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REVIEW Drowned Worlds í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ ➹ [Read] ➵ Drowned Worlds By Jonathan Strahan ➼ – The brand new anthology from multi award winning editor Jonathan Strahan featuring stories set in futures wracked by the deluge from some the best writers in SF including Kim StRld sleek ships exploring as land gets ever rarer Drowned Worlds looks at the future we might have if the oceans rise good or bad  Here you’ll find stories of action adventure romance and yes warning and apocalypse Stories inspired by Ballard’s The Drowned World Sterling’s Islands in the Net and Ryman’s The Child Garden  Stories that allow that things may get worse but remembers that such times also bring out the best in us all. I'm not really into the mournful hand wringing of many of the stories at least not if that's all it's got to say Oddly the collection leads with some of the weakest stories and saves the best for last If I'd acted solely on the basis of 's e book sample I've never had bought thisElves Of Antarctica by Paul McAuleyTotal Drivel World sea levels have risen as per the reuirement of the collection Protagonists is 2nd generation refugee from some island now submerged though he thinks it might be an interesting idea to rebuild the island on top of the old one that's not what this story is about Character Mr Bland Plot he flies a helicopter and takes a bath with some hybrid elephants in AntarcticaThe title comes from some stones that have strange runes carved in them though apparently someone has decoded the language Provides interesting new meaning of the term stoner but these too are left unresolvedSeriously what was this about This is one of those modern sci fi stories that think plot is optional as long as you don't bother to write an endingDeep Six it ★Dispatches From The Cradle The Hermit – Forty Eight Hours In The Sea Of Massachusetts by Ken LiuI was disappointed in this story especially given its from Ken Liu who is usually as entertaining as he is prolificI liked the idea a floating bubble house coupled with the notion that it could submerge if a storm came by An interesting way to live if you want to be a hermit or peripatetic loner though it doesn't lend itself much to building communityI didn't understand the protagonist's name being given as Asa π I kept expecting we were going to discover she'd been genetically modified into an auatic version of human but other than being a hermit she seemed uite normal I felt there was some a lot of back story on her missing The basic story I use the term loosely seems to be a tour of underwater BostonCambridge especially Haavard Yaad Not exactly spine tingling excitement Oh dear a boring Ken Liu story Unfathomable ★12★Venice Drowned by Kim Stanley RobinsonThe sole reprint in this collection from 1983In Venice sea level rise has naturally been a greater catastrophe A gondolier now has little to do but take Japanese touristsscuba divers around so they can recover artifacts of old Venice relocating them to Japanese museums and collectors I suppose if the London Bridge can now be in Arizona the Bridge of Sighs can now be in Tokyo though it's odd no one salvaged any of these artworks before they became completely submergedThe protagonist begins with mixed feelings about letting foreigners steal his city's heritage After riding out a storm he becomes meekly accepting I'm okay with carting off artifacts If the London Bridge can be in Arizona the Bridge of Sighs can be in Tokyo A little too passive an apocalypse for my taste There's no science or science fiction in this story other than a sea level rise Just not very exciting ★★12★Brownsville Station by Christopher RoweThis is almost my favorite kind of science fiction story in the classic form FUture tech find a problem work on problem The future setting is reminiscent of Asimov's The Caves of Steel where no one ever goes outside and sees the skyI thought it was interesting that most of the characters had no names Junior Conductor The Engineer Senior Technician Porter Except for Sarah Givens Entertaining enough ★★★Who Do You Love by Kathleen Ann GoonanI almost bailed on this in the first Emile HooDoo segment I flogged myself onward and found the rest better but I just can't get past the stupidityabsurdity of the main characters Seriously This woman turns herself into sentient coral in the mere hope that she can forestall extinction The objections just keep piling up in my mind There's the technical it had to be a human She couldn't create a Great Mother from a cow or tiger fish or something And giving your life for some insensate species is just stupid; giving it with no high probability of success is absurdHey it's the Anthropocene; embrace the changeAs a result the ending's attempt had a sentimental conclusion felt totally flat for me Just how sentimental is this kid supposed to be for a grandmother he met once for 10 minutes And how sentimental am I supposed to feel for a woman that stupidI give it points for being readable but the alleged great and noble human sacrifice story concept is just too wacko for me★★Because Change Was The Ocean And We Lived by Her Mercy by Charlie Jane AndersI'm not sure what this story was about or how it fit into the theme of the anthology It takes the sea level rise as a background apocalypse and create some sort of post apocalyptic recovery world then mixes in some antediluvian hippies in whose lives I wasn't interested As if CJA wanted to tell this people story and just glued on the global warming thingRan aground ★12★The Common Tongue The Present Tense The Known by Nina AllanThis story is told in a rather rambling fashion by an unnamed narrator I think we're supposed to presume based on some comments late in the story that we are reading through notes she left in a filing cabinet How else to account for how rapidly the story jumps around between events and time The narrator seems to be living in a post apocalyptic world that not only includes climate change but some additional climate disaster triggered by some cloud seeding program in which her parents seem to have had some connection Plus it throws in a major volcanic eruption and conseuent tsunami which really feels like gratuitously piling on Nothing seems to happen in the current timeline assuming one can be identified and the events of the past are left uite vagueI don't think the piecemeal narrative style serves the story well maybe it should've been a little less fragmented We introduce characters such as Noemi Melanie and then they get lost for the longest time Everything we find out about Noemi is new and a surpriseIn total I guess I found it engaging enough to be worth the read despite the narrative flaws Salvagable ★★12★What Is by Jeffrey FordIt's strange to have a story in an anthology titled Drowned Worlds where there is not a drop of water to be seen Rather it's about a huge drought that's reduced Oklahoma to desert Maybe they're drowning in sand I suppose the implication of the anthology is that the stories are about global warming and it