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read kindle ç The Waterworks Ò Kindle Edition ´ ❰Epub❯ ➚ The Waterworks Author E.L. Doctorow – Estamos en la Nueva York de después de la Guerra Civil estadounidense con sus calles llenas de veteranos tullidos vendedores de periódicos mendigos floristas donde los policíO por el misterio ue la historia de Martin supone y por el hecho de ue el mismo Martin acabe desapareciendo Nueva York su agua corriente el gas ue llega a sus farolas sus trenes y telégrafos sus imprentas ue escupen miles de periódicos Todo ello la convierte en una ciudad moderna y dinámica sin concesiones Sin embargo lo ue McIlvaine descubre tras el misterio Pemberton se oculta en el reino de las sombras de lo antiguo de los impulsos primarios y de las transgresiones paganas Slow moving and boring It didn't uite fit the crime genre nor the mystery genre It certainly was not a thriller It was of a philosophical meandering asking uestions about the advance of medicine and science versus religion the advance of the machine age versus the pastoral the acceptance and resignation of age versus the fire and idealism of youth It has a few bright moments as a story and I would hold hope for a some pages that the writer would continue to be bright and clear but then he goes back to written mumbling about philosophical ideas and one very much feels the stifling soporific underwater world that plays a large part in this story

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Stidos de negro Entre ellos reconoce a su padre el mismo ue ha muerto recientemente y a cuyo entierro Martin ha asistido Se desvía de su camino para seguir este extraño carruaje metiéndose de lleno en una ciudad fantasmal ue se opone a Nueva York como si fuera el negativo de una fotografía panorámica con luces y sombras al contrario de como deberían serEl señor McIlvaine el editor del periódico y cronista de las múltiples capas ue componen la ciudad se encuentra atrapad Once upon a time I thought Doctorow was a real contender a heavyweight storyteller if not of canonical stature then at least on par with other true professionals like Fowles or Dexter Hell I guess he is actually but it was Ragtime and Billy Bathgate that put that thought in mind and Waterworks while reinforcing the fact that Doctorow's a craftsman does little to advance his reputation in my opinion It's a good if dull story and a nice little exercise in the ellipsis as pace setter but in the end it's just dull boring blah Read Ragtime though and Billy Bathgate if you like Ragtime

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The WaterworksEstamos en la Nueva York de después de la Guerra Civil estadounidense con sus calles llenas de veteranos tullidos vendedores de periódicos mendigos floristas donde los policías corruptos del intendente Tweed todo lo dominan para su propio beneficio y una clase social de nuevos ricos e intelecto débil ue está surgiendo brillante en este escenario de miseria colectiva Martin Pemberton camina por Broadway una mañana lluviosa y ve pasar de refilón un carruaje con pasajeros ve Book Circle Reads 21Rating 35 of fiveThe Book Description “An elegant page turner of nineteenth century detective fiction”–The Washington Post Book WorldOne rainy morning in 1871 in lower Manhattan Martin Pemberton a freelance writer sees in a passing stagecoach several elderly men one of whom he recognizes as his supposedly dead and buried father While trying to unravel the mystery Pemberton disappears sending McIlvaine his employer the editor of an evening paper in pursuit of the truth behind his freelancer’s fate Layer by layer McIlvaine reveals a modern metropolis surging with primordial urges and sins where the Tweed Ring operates the city for its own profit and a conspicuously self satisfied nouveau riche ignores the poverty and sualor that surrounds them In E L Doctorow’s skilled hands The Waterworks becomes in the words of The New York Times “a dark moral tale an elouently troubling evocation of our past”My Review Mel O Drama The novel is set in 1871 and like any good sudser pits one lone man against a system of evildoers and manipulators Adding to the pleasures are steampunky elements like technology out of its time a villainous doctor aiming to create immortal men and double super secret hidden bases that are in plain sightWhen I read this for my book circle I was taken with the plot and somewhat flat on the wiritng Doctorow makes wonderful sentences at his best specifically thinking of Ragtime here but this book fell short of the mark for me then A uick flip through to blow fifteen years of cobwebs off my memories didn’t so much refute my earlier contention as show me how very spoiled I was by the olden days craft of editing If I read a novel this well made today I’d yodel from the housetops and dance mazurkas of rapture down the middle of the parkwayPeople who have read my reviews for a while might recall how UP I was over The Night Circus and how much I loved it So in that context I say this Had The Night Circus been edited as well as this far far less extraordinary book published in 1994 was I think I would simply have melted into the fabric of the cosmos from sheer blissSkills are being lost It is NOT a good thing I grow sadder with every mediocre book I read that someone somewhere with the talent and ability to edit even the meh into BETTER meh isn’t getting the chance the training the mentoring to do so