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read reader î The Mistake ´ Kindle Edition ↠ ❴Read❵ ➳ The Mistake Author Elle Kennedy – He's a player in ways than oneCollege junior John Logan can get any girl he wants For this hockey star life is a parade of parties and hookups but behind his killer grins and easygoing cD her V card to She's not a charity case and she's not the uiet butterfly she was when they first hooked up If Logan expects her to roll over and beg like all his other puck bunnies he can think again He wants her back He'll have to work for it This time around she'll be the one in the driver's seat and she plans on driving him wi There are always high expectations when you read a seuel to book that was so good that you worry if the next one will manage to keep up Well no worries here because The Mistake was as fabulous I don't know how the author does it but she again managed to deliver great story with great characters And I'm gonna repeat myself here this is how NA should be done Now excuse me while Snoopy will do the dance again I loved the setting College sport hockey it all worked for me I loved Grace The girl was smart and cute She was a bit shy and timid at the beginning but once she caught her wind she didn't take shit from a bitchy friend or Logan And when Logan made his mistake she stomped her feet and made him work for it though she knew she would be giving him a chance I loved Logan He was sexy cocky and stubborn as a mule I loved his persistence and the grovelling part Once he realized that relationship with Grace is what he really wanted and what he did was huge mistake he never gave up That boy sure knew what to do to redeem himself I loved their relationship They were a very good match Not only were they hot for each other but also talked to each other They knew about their hobbies their plans their future their dreams there was simply connection there and not only on the basic carnal level I loved the bromance Seriously these four hockey hotties know how to make you laugh and melt your heart at the same time I loved the story There was no unnecessary drama it was funny and steamy There was not too much sex in the book but still it will twist your panties I loved the writing The humour the dialogue the banter POVs it was all amazing That Skype joke ExcellentTo sum up if you're looking for something cute light heart warming swoon worthy and sexy this one will do it for you Highly recommend Two down two to go I heard Dean The Dick Shot is next; Bring Him On Elle Kennedy

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The distraction he needs but when a thoughtless mistake pushes her away Logan plans to spend his final year proving to her that he's worth a second chanceNow he's going to need to up his gameAfter a less than stellar freshman year Grace is back at Briar University older wiser and so over the arrogant hockey player she nearly hande 45 starsAnother wonderful addition to Elle Kennedy's Off Campus series Delivered with Elle's trademark humor and vivid characterization The Mistake is another fantastic read for me John Logan is the hot handsome and popular college jock who is pining for his best friend's girl Since she's off limits he turns his amorous attentions elsewhere Yes John Logan is a bit of dog Then he meet Grace Ivers Grace is a freshman and a virgin Yeah I know what you're thinking Ugh not another virgin But there's a perfectly good reason why she is so I personally didn't mind Besides this is New Adult virgin heroines and manwhore heroes are staples but that's where the similarities with other NA books end Logan is a fantastic hero and although Garrett would forever be my number one I gotta admit that Logan managed to make me laugh so hard with his crazy abbreviations and all around hotness Grace is another likable and relatable heroine I like the fact that the heroines in this series are than just placeholders They are actually as well developed as the heroes which in NA isn't usually the case“Are you trying to buy your way into my good graces”“Yup And excellent pun by the way”“I wasn’t punning My name just happens to be a homonym”“I love it when you talk homonyms to me”Much like The Deal The Mistake's biggest strengths are its likable and relatable characters John Logan and Grace Ivers may be your typical college age kids but they both have goals ambitions and life outside finding the one I liked that they act like college kids and their struggles and issues fit within that age range These characters worry about school they worry about their prospects after college they worry about their future etc Logan despite his carefree persona faces a very uncertain future after college putting his dreams of playing professional hockey in jeopardy Grace is trying to find her place in college away from her best friend's negative influence and under the watchful eye of her father Logan and Grace had uite a rough start with regards to their relationship with Logan still stuck in his own misconceptions about his own feelings hence the title But once Logan wised up and realized the huge blunder he made he immediately set up to win Grace which was the best part of the book“Give me another chance Let me prove to you that I’m not an egocentric ass”There's nothing uite better than reading about Logan putting in a Herculean effort of wooing his girl Nothing It was cute romantic and hilarious at the same time So many laugh out loud moments in this book especially with the boys getting a bit page time this around I simply love the banter not only between Grace and Logan but also between Logan Garrett Tucker and Dean In romance it's mostly the heroine with her girlfriends who would gab and talk about the finer points of the hero's physiue This time we get a lot of the guys bantering and egging each other on but mostly just being there for one another Another winner from Elle Kennedy for me She definitely knows how to deliver a well written sexy and sweet new adult romance that's low on the angst and high on the humor with a dash of touching moments Yes definitely recommended if you're looking for a light easy read I wonder whose book is next ARC provided by Elle Kennedy in exchange for an honest reviewLogaaaannnnnnnnn ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewDear Logan Love GeriPS

