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read epub ☆ One True Loves Kindle Edition ¹ taylor jenkins reid ↠ ➽ [Reading] ➿ One True Loves By Taylor Jenkins Reid ➲ – In her twenties Emma Blair marries her high school sweetheart Jesse They build a life for themselves far away from the expectatioS until Jesse is found He’s alive and he’s been trying all these years to come home to her With a husband and a fiancé Emma has to now figure out who she is and what she wants while trying to protect the ones she lovesWho is her one true love What does it mean to love trulyEmma knows she has to listen to her heart She’s just not sure what it’s sayin this unfortunately isnt uite the great cathartic tearjerker that a person sometimes needs buuuut it does have its charming moments i think my main issue is with the way the story is set up the first uarter is flashbacks to emma and jesse the second uarter is flashbacks to emma and sam and the last half is present time with both i just think with a situation so emotionally devastating as finding out your husband is back from the dead but also being engaged to someone else there just wasnt enough depth present to read about the flashbacks are kind of just a highlight reel of each the relationships very brief moments of love so its difficult to become attached to anyone because there just isnt much to get invested in and im not a fan of emma so i only ended up feeling bad for the two guys for what she put them through oh well this book also didnt end the way i was wanting it to i mean lets be real its going to take much than three days to come to a life changing decision i wasnt really buying that emma knew exactly what she wanted just after one weekend away emotions and feelings are so much complicated than that but the i think about it the i guess im okay with it because it is a really sweet message a message that i dont think would have been possible had it ended the way i was hoping regardless of this not uite being the story i was wanting this is really sweet and uite touching overall↠ 35 stars

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Is on a helicopter over the Pacific when it goes missing Just like that Jesse is gone foreverEmma uits her job and moves home in an effort to put her life back together Years later now in her thirties Emma runs into an old friend Sam and finds herself falling in love again When Emma and Sam get engaged it feels like Emma’s second chance at happinessThat i Update The Kindle download is a 299 special today I liked this book but what I especially enjoyed was the 'audiobook' narrator also I didn't 'read' this book could add 'audio' to the price I notice that Taylor Jenkins Reid has a new release not in stores 'yet' but soon saw it a couple of months ago on Netgalley but didn't reuest it because I have enjoy 'two' of her other books by 'audio' so much that I'm going to wait and listen to her new book in audio form Reid chooses great narratorsbut thought I'd mention the 'daily deal' today for those who might be interested The story had me hooked 'with' the audible Audiobook FABULOUS NARRATOR Jesse has been gone for three yearsconsidered dead from a helicopter crashbut he is alive and returning home to Emmahis wifeEmma was in shock and experienced horrific loss when the crash happened Her grieving process was almost unbearable At some point she began to be ready to let go of the sadness not the memories but she was ready to put the pain down only come back to visit that pain loss 'at times' She knew she had to look forward to find joy in her life She worked hard moving through her loss with Jesse When she was ready to take a step forward she wrote a cleansing phantom spiritual type letter to Jesse then tucked it away in a drawer saying how sorry she was that they never would have the chance to complete their dreams together She asked for his blessing to move forward with an open heart She wants another love like she had with himEmma accepts a date with Sam Sam and Emma date for about a year They get engaged to marry About a month before the wedding Emma gets word that Jesse is alive He is coming home Emma now has a husband and a fiancé I found this story really engaging It was authentic than 'silly' Yes I'm sure it's considered woman's fiction but I am a womenand I liked it So sue me The Audiobook'especially' enhanced this story One afternoon I drove up to a favorite local 'kinda secret' hilly trail high up on the mountainwith ranges of hills and views to keep the terrain interesting I started at noon finished just before 3pmlistening to this book the 'entire' timestill had to listen to later but point is I never once switched to music during those 3 hours The 'voice' of the storytelling was so naturalit became the perfect blend intriguing ease with the natural beauty around me Lovely experience Emma loved both men but what man will she choose The process in which she chooses was honest I suppose as I describe this story it sounds kinda schlockybut I'm guessing even a few men would have enjoyed this audiobook if they were walking next to me listening looking out at the open horizon The voice narrator was a pro Audiobook listening I'm discovering is an art all the colors must match upthe novel itself and the reader and THE TYPE of book I consider myself still somewhat a newbie but audiobooks definitely has a place I still don't really consider it reading It's not the same At one time I was sure I would hate audiobooks never do it I said Memoirs by the author tend to be a good risk worth taking non fiction varies if you like the topic and the readerAnd fiction is the rare breed It's fabulous 'only' when the reader is fabulous For fiction audiobooks the voice narrator almost needs to be slightly better than the novel itself Example was City On Fire by Garth Risk Hallberg And like City on Fire it's how I feel about One True Loves too Kudos to the author Taylor Jenkins Reid but I must say her audible reader enhanced her story I was left with a couple of uestions after listening to this storyDoes anyone know of a similar situation in real life It must be possible and if soI'm curious about the detailsAnd Last An inside funny for those who have read this bookdo not leave a note on your parents kitchen table when coming back home at 2am in the morning to sleep in your own room

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One True LovesIn her twenties Emma Blair marries her high school sweetheart Jesse They build a life for themselves far away from the expectations of their One True PDFEPUB or parents and the people of their hometown in Massachusetts They travel the world together living life to the fullest and seizing every opportunity for adventureOn their first wedding anniversary Jesse This is a 5 Star audiobook Julia Whelan is my favorite female narrator She takes books to higher levels The book itself is 5 Stars for giving me all the feels This is my second novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid and I loved it even then I did the first Maybe in Another Life One True Loves is the perfect summer read It's chick lit but boy is it well written smart and touchingEmma is engaged to Sam She is a widow Her husband Jesse died in a helicopter crash but wait it gets complicated because Jesse is still alive This is not a spoiler We learn it right away The themes are a bit familiar Let's say CastawayThe Notebook If you can get past that I think you just might really enjoy this book I am just coming off a heavy read so this worked well for me I truly loved it Highly recommended