rollins has spent her entire life in the baseball world The daughter of a closer for the New York Yankees she has been a part of the team her entire life As the bat girl she supports the players on and off the field At the ripe age of seventeen the only thing of significance in her life is the game and the love of her father But when Chase Stern joins the team everything changes He was beautiful He was perfection And he had according to the news report title been a very bad boy Chase is a bad boy and the superstar of the game As soon as he enters Yankee Stadium he meets Ty and is immediately taken by her Although she is too young he can't help himself Despite her father's attempts to keep them apart Ty and Chase form a friendship and a forbidden romance begins I wrapped my arms around his neck and let his kiss crash into me As the season heats up Ty and Chase grow close and it seems as though they are heading straight to an HEA However mistakes are made and Chase and Ty are torn apart Look at me Ty Stay with me baby With every single play I thought of him With every single play I died a little Four years later and life is significantly different for both Chase and Ty Ty still lives and breathes the Yankees but now is married to the owner of the team Chase is playing ball and thriving wearing other colors With the Yankees on a loosing streak and a serial killer in their midst the team needs a dead ringer to bring the team to win the Championship When Chase is traded back on the team Ty is terrified Together again Ty and Chase must overcome the feelings from the past face their present and perhaps make a way for their future With murder looming and the championship at stake will their love be enough to survive There was no stopping this There was no resisting Damn any of the conseuences damn any future heartbreak Told in dual POV Moonshot is sexy romantic and pulls at your heart The tempo is fast paced and the mystery will keep you guessing until the very end Chase and Ty are both uite complex and their relationship was uite touching I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing the dynamics of the game and the relationship between Ty and her dad Due to the separation of the two and the circumstances they face the angst factor is uite high in this read There are some delicate elements that are explored and yet I couldn't help but root for Ty and Chase the entire read Moonshot is a definite home run for Alessandra Torre With endearing characters smoking hot romance and BASEBALL this is a perfect summer read This was a BR with my ShhlutsARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

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Baseball isn’t supposed to be a game of life and death The summer that Chase Stern entered my life I was seventeen The daughter of a legend the Yankees were my family their stad Wow what an awesome book A heart poundingly intense sports romance filled with forbidden love second chance romance and even a murder mystery There were twists and turns I never saw coming and the final reveal took me completely by surprise But at its heart is a gorgeous swoony unstoppable love story that concludes in a beautiful epilogue This author is such a talented storyteller Her writing is utterly addictive and especially in the final third of the book I could not put it down A sexy exciting and thrilling read Highly recommendedI want to include the official blurb because it's just so good before I start my review Baseball shouldn't be a game of life and death The summer that Chase Stern entered my life I was seventeen The daughter of a legend the Yankees were my family their stadium my home their dugout my workplace My focus was on the game Chasehe started out a distraction A distraction with sex appeal poured into every inch of his six foot frame A distraction who played like a God yet partied like a DevilI tried to stay away I couldn’tThen the team started losingWomen started dyingAnd everything in my perfect world broke apart  As mentioned the heroine Ty was seventeen at the beginning of the book She'd grown up alongside her dad who was the famous closer for the Yankees and she lived and breathed baseball The sport was a part of her And that was where Chase Stern came in As one of the hottest most talented and famous players out there he had a reckless bad boy streak but nobody cared all that much because he was just that good From afar she worshipped him as a player and a celebrity but she never imagined would become an actual part of her life But when he was traded to the Yankees everything changed Suddenly he became a very permanent fixture in her life Front and centerEven though she hero worshipped him she wasn't actually looking for his affection Given his publicly manwhoring past the fact that her father specifically forbade her to get close to him the certainty that any scandal would be bad for the team that he was a few years older than her and a myriad other reasons she tried to stay away “I didn’t want to be pretty to Chase Stern I wanted to be invisible He was God’s gift to our team not to me” But staying under his radar became infinitely harder after she accidentally walked in on his gloriously naked body in the locker room And for him the girl who'd previously been invisible was now branded on his mind “Grand slams aren’t typically called for in this situation” “What situation is that” “Untouchable women” “You want me to go down to the marina with you” “Yes” “Why” “Jesus Ty To talk To get to know each other It’s not an orgy invitation” “I’m not supposed to talk to you” “Why” “You know” Despite his colorful past though he seemed to be a different person around her and opened up in ways that showed her a whole new side to this man who until now she'd really only seen through news articles She was wary though “You think you’re the first asshole I’ve met” I shook my head “I’ve lived in a man’s word for a long time Chase And I’ve watched men like you make mistakes like that over and over again” But the they got to know each other she began to see a very different picture of the man the