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FREE READER ¼ DOC Made in Florence ☆ ➽ [Download] ✤ Made in Florence By Laura Morelli ➲ – Follow the link inside this book to get a free copy of the companion guide Laura Morelli's Artisans of Florence Going to Florence Italy Don't buy anything in Florence until you read this guide If you' FolFollow the link inside this book to get a free copy of the companion guide Laura Morelli's Artisans of Florence Going to Florence Italy Don't buy anything in Florence until you read this guide If you're traveling to Florence Italy you want to go home with a special souvenir a leather bag a gold bracelet or a beautiful set of stationery But selecting which wallet or jacket to buy can be an intimidating experience Made in ePUB #9734 How do you know if you're buying something authentic made locally and in a traditional way How do you determine if you've fallen prey to one of the city's many tourist traps ˃˃˃ Buyer Beware Florence is full of tourist traps and knockoffs passed off as authentic Do you know how to tell the treasures from the trash In Florence it's not easy to tell the treasures from the trash This is true now than ever before as increasing numbers of souvenirs flood into Venice imported from overseas and passed off as authentic There is no substitute for an educated buyer Lau There are many reasons to love the Authentic Arts series by Laura Morelli She excels at sharing with her readers the beauty of Italy She knows how to share the history of the region in an engaging manner Her books' photos of the topics are stunning She knows how to bring Italy to life both past and presentThis review is for two books by Laura Morelli Florence A Travel Guide to Fabrics Frames Jewelry Leather Goods Maiolica Paper Silk Fabrics Woodcrafts and More and the accompanying shopper's guide Artisans of FlorenceIn Florence A Travel Guide to Frames Jewelry Leather Goods Maiolica Paper Silk Fabrics Woodcrafts and More the reader learns about the living traditions of the artisans Some work out of their shops where they sell their crafts and you can watch them work as you peruse their wares Others work in a private shop and sell their wares at traditional and yearly festivals Reading about the artisans gives you a glimpse into the history and process of their work and a new respect for the high uality craftsmanshipThis book is all about learning how to find authentic souvenirs to bring or ship home Authentic doesn't have to be expensive but it will be the most valuable souvenir of your trip says the authorOf course if you're going to visit and shop in Florence you need to know how to get around town Ms Morelli explains that the neighborhoods are identified by the main church anchoring it For example Duomo and San Lorenzo are named for the churches in those neighborhoods Also if you're looking for a house number you'll get lost immediately unless you know the secret of the door colors Red or rosso after the street number tells you the place is a business Black or nero after the street number tells you it's a residenceNow that you know those two important things you're ready for the shopper's companion Artisans of Florence In it the author lists artisans and museums by neighborhood She also listed the artisans and museums by their traditional arts You'll find the contact information and addresses for each oneShoppers will be happy to learn how to tell if something is authentic made in the traditional way Also determining price can be a confusing matter but not once you've read Ms Morelli's book Before you begin your shopping adventures she suggests you visit several museums to help train your eye in the traditional arts of the area and see for yourself what is truly authenticDisclaimer I received e ARCs of the two books reviewed today from the author in exchange for an honest review

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You inside the workshops of several dozen of the most accomplished makers of Florentine fabrics leather and silk frames gold paper stationery and other treasures Put both books together and you'll be the most knowledgable traveler in Florence ˃˃˃ Laura Morelli has set out to make you an expert in handmade crafts American Style Magazine Laura Morelli an art historian and trusted guide in the world of cultural travel and authentic shopping leads you to the best of Florence's most traditional arts Laura Morelli's Authentic Arts series is the only travel guide series on the market that takes you beyond the museums and tourist traps to make you an educated buyer maybe even a connoisseur of Florentine leather ceramics of the Amalfi Coast Parisian hats Venetian glass the handmade uilts of Provence and treasuresIf you're using Rick Steves Frommers Lonely Planet or similar guides pick up a copy of Laura Morelli's guide too and you'll be sure to come home with the best of Florence in your suitca I wish I had this guide before I went to visit Florence This guide is easy to navigate and read with with a section listing the various museums There were also sections list the different artistants and their addresses by trade silks musical instruments mosaics metalworking porcelain jewelery leather and frames and woodcrafts You can download the ebook copy onto your cell phone tablet as a ready reference for all your shopping excursions I look forward to reading Laura's other guides

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Made in FlorenceRa Morelli leads you to the city's most authentic arts the centuries old trades of leather working wood turning silk spinning and other traditions Wouldn't you rather support authentic Florentine master artisans than importers looking to turn a uick profit without any connection to Florence at all ˃˃˃ Florence boasts some of the most famous artistic traditions in the world Here's what you need to know about them Laura Morelli leads you beyond the souvenir shops for an immersive cultural experience that you won't find in any other guidebook This indispensable guide includes practical tips for locating the most authentic goods in one of the busiest tourist destinations in the world Packed with useful information on pricing uality and value and with a comprehensive resource guide Laura Morelli s Authentic Arts Florence is the perfect guide for anyone wanting to bring home the uniue traditions of the birthplace of the Renaissance Artisans of Florence is the companion to this book bringing I found this a very informative and practical guide to the arts and traditional crafts still practised in FlorenceWhilst Laura promotes her guide for the discerning shopping tourist and includes a section on How to Shop in Florence I would purchase this guide to keep as a reference on the arts and artisans of Florence; both generally an de specially to take when I am visiting FlorenceI am interested in learning about a place through its people its art and culture than buying art This book provides comprehensive information on the history and current practice of a variety of artscrafts of Florence The inclusion of addresses and hours of artisan studios and museums I find very helpful; as was the information on navigating FlorenceThe calendar of festivals and events is very useful as well when planning travel to FlorenceWhile not essential I would suggest the traveller also obtain a copy of Artisans of Florence a shopper's companion to Laura Morelli's Authentic Arts; FlorenceThis is available as an Ebook only but is apparently regularly updatedI think the two would be good companions as one could read and inform oneself and begin planning prior to travelling then check that artisans were still available and where etc upon arrival