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Taijiku or meeting her crew mate Stella leaving Angela with a completely different problem and unable to say which is the greater challenge giant sea monsters or falling in lo. I love this short story It's tightly packed with action romance setting and tension Angela Russell is a young offender who gets sent to a research station underwater She's got a lovely girlfriend Stella the best part of being aboard Her thoughts are occasionally of the prison life she left and she wants to get her record cleaned so she can get a better job than floor washer The Pacific Rim has been occasionally under attack from vast sea monsters called Kaiju and all Angela's troubles are temporarily forgotten when the largest Taijiku swims past the research station For drama courage under desperate circumstances and excellent characterisation I'm giving this SF story top marks The subject matter may mean that not all young adults would be comfortable with the read as it contains themes of prison life alternative sexuality and some strong language I am sure young adult readers will be mature enough to make up their own minds as to whether they would enjoy the tale

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Taijiku By Elizabeth AndAngela's past is than a little rocky and that rocky path has led her to finish up her juvenile detention sentence on the Yemaya an alien underwater ship devoted to observation. This short story has a lot of potential but it’s plagued with problems Firstly I didn’t get along with the writing style at all it was too clunky and inconsistent for me There’s a lot of info dumping at the start followed by a lot of tell action then when it does come to showing things they’re done in a distant way that robbed them of any tension or emotion There’s one particular moment that should have been horrifying but it was just remarked on and that was it Unpleasant but it didn’t bother me – and it really should have I didn’t feel anything during the following scenes either and again I should have There was just no connection for meWhich is a shame because I found the whole idea really intriguing To be honest even with the info dumps I was left wanting to know so much What is the Yemaya researching How did the alien Irriganthians get here Where in the universe are they from Then there are the kaiju particularly Taijiku – I was so curious about these sea monsters I wanted to know how long they’d been around and what was being done to find out why Taijiku was suddenly so violentIn other words this plot was too big for a short story I wanted of everything Angela was an interesting enough character but the plot never uite reached where I expected it to leaving me largely disappointed In all this was a good idea but I think it could be told better if given a little space to growI received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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FREE READ æ Taijiku By Elizabeth Andre è [PDF / Epub] ☆ Taijiku By Elizabeth Andre – Angela's past is than a little rocky and that rocky path has led her to finish up her juvenile detention sentence on the Yemaya an alien underwater ship devoted to observation and research Part of its Angela's past is thaAnd research Part of its maintenance crew at the bottom rung of the status ladder Angela doesn't see much excitement forthcomingBut that was before encountering the fearsome. First let me say I'm majorly conflicted on how to rate this bookFor Taijiku itself I give it 5 stars That said I paid 299 for the ebook version and I was pretty upset when I reached 53% and hit the The End mark of the book leaving so many plots unresolved uestions unanswered and the remaining 47% consisting of free chapter intro to a completely unrelated different novel You gave me under water sci fi with high tech aliens from another world working in cooperation with humans on earth fighting kaiju monsters in the ocean You hooked me with plot that sucked me in right away and a character Angela that I followed and wanted to see succeed and be happy You made her out to be a survivor and a fighter and gave her that opportunity and then you just ENDED THE BOOK Who does thatAs another reviewer wrote this reads like the preuel to another novel Another really kick ass 5 star novel that I'm totally ready to read Where is that novel Where is the story that comes AFTER Taijiku While this was a a great little short story it left me disappointed because of the abrupt cliffhanger ending