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The MistakeHe's a player in ways than oneCollege junior John Logan can get any girl he wants For this hockey star life is a parade of parties and hookups but behind his killer grins and easygoing charm he hides growing despair about the dead end road he'll be forced to walk after graduation A sexy encounter with freshman Grace Ivers is just 2 starsEarlier this year I read and ADORED book 1 in this series The Deal It was everything I could ever ask for in a NA romance – fun entertaining and truly a breath of fresh air with likable main characters witty banter that had me grinning from ear to ear and a believable romance that wasn’t just hinged on a heroine having big boobs or a reformed playboy hero like so many NA books today Not only did I fall in love with the story and characters I also found in Elle Kennedy a new author to book stalk and whose writing was so fresh and engaging I couldn’t wait to read from her especially this second book in this series Thus I’m really sad disappointed and uite frankly a tad bit annoyed that I didn’t love or even like The Mistake much because believe me I wanted to love it badly One of the biggest issues I had with this book was the way the author portrayed college life and the character stupidity that resulted because of such a shallow inaccurate and offensive portrayal “I’m allowed to hook up No I should be hooking up because that’s what college is all about Having fun and getting laid and enjoying the fuck out of yourself before you go out in the real world and your life turns to shit” I don’t know why I feel so offended by this motto but I do I think it’s the standard for NA books to have characters with this kind of mentality who treat college like it’s a huge joke As a college student myself I don’t find this to be true one bit Maybe this kind of setting is present for some schools but it’s not a majority and I wish authors would stop portraying colleges like it’s a hotspot for orgies and guys are nothing than manwhores and girls sluts Aside from Hannah and Garrett from book 1 the guys in this book – including Logan – have getting laid at the top of their to do lists and all the girls can’t help but want to get nailed and desperately want to lose their virginity like the heroine Grace for an example this is literally the first thought of hers I read “I started my freshman year of college as a virgin I’m beginning to think I’ll be ending it as one too” The first couple chapters of this book consisted of Logan moaning over Hannah him nailing girls Grace stuttering and wondering if she’ll ever lose her virginity and somehow this is supposed to be considered normal and just pure entertainment value because I mean it’s college right insert sarcasm And if you’re wondering if colleges in the US are all like the way they’re portrayed in NA books especially in this book the answer is NO I won’t hide that book 1 also touched on this kind of setting but at least in that book the author didn’t allow her main characters to fall victim to that kind of mentality unlike Logan and Grace here To build up on this aspect the characters also made some really dumb and unbelievable choices that made me scratch my head and go huh Logan and Grace officially meet in one of the cheesiest ways – him accidentally stumbling upon the wrong dorm room and happens to find her room instead hmmm okay They’re strangers at this point except Grace has only been fangirling about him for so long and can’t wait to tell her best friend about him ugh and you’d think that since they don’t know anything about each other they’d chit chat and that’d be the start of a potential relationship right Instead Grace – who knows absolutely nothing about Logan except that he’s HOT – invites him into her dorm and further invites him to watch a movie And then they proceed to mess around I’m sorry but that’s something I find hard to accept considering they are complete STRANGERS at this point and have next to zero interaction These problems I mentioned above are all issues for me because of my inability to separate fiction from reality and how easily I’m able to compare contrast the story setting along with the character age so these things may very well not be issues for anyone else But for me these were kinks and hindered me from liking the book from the startAs the story progressed I found myself relaxing a bit as the humor wit and golden dialogues I know this author is capable of writing appeared and for a while I enjoyed the story I liked that even though Logan was pining after his best friend’s girl he was upfront about it knew it was wrong and definitely didn’t act on the attraction His dedication and love for hockey along with his commitment to his family were admirable ualities and even made me feel for him And when he made the biggest mistake of his life romance wise I liked that he didn’t crumble away and throw his hands up and say whatever He fought for his girl and got his act together Gracewhat to say about this chick Overall she didn’t leave much an impression on me as a standout heroine who could match the hero Like I mentioned earlier the college setting snafu and Grace’s naiveté annoyed me so much and even though she made Logan grovel there was nothing else about her that stood out While the author painted a vivid background for Logan hockey family there was nothing on Grace I mean when I think about her character my mind’s a blank slate whereas for Logan I feel sympathy love annoyance and compassion The last uarter of the book took a nosedive for me as obstacles were swiftly cleared away with little development and oh my godthe part where Logan and his dad resolve their issues made me eyes roll The engaging writing I came to love in book 1 was mostly absent in this book sadly Once again it may just be me but I felt the story was telling than showing The author tells me Logan and Grace screwed like rabbits The author tells me time passed The author tells me this happened while that occurred and it’s so frustrating to read such lackluster writing The story did make me crack a smile here and there but the thing is those parts all involved Hannah andor Garrett While I love those two dearly I wanted something about Logan and Grace to make me sigh swoon or laugh over It just didn’t happen for meI am definitely in the small minority who feels like this book was a bust so don’t let my one opinion stop you from checking it out No matter what The Deal will always remain one of my top favorites but as I have zero interest in the other side characters not the manwhore Dean not Logan’s other teammates not Grace’s backstabbing drama creating friend Ramona etc I highly doubt I will continue with this series ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review