attributes the drought to that so there's some tangential relationship I suppose It also has a pretty strong political point of viewThings actually happen in the story which is a post apocalyptic survival tale as much as anything else a few isolated farmers still clinging to life out in the new desert It's got an action piece as well described in some detail and refreshingly messyOn the whole I like the story possibly because it's the first story since Brownsville that's an actual story It even has an actual villainThere are a couple of strange elements in the story the caused me to scratch my head One was the green shakes disease as if one needed to add a plague to the ultimate drought That it left the lone survivor's Martin Pell's skin green and thick is a bit of extra weirdMore puzzling was green Pell's story to the other remnants that he'd found a fissure that had broken open a missile silo and for some reason conseuently thought the recently dropped food pallet was booby trapped in some way Neither appears to have been the case though Pell didn't otherwise seem to be a madman Not sure what that whole subplot was supposed to be about Oh wellFloats ★★★12★Destroyed by The Waters by Rachel Swirsky'm not a fan of wallowing in angst in my pleasure reading in this story had no pay off at the end The obligatory lip service to climate change didn't impress ★The New Venusians by Sean WilliamsUntil I read this I hadn't realized what was missing in any of the previous stories a sense of humor An occasionally wry narration from a teenage girl Podkayne of Venus Grandpa is a few kilometers short of a stable orbit And as Rachael says there's an actual plotThere's actually a bit of sci fi tech in the story too though it has nothing to do with terrestrial global warming A little dirigible like exploratory vessel on Venus is interesting enough there have been floating cities and other storiesI'm guessing grandpa would be ambivalent about terraforming Mars thenThis made me realize how unremittingly seriously all the previous stories have taken themselves I really needed a little relief from the almost universally elegiac tone over the previous storiesSails ★★★12★Inselberg by Nalo HopkinsonGenuinely amusing story has a mutant tour guide escorting a group of clueless tourists through the transmogrified landscape of the post flood Caribbean Science is pretty much out the window in this mutated wonderland of vengeful plants and walking buses but it's a fun ride up the mountain to meet the perspicacious frog god Driven by a gonzo style narration by said tour guide★★★★Only Ten More Shopping Days Left Till Ragnarök by James MorrowKind of a strange metaphorical fairytale A group of egotourists on the way to the North Pole get stranded on the ice pack and meet an isolated Inuit tribe led by a sarcastic and strangely hip chief who proclaims them key figures in an upcoming battle to save the world Delightfully wacky and tongue in cheekI'm trying to figure out if “Tukkuyummavuvungga Atutua itigaituk aumani is some sort of substitution cipher I should decode My tale has run its course Little of it is credible and all of it is trueWeird but fun ★★★★Last Gods by Sam J Miller Rebel priestess learns her gods are false because her gods are whales in this drowned world The story surrounding this is pretty well told making the story at least an interesting read★★★Drowned by Lavie TidharTidhar's stories usually leave me with a what was that about feeling This one really is no differentI'm not enthusiastic about telling the story as a story within a story the base narration provided by grandma and then grandpa to granddaughter Mia I find the enclosing interruptions for audience remarks distracting especially in the second grandpa story Then again why two different storiesGrandma tells a story of her first and only chance to fly in a small ultralight solar powered aircraft that flew into the village one day I always thought this one read fairly well although grandma seems a little weak on her description of flying given it was apparently so exciting to her she keeps telling the story over and over It gets all of half a paragraphWhen we move on to the main storytelling the story grandpa used to tell the narration becomes even interrupted It some strange mixture of murder mystery and post flood creation mythThere are way too many characters in this 3 pronged mishmash of storytelling for any of them to feel real And the main story is mush★★The Future Is Blue by Catherynne M ValenteThe best story comes last Valente has a vivid and surreal vision of a future humanity living on a raft of floating garbage in an otherwise entirely drowned world That may be an extreme vision far exceeding any possibility from global warming but the image really works as does her vision of a segmented society depending on which particular kind of garbage you live on Sort of reminded me visually of an old British film The Bed Sitting Room that had survivors of a nuclear war living in a trash heap Unfortunately the mention of Dry Land reminded me of Waterworld so there are pluses and minuses in triggering my visual trauma The variety of civilizations detritus serves as its own condemnation of human excessValente infuses her narrating character Tetley with a mix of reality and sympathy amid the freakish sualor★★★★12★

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But we can’t hide when the water comes Already the streets of Miami flood regularly and Mick Jones looks and prescient when he sang that “London is drowning and I I live by the river” all those years ago And yet water is life It brings change Where one thing is wiped away another rises in its place  There has always been romance and adventure in the streets of a drowned London or on gorgeous sailing cities spanning a submerged wo. All in all Drowned Worlds contained many forgettable stories than memorable ones As such I was mildly disappointed with it There are too many stories that only superficially deal with the chosen theme It turns the anthology into a parade of half hearted images of what sea level rise might look like overlaid with decent but not special plots One can't help but wonder if the anthology wouldn't have benefited from a slightly wider theme if only to make it a bit varied But even with a narrow theme I can't help but feel there ought to be a better selection out thereFull Random Comments review

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Drowned WorldsThe brand new anthology from multi award winning editor Jonathan Strahan featuring stories set in futures wracked by the deluge from some the best writers in SF including Kim Stanley Robinson Ken Liu Paul McAuley Kathleen Ann Goonan Charlie Jane Anders Lavie Tidhar Jeffrey Ford and James MorrowWe stand at the beginning of one of the greatest ecological disasters in the time on Man The world is warming and seas are rising  We may deny it. The stories in this book are cautionary tales about what will happen in man does nothing to rein in global warming and keeps on polluting the environment Most of the stories were very good