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Paper Hearts Hearts #2 Epub Ú 351 pages Download ´ ❰Download❯ ➾ Paper Hearts Hearts #2 Author Claire Contreras – I lost her No I threw her away She was my best friend I was never supposed to fall in love with her I was careless She was heartbroken I thought I was doing fine But S heartbroken I thought I was doing fine But here Paper Hearts PDF or she is years later forced to work with me reminding ”REAL LOVE STORIES never end” Claire Contreras delivered one of the best second chance romance stories that I have read this year I’m not typically a fan of second chance stories because usually one of the characters totally screws up andor outside influences mess with my couple but in this story the author made it work This novel kindly includes the Torn Hearts novella Since I hadn’t read this beforehand here’s a uick recap of heartbreaking downfall of Mia and Jensen Torn Hearts 4 Stars image error

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I lost her No I threw her away She was my best friend I was never supposed to fall in love with her I was careless She wa 5 stars After reading this story I am blown away I had a feeling I would love this book I love all Claire’s books She writes with so much feeling and emotion I can’t help but to fall in love with her stories Paper Hearts left me with such a book hangover I’ve read a few books since and it’s still on my mind I highlighted in this book than any other Pages and pages of uotes I can’t rave enough about this gorgeous story Every chapter was special every page every word It was all beyond incredible I loved Mia Jensen and their second chance romance so much When Jensen and Mia were younger they were inseparable They were in love A real and true forever kind of love When Jensen went off to college things changed He made one choice that changed both of their lives forever It’s been years since the two of them were a couple Since they were best friends and the most important person to the other Now they’re in the same city again and old feelings come to the surface Jensen knows the mistake he made was huge but he wants another chance with the only woman he’s ever truly loved He wants Mia As much as Mia tries to deny it Jensen is still the only man she’s truly loved But how do you move forward and forgive someone that shattered your heart It’s not easy but it may be possible “You can keep walking away from this and I’m going to keep letting you because even when you think you leave your heart always stays and it’s something I carry with pride” Mia and Jensen were both amazing characters After reading Torn Hearts I wasn’t sure if I could ever 100% forgive Jensen or move on from that It hurt my heart I can’t even imagine trying to forgive and move past something like that Any time I wanted Mia to give the poor guy a break I remembered how I felt when I read that scene and I completely sympathized with her When it comes down to it Jensen was not perfect He made one choice and had to live with the conseuences He than made up for that decision He was incredibly romantic when it came to Mia His writing in the story was wonderful “Some say I loved her to the point of madness bordering on obsession Perhaps they’re all right Perhaps they’re all right Perhaps I am mad And if that’s the case to be frank I don’t give a damn What I know is that she sets me on fire and I’d rather live my life in flames than be numb without her” Some of my most favorite parts of the book were those chapters that featured Jensen’s column It was great to get in his head and see what he was thinking and feeling I absolutely loved all his ‘thoughts’ My thought for today be cautious with yourself Be cautious because others will beat you down enough You shouldn’t have to add to that pain You will though because that’s what you do But you’ll also get back up because that’s what you do 
Aside from Mia and Jensen it was great to catch up with the rest of the gang from KH I especially loved Mia’s brother Rob and her parents They brought some much needed laughs to the story And any scene with Olivia was also fantastic Paper Hearts is by far the most engaging well written and stunning story I’ve read this year Claire’s writing is brilliant This story moved me It’s made it’s way to the very top of my favorites list and I can’t wait for everyone to re

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Paper Hearts Hearts #2Me why I fell in love with her in the first place And this time I'm going to do everything in my power to never let her OMG The Feels This book completely owned my heart and when I finished I just wanted I stumbled upon Claire when my bestie recommend her and I have become a HUGE fan Claire always delivers the most beautiful stories Her writing captivates me her characters own my heart and her stories always feel new and fresh Paper Hearts is no exception if anything I loved it Mia and Jensen are soulmates and were always destined to be together but due to timing and other circumstances have never really had a real chance “That was what I found most comforting about it all we were all confused together and ultimately all lost together despite our ages races genders and anything else that set us apart” Mia and Jensen have spent the last five years apart and during that time neither have truly moved on They have dated but have not had any real serious relationships Jensen is still living in New York and Mia is in California However when Mia lands a job in New York City working for the magazine Jensen works for they are forced back into each other’s lives Mia and Jensen have to decide if they are ready to forgive each other and move on If they are ready to let go of their hurt and trust each other It isn’t an easy decision and both are scared of what they have to lose but also scared of not trying It’s been said we’re only given one chance at things in life I’d love to prove that wrong You know those stories where you can genuinely feel the love between the characters The stories that make you believe the characters are real and you can’t uit thinking about them The kind of stories that make you wish you could read it all over again for the first time This is one of those stories Paper Hearts is a story about second chance love and there are definitely things that make Mia and Jensen’s story uniue However what truly captivated me and made this story was the insanely beautiful writing I honestly cannot even describe how beautiful this story is and do it justice I can just say I think this is the most I ever highlighted a book while reading I actually fangirled so hard on one line and told Claire it’s the most beautiful line I had ever read only to read further to find another and then another “Real love stories never end” Unconditional love is rare and beautiful but rarely do I ever read books were I believe it is present Reading Jensen's articles each week I had no doubt in his unconditional unwavering love for Mia I want to say it's my favorite part of the story seeing his thoughts thrown in through his articles but I loved it all so much I can't really say This is definitely one of those books I recommend for anyone It's a love story on a whole other level it's EPIC ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review