tabloids painted so recklessly He was a god on the field a devil to the world but when he met her everything changed “Our kiss had energy it was a battle — one fought with gentle teases exploratory touches and passion — need pulling me forward even as I tried my best to push him away” He couldn’t Never again not with anyone else Nothing would ever after that moment compare Not with her cry not with her reaction not with her kiss A woman shouldn’t be created in such heartbreakingly beautiful combinations A woman shouldn’t in fifteen minutes have the ability to ruin him for life They tried to stay away from each other but even if their growing feelings for each other had to be kept secret there was no denying that they were slowly falling in love “Listen to me very carefully” He turned from the view and stepped inside “You can try to paint this however you want — the press can paint this however they want — but there is nothing wrong with our relationship It’s the purest thing in my life She is saving me And I don’t expect you to understand that But I need this to work I need her in my life” From the blurb though we know that this is than just a forbidden love story We know there is a murder mystery too Someone was killing women connected to the team But who were they Who were the women Who was the murderer Who else was in dangerThe author did such a great job of contrasting the main chapters of the story where they fell in love slowly getting comfortable around each other admitting their feelings opening up meeting in secret with the short news article uotes that hinted at the danger surrounding themAnd then came a twist that I actually did expect followed by two that I absolutely DID NOT see comingHe actuallyAnd then she reallyAnd then theySo she seriouslyThen he didn'tAnd now it's 4 years later gaspGah I love second chance love stories so even though everything had broken apart devastatingly it made me that much eager to read on and see what happened next I can't resist stories about reunited lovers and the specific twist about their situation took the story in a completely different direction than I was expecting and I LOVED that It's a wonderful feeling when a book can take you by surprise and lead you down a path you didn't anticipateThe second half of the book brought all the angst If you thought the first half was forbidden it had nothing on the second half The rules had changed everything about their situation intensified became dangerous and that much tempting The pull towards each other was now too strong to ignore and was worth the risk He didn't know what he did in life to deserve the punishment of sitting next to this woman To hear the soft huff of her breath and not kiss it away Smell the scent of her skin and not bury his face in her hair Watch the hem of her skirt its rise up her thighs and not run his hand up her skin I'm not sure how much you remember from before Everything he answered I remember everything THE FEELSNow the stakes were raised their love was even forbidden than ever but their connection and chemistry had only grown with their separation and girls were mysteriously dying somehow things needed to come to a head “What do you want from me” His eyes softened his mouth when it pressed to me gentle and soft a plea of lips against a weak soul “Everything I want a life with you I want to be the father of your children I want every second we missed and a million And I’ll give away the world to get it” But things of course aren't that easy and I honestly could not flip the last 150 pages fast enoughYou'll see when you read it It's intense And so addictively passionately GOOD I just want to address one thing that I think a few readers might have uestions about regarding a potential of a trianglecheating and I want to reassure you that I was 100% okay with everything that happened in this book The author created and handled the situation that the hero and heroine were in in the perfect way I've included a spoiler link here ONLY if you desperately need it It is my strong opinion that you should not read the spoiler and just trust me that I was okay with everything that happened But at the same time I know for a certain fact that some of you will be messaging me with uestions asking for a detailed explanation so for you guys I've included this view spoiler Ok Seriously last chance Don't read this unless you really desperately need to because I think the story is stronger without knowing itHere goes The second half of the story is a second chance romance They are reunited after years apart Except now she's married She had an understandable reason for getting married it just wasn't love Obviously though when Chase enters her life again given that no matter what they went through he's the love of her life they're drawn back together They begin an affair in secret as she needs to wait understandably for a specific thing to happen before she can leave her husband So yes there is cheating but it didn't bother me at all My approach to cheating in books is that it's unforgivable if the heroheroine cheat on each other But when they're cheating on other people in order to be together because of whatever complicated situation they're in then I'm understanding of it especially when they either can't get out of their marriage or are trying to I loved the way Chase and Ty were so open and honest with each other and the way they discussed things Gah actually ALL of pages 297 298 especially was just GOLD And then the way the tension pours out of the situation where she actually CANT leave her husband immediately but she's desperately in love with Chase Ahhhhh It's so well done You’ll see It’s a great read I don't think any romance reader will have any problems with it Just dive in hide spoiler

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MoonshotIum my home their dugout my workplace My focus was on the game Chase he started out as a distraction A distraction with sex appeal poured into every inch of his six foot frame A d 4 45 Stars ”Baseball shouldn’t be a life or death Baseball shouldn’t determine fates” image error