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Lucky Us Mobi » 336 pages Ö Amy bloom Ö ❮Reading❯ ➿ Lucky Us Author Amy Bloom – Mögen die Scharniere unserer Freundschaft niemals rosten sagte Iris Recht so sagte ich und wir hakten uns unter und kippten den Gin Mit zwölf wird Eva kurzerhand vor der Tür ihres Vaters abgesetzt S sie will Filmstar werden in Hollywood Tatsächlich erreicht sie ihr Ziel doch ihr Stern sinkt so schnell wie er aufgestiegen ist Die jüngere Eva bleibt treu an Iris’ Seite Gemeinsam gehen sie nach New York wo sie bei reichen Italienern in Long Island unterkommen Iris schauspiele The story opens in 1939 when World War II is starting Twelve year old Eva Logan Acton and her waitress mother Hazel are the 'secret family' of English professor Edgar ActonEdgar has a 'real' wife and daughter in classy Windsor Ohio and visits his clandestine family twice a week When Edgar's wife dies Hazel drives Eva to Windsor and leaves the girl at Edgar's house as she drives away for good Eva is accepted into Edgar's household and is impressed by her beautiful 16 year old half sister Iris who's a freuent prize winner at contests in elocution rhetoric dramatic readings poetry readings patriotic essays and dance Edgar is a caring father but morally challenged and he steals Iris's stash of prize money Outraged Iris finds a new hiding place for her winnings but constantly fears for it's safetyBy the time Iris is 18 she's had enough of Edgar and Ohio and hoping to launch a show business career decides to head for Hollywood Iris sneaks away in the middle of the night taking her 14 year old sister Eva with her In Hollywood Iris works hard to break into the movies starting with walk ons and tiny speaking parts Then just as Iris is poised for a breakthrough she gets involved in a lesbian love affair that becomes a public scandalThe uproar scotches Iris's acting career and she and Eva struggle to get by The girls are helped by a kind landlady and a sympathetic homosexual make up artist named Francisco DiegoIris and Eva's father Edgar now shows up and a confluence of circumstances sends Iris Eva Edgar and Francisco to New York City There a wealthy Long Island couple Joe and Anna Torelli hire Edgar to be their butler and Iris to be their children's governess The Actons are allowed to live in the Torelli's carriage house which works out well all aroundTeenage Eva who hasn't attended school since she left Ohio gets a part time job in a beauty salon run by Francisco's sisters Eva supplements her meager salary with petty theft and eventually tarot card reading in the salon Eva is intuitive and clever and knows how to make up predictions her clients want to hear like you'll meet a wonderful man; you'll get pregnant; your deceased relative is happy in heaven etc The Actons become acuainted with all the Torellis and their employees and Iris falls in love with the family cook Reenie Heitmann who's married to handyman Gus Iris pines for her crush night and day and this infatuation spawns unfortunate conseuences for a number of people Meanwhile dad Edgar is smitten with a black nightclub singer named Clara Williams who suffers from vitiligo As events unfold Eva who's the most responsible of the Actons is compelled to take on adult responsibilities way before she should To say would be giving away too much The story covers a span of ten years from 1939 to 1949 and German people in America such as Gus Heitmann are subject to suspicion prejudice and worse during wartime Aside from that most of the protagonists seem to be relatively unaffected by the fighting WW II German internment camp in AmericaThe story is told from the perspective of a number of characters including Eva Iris Gus Clara and others and incorporates letters the protagonists write when they're separated This works well since the novel is character driven and there's a diverse array of interesting 'voices'This is a compelling thought provoking and occasionally funny story recommended to readers who enjoy historical literary novels You can follow my reviews at

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Rt auf zweifelhaften Bühnen pflegt verbotene Liebeleien und setzt gnadenlos ihre eigenen Interessen durch während Eva den Alltag organisiert Wir Glücklichen erzählt von großen Träumen Skandalen und Betrügereien und von unvergesslichen Charakteren im Amerika der vierziger Jahre For a short book this was almost painfully overwritten I'm also mystified at how Bloom made such a dramatic period in American history so boring She also missed multiple opportunities to make coming of age in the 194os emotionally engaging Her characters who had so much potential as misfits remained flat throughout Lots and lots of historical background but without a good story or full dimensional characters this book went nowhereSo many better WWII novels Skip this one

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Lucky UsMögen die Scharniere unserer Freundschaft niemals rosten sagte Iris Recht so sagte ich und wir hakten uns unter und kippten den Gin Mit zwölf wird Eva kurzerhand vor der Tür ihres Vaters abgesetzt und lebt von da an mit ihrer Halbschwester Iris unter einem Dach Iris weiß genau wa I thought that Lucky Us started out really intriguing I love historical fiction and I love books about sister relationships so I had assumed that I would love this one Unfortunately that didn't happen In fact I didn't even really like it all that muchMy main issue with Lucky Us was that it seemed somewhat rushed Rather than have a full fledged story with a plot it seems as though this book was just snapshots of a life lived as opposed to a story about a life lived Now normally I don't mind books that don't have much plot as long as they have really interesting andor uniue characters but Lucky Us didn't The characters in this book were all bland I had no strong feelings for any of them I just didn't care about what they were going throughI also felt as though the language used in Lucky Us was a touch too modern I didn't feel as though it was taking place in the 1940s Placing characters in situations that happened in the 1940s is not a historical fiction novel make or at least not a good one You have to follow through with their actions as well as their dialogue to make it all ring true And I felt that Lucky Us just didn't do thisSo I don't think I recommend Lucky Us While it did have some interesting parts for the most part it just meandered on The characters weren't engaging the overall plot wasn't gripping and I found the writing to be uninspiring I say